Found: The Best-Ever Summer Hat

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We were having lunch with the Shop Social Threads founders, Sara and Maureen, when Sara casually brought up summer hats.  “I don’t know if your readers would be interested, but we found the absolute best summer hat.”  I don’t know if you guys realize how seriously East Coasters take their beach-going, but this is a BOLD statement.  Gwen and I stared at each other.  Once summer hits, we get this question at least once per week.  So, uh, yeah.  We are interested, to say the least.

The hats in question are UPF 50, have an internal elastic band (which keeps the hat on securely), and manages to look just as cute on my big head* as it does on Gwen’s tiny head.

*for the record, I blame my hair

But the best part?  The brim of these hats kick up in the back a little, so one can lounge in a beach chair without flipping off their hat.  They come in several colors and styles (but I like the natural, light tan best).  I had high hopes of shooting these hats at the beach with a tan and a pedicure….but it’s been freezing here in Philly, and those dreams just seem so very far away.  So we’ll have to make due with my bedroom, a tank top, and some imagination.

The Original

It’s hard to beat the original.  Just sassy enough, with a nice huge brim.

The Fedora

A smaller brim, but still has good face coverage.

The Big ‘Ol Glamorous Hat

This one is just wildly practical and fun.  Full disclosure:  my mom stole it from me for our trip to Greece this summer.  This was her favorite one by far.

I honestly can’t decide which one is my favorite!  (Annoying, I know.)  I’ve not been much of a hat girl in the past, but my friends *cough*A*cough* have been all over me to start wearing hats at the beach.  And she’s right.  So…

p.s. My top is Shop Social Threads, too. Sara and Maureen just find all the good stuff.




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  1. Ok those are v cute. But here’s my biggest issue with hats – I find a cute one, then it gets smooshed in my luggage / carryon, and then I ant get it back to a normal shape and it flops down over my face and I decide I look like a hobbit in it and have to get rid of it, which is so annoying. How do these guys hold their shape?

    • Helen Kaminski hats are AWESOME (similar look) but you can roll/pack them, of course they cost 3-4 X as much…

    • A here…the true actual believer in hats and sun block. I pack stuff in the hat, like baseball hats, swim suits, underwear and T-shirt’s. I them upside down, and pack the mid layer so that they are between all sorts of things. Or I just wear them there. Xoxo

    • Ellena Dunstall on

      Yes! This question! And if I’m walking, is it going to flip up at the front so I look ridiculous plus not sun protected anymore?

  2. I want to be the kind of person that rocks a fabulous sun hat. I really, really do. And yet at the end of the day I think I’m just a baseball cap kind of girl. Ha.

  3. Every time I see someone in a Fedora I think “I’m going to wear one too!” until I put one on and my bangs get wonky and I realize that my head is sweaty and now I *have* to wear the hat because I look like a dork without it but maybe a dork with it. Hats are a whole thing, can you tell? But a little shade is much appreciated in the S. Texas sun and so maybe this will be Hat Summer! Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. The way the hat fits you is giving me a glimmer of hope. Could you give the measurements for each? I didn’t see measurements on the website, and I have a “generously sized” head that is hard to fit, but would love to rock one of these this summer. Thanks!

  5. I bought the Jcrew packable wide brimmed straw hat for this summer and so far I love it. I have a large head and never find hats that are comfortable and don’t get crushed by my toddler.

    • I bought the packable j crew hat too about 2 years ago and it still looks new. Glad to see it’s still available online and relatively inexpensive. I pack all of my hats in my carry on bag so they won’t get too crushed.

  6. I ordered this immediately. But I do have a truly enormous head (seriously) so I’m dubious that it will fit. One size fits all has almost never fit me. The first hat (original) is just too cute to skip without trying, though. Floppy hats look weird on me and I want more coverage than a baseball cap, so this looks perfect. Thanks!

  7. As another member of the Enormous Head Club, I too would like measurements. These hats are adorable and affordable, but I’m worried about “one size fits all”.

  8. I’d like to echo the enormous head club. When I was 8 they had to order a special sized catchers helmet for me for softball. When you say big, how big?

  9. IMO, they are all adorbs but I vote the original or the big ol’ glamorous on you S. The middle one just doesn’t have the same panache. I know you didn’t get to do a proper field test, but do they seem breathable? That’s my biggest complaint with some higher UPF hats – I don’t want to be a sweaty mess under them, especially since I have short hair. Deal breaker!

  10. I have above shoulder length hair- can I still pull off a wide brimmed hat? I’m struggling to make sure I don’t look too man-ish in a hat (I’m fully aware this is ridiculous, but it’s still true)…

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