What We’re Loving from eBay’s Spring Bedding Event: Layered Blue and Neutrals

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Navy Blue is a magically fresh color and classic neutral.

Does that sound like a pile of oxymorons to you?

Yup.  To me, too.  But it is also just so absolutely true!

Here’s the quick therapy session on that crazy idea.

Navy is Mom’s very favorite color.  In all of the homes of my childhood, there was blue EVERYWHERE…blue, layered on blue, layered on blue, especially Navy Blue.  Thank goodness it was also my father’s favorite color.  They are 47+ years into that loving and happy marriage, so maybe there’s something to be said for choosing a life partner who loves your same favorite color?

Now back to me.  At some point, I just started considering blue a natural base color, or a neutral.  Part love for the ocean, part just living in the middle of a sea of blue everything.  It’s not that I didn’t see it, more just that when it’s everywhere, you see it differently.  When it’s everywhere, you don’t just see it, you feel it.  Navy Blue works in layers of itself, and other blues, and it also mixes so well with all of my other favorite neutral bases:  black, grey, and white.  It also plays well with some favorite pops of true, not-at-all neutral colors:  pink, orange, and red.  Blue is modern and fresh, and even though it’s a cool color, the deep shades always leave me feeling warm and calm and always make me smile.  So yes, it’s complicated, but my love of blue is true, always.Once my brothers and I left our parents’ homes, Mom moved-on to whites layered on whites layered on whites.  That was so beautiful.  But it was also short-lived before then came the grandkids and now…you will find strategically placed pops of that famous Navy Blue here and there in her very, very grandkids and the grandkid’s friends – friendly home.  But with her, and true blue always on my mind and in my heart am I keeping navy blue true like it’s my job…bah, dum, dum.

And another question, just for fun, while we’re in thoughts of deep blue, or deep in thoughts of blue, or wherever it is we are right now…here it is.

Have you ever tried to make a warm and inviting master bedroom for a genuinely German Minimalist man, who loves clean, but not white, and who tends toward a masculine aesthetic, but not black?  Some time later, I learned that to every color question asked, about anything ever, does this particular man answer, “I like the Blue (Southern drawl deep emphasis on ‘blue’) one.”  It’s just so darn clear that he means it. Ok True Blue, blue it is for you.

He has great taste and a strong eye, and yes he thought I was crazy when I wanted to mix navy blue sheets and bedding with large furniture pieces in blacks, blues, and greys.  I wondered if he was channelling my own mother at a point when I didn’t ask out loud, but realized, he probably would have done blue, on blue, on blue if I wasn’t in his way with my crazy layering blues and mixing with the other neutral idea.  So we compromised(ish) and mixed lots of and mostly blues with some warm grey in a quilt and some neutral moroccan pillows for bedding to finish this room.  He’s finished with it.  I’m not actually.  But I’ll let him catch-up to me when he does.

I think we nailed it.  He’s happy, and loves being in his room in a way he didn’t before.  Don’t go putting those two sentences together…they are each their own independent thoughts.  And this is about the blue sheets:  all about the blue sheets.  Focus.  And well done Blue.

New  rules:  Yes, Navy Blue and Black mix well. Yes, we can mix blues.  And greys.  And blacks, blues, and greys.  Yes it all looks fresh, and the best kind of warm, and the best kind of cool too all at the very same time!

I love the texture of these pillows and the back ticking that picks up the black/blue behind the strong neutral.  And that the grey quilt is the opposite and the neutral ticking adds a really nice feature to it, that also then picks up the pillow contrast.  It’s just enough ‘white’ to pop and blend the whole made bed at once.  I also love the way the blacks and blues and greys play off one another, and that none of them are two matchy-matchy.  50 Shades of Grey, and Blue and Black would be amazing to try to work together!  For this space, just a few shades of each plus great texture is plenty!

I also love the way the mixed textures subtly add some warmth, even just the simple leather catch-all on the table is a strong neutral, and so is the giant cactus in his giant planter.  He screams neutral, right?

And the way the quilt and throw pillow warm up that big old black leather chair I think most men own and refuse to part with…someday, someone will explain that to me.  For now, we’ll just soften them with a quilt and throw pillow.

The bedding set, sheet set, quilt and moroccan throws are all through eBay’s Wake-Up Spring Bedding Event, on now.  Did you know that 81% of all merchandise sold on eBay is new and available with the “Buy It Now” option (no bidding necessary-just apply that filter)?  Fun things we learned this week here at TME!  Also, 69% of items ship for free (also easy to sort by applying that filter), because life’s too complicated to pay for shipping.  And…eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery ensures delivery in three days or less on more than 20 million items.  And life’s too short to wait for packages.  True story.  The end.  And yes that cactus is real.  He only needs water once a month.  Thankfully.

This particular Spring Bedding Event includes more than a few things that caught our eye in addition to what we chose for the master bedroom featured, check these out as well:


eBay emphasizes individuality and their marketplace delivers it for sure!  While we included mostly items for which there was inventory, there were a few obscure or niche items I stumbled on that were also super fun.  Like this LOVE pillow set and this World Map+ Linen Lumbar Throw…that might be in my home now.  Shhh..don’t tell anyone I got distracted.  I’m sure that never happens to any of you.  xoxo A


A huge thank-you to eBay for bringing us up-to-speed on your home game and for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are entirely our own.

photo credit to the amazing Marisa, Redfield Photography, thanks for always getting it all done, beautifully.


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