My First Time At LOFT (And Plenty of #DressingRoomSelfies)

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Blazer I Top

Here’s a confession: Before joining the TME team I think I had shopped at LOFT maybe once. And it wasn’t really because I didn’t like it, but because I had my key retailers. Sometimes as a busy mom I don’t have space in my brain to try something new. Can you relate? Surprisingly, right after joining the team I noticed how loved LOFT is. So I’ve been getting my feet a little wet. My first purchase was this gorgeous puffer thanks to Shana. Then I went crazy for this kimono that I’ve been wearing in so many ways for both cold and warmer weather. All ordered online. That’s how love for a brand usually starts, online, but I knew that for me to really see what LOFT was about I needed to go into a brick and mortar, so I did.

My experience was a little weird, though. Maybe it’s because it was late, or I had just come from a wake because my son’s teacher’s husband died, or I was tired because I took my kids to Central Park by myself that day (I live in the suburbs).  Honestly, it was probably all of them. I got there and started looking and choosing everything that caught my eye. Nice tops, sweaters, some dressy pants. Then even though I rarely change my denim brands I decided to try some Loft denim. Here is where it got weird for me…and the salesperson. Poor her.

Do you have jeans with higher rise than this? I asked holding the modern skinny in my hands. She looked at me as if I’d spoken to her in a different language. Well I know I have an accent but I also know I was clear. “No, this is all we have” she replied. Feeling totally awkward I grabbed the two pairs I found in my size and to the dressing room I went.

My reaction when trying on the first pair. Haha. That’s what happens when you haven’t seen yourself in lower rise jeans for years. It was definitely a low-rise for my preference and flabby mommy tummy. However, putting jeans aside this is what did work for me. By the way I found some “high-rise” jeans while scrolling on their website, so I don’t know. LOFT, why so confusing with jeans?

Cute Tops

Shana mentioned it recently and yes, you can always count on cute tops at Loft. There’s a nice selection of casual and more dressy tops. Besides, most worked with what I was wearing that day. My favorite dark wash jeans and over-the-knee boots. ok, ok that goes well with almost everything. Still. Cute tops!

Pleated Cuff Blouse – TTS. The color is amazing. Love the fabric, fit and the special details on the neckline and cuffs.

Ruffled white blouse –  TTS. Easy yet beautiful top. See how I styled it with joggers by the end of the post.

Boucle tee –  The dressy tee everybody needs in their wardrobe. Awesome with jeans but also perfect to wear with work pants. I think the sleeve looks better cuffed as shown in the pic above.


My friend Rebecca has always raved about Lou and Grey. She loves the joggers and tops. So with that in mind I went straight to that section and found a few things I loved.

Lou and Gray signature soft hoodie – Almost sold annoying, but I love this one I didn’t see at the store much more.

Funnel neck top – TTS Incredibly soft and flattering top. Loved how it looked over a simple pair of black leggings. Fashion sneakers and leather jacket and you bet I’m running errands and taking the kids to the park like that.

These Joggers: 3 ways

These Lou and Grey cosmic joggers are great for lounging, however, I see even more possibilities. As a mom who sometimes changes sneakers for heels and goes out in joggers, I needed to see if these would allow me to do just that. They come in three colors. I also tried on the green ones and ended up liking the fit and fabric more than on the ones I tried on. Unfortunately my phone died the minute I was going to snap a pic.

  1. Date and work appropriate: Ruffled top + the heels I don’t have. Finish it up with a blazer.

Top I Pants

2. With an airy sleeveless sweater. I could see myself wearing this in the summer a lot with sneakers or sandals, even barefoot by the beach. Too bad I’m not going anywhere during spring break…agh

Top I Pants

3. Striped tee + ankle boots: This tee came home with me. SOO GOOD. I’d add a denim or biker jacket and it would be the perfect spring outfit.

Top I Pants

Cute Shorts

While I won’t be wearing shorts anytime soon, I know you may be ready to rock a pair. With that in mind I tried on this cute chambray pair I found. They are also too low-rise for me but I absolutely loved it paired with this pastel stripped sweater. This sweater is the definition of a spring sweater. Love that the bell sleeve is not too long and drapes well.

Top I Shorts

Also look great with this Boucle tee

Skinny Cargo Pants

While looking for a pair of jeans I liked, I found these skinny cargo ankle pants. They also have a lower rise and less tummy support than I’m used to, but I liked the fit and design. I loved them with the boucle tee and yellow top.

Top I Pants

Top I Pants


I ended up going twice. But the first time was almost at closing time so I rushed like crazy and they had to practically kick me out. They did. The second time I went after running to Trader Joe’s and not noticing my phone was about to die, BUT I found more striped tops.

Lou and Grey Stripe mix sweater – more interesting stripes. The mix of stripes and knits make of this sweater a great one.

Top Layers

Last but not least I fell in love with these two warm layers.

Color block belted Poncho – This poncho stole my heart. So warm, comfy and stylish. Thrown over jeans and ankle boots looks casual and good and thrown over skinnier jeans and heels is perfect for date night.

Elbow Patch Knit Blazer – I saw a darker grey one, which I liked more because of the color,  but the fabric didn’t look or feel good. This one instead feels really good. It’s a warm blazer easy to wear with jeans but still good for more formal occasions.

The Non-LOFT Pieces I’m Wearing

Mile high-rise skinny jeans – TTS but you can size up for a looser fit. These are stretchy Levi’s. Very comfortable and flattering. They keep my tummy controlled and make me look like I have mile long legs.

Sam Edelman Petty ankle boots – These booties are so pretty. The color is perfect to mix with browns or greys. The suede is incredibly soft and looks amazing.

Shop my favorite pieces

Am I too late to the LOFT party? Well…it’s never too late, right?

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  1. Loft is really bad with offering high-waist jeans – I have the same complaint! But they have good work clothes & are offering an additional 10% off today with code snowday on top of their current 40% off sale.

  2. I love the curvy fit denim from Loft. In fact, I have to go try on the pair that just arrived in the mail. It fits really well, all things considered, and I have a tummy. But I also have big legs, so these manage to get over the legs and butt… the waist fitting well is icing on the cake!

    • They are loft and was the only pair I kind of liked. Unluckily they are sold out or something cause I could not find them on the website. I was really mad about it because I had already written about them but had to change when I couldn’t find them.

    • Thank you Beth! I’d say it’s true to size. I would really love it if it came in petite as I think it was little longer on me. Regarding the fabric yes it’s knit, however is lined and I can’t really remember if the lining had any stretch, which it should. But I’m not sure.

  3. That yellow top and green pants look amazing together! I would have never thought to pair them – now they are both in my wishlist!

  4. Love all stripes! I’m a stripe girl too! I wish I could make high rise work, but I cannot. I have a short torso so every time I try they are uncomfy. You look great in everything!

  5. I was so inspired by you loft trip I went it and bought several pieces you tried on.. The striped Tee, the Boulce Tee – with the sleeve rolled, the Lou and Grey joggers _ I ended up with the other style but love them.! also the blue striped sweater is so feminine and easy to wear – bought it .. In the end I also bought a pretty dress, AND last by not least as I bought their amazing soft ribbed tank tops 3 of them… that fit beautiful and are forgiving around my midsection, not to mention they are not to long, and can be worn several ways……. Thank you for this article, I found so many pretty things and your pictures of HOW to style them inspired me !!! Love TME !!!

    • I LOVE this! You made my day with this comment. Thank you. I had my eyes on a pretty dress but they didn’t have my size. So glad you found so many things you loved.

  6. As a 55 year young grandma with summer approaching, I love shopping for pieces at the Loft. I also have trouble with not only jeans but all pants there. I am 5’2” and wear a size 2, but petite is too short. Tops, no problem! I always find things I love to mix and match. Also, I buy all of my shorts at the loft, they are the best by far! Great fabrics and not too short. Watch for sales!!!

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