Weekend 4.13

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Hey, Gang!  My mom has been visiting for the past week and it’s been kiiiind of glorious.  I’d love to say that all our adventures are on Instagram (@shanachristine) but if you actually follow me you’ll be all #lies.  Instead, Mom has been attempting to organize my entire life and therefore my house has never looked better.

I’m starting a Mom Move To Philly campaign soooo…fingers crossed.  We’ll see how that goes.

I’ve also been meaning to talk about our Spring Break trip to Moab, but, well, it’s 1AM and I’m 80% through the very last book of the Red Rising series, soooo…..I gots BIG plans for tonight. (Also, I love the chick lit recos on our FB page. So freaking helpful.)

Now…onto the usual nonsense.

Just go buy this shirt. Local Philly designer, Voloshin, is having a secret sale that’s seriously insane.  I covered the line here, and basically, all of those pieces are now 40% off (or more).  The striped green top that I’m wearing in the pic above is only $50.  It’s airy and soft and I wore it hiking in Moab and out to dinner.  It’s one of my fav pieces right now.

Shopbop Sale picks, updated.  Things sell out quickly during the Shopbop sale…happily, the retailer isn’t shy about adding new pieces to their inventory, even during the sale.  So we updated our What To Buy At The Shopbop Sale post to get rid of some of the sold-out links and added a few fresh new finds.

All hail the Sephora sale.  If you’re a VIP Rouge member, Sephora is 15% off.  The sale will go public next week, and, happily, Scotti has a few recommendations.

Remember TOMS?  They just launched a collaboration with….wait for it….Clare V.  The leopard print espadrilles are calling my name.  See the complete TOMS x Clare V collection here.

Restocked, yo. That pretty navy top from Shop Social Threads (featured here) has just been restocked!!  Chic and machine washable.  Perfect.

Long long ago I had a dress.  It was a DVF wrap dress and I wore it to work at least once a week.  A decade later (after babies and cross-country moves and breast cancer and another move) I can’t find that darn dress.  I’ve been keeping an eye on DVF but have never found a pattern I liked as much as my first one.  Until….now.  I’m going to sleep on it, but this one has that same bold, slightly quirky quality that I liked so much in my first.

The Newsletter Subscriber Giftcard winner is….Abby S!  Look for an email from us – there will be a $200 gift card inside.  For the rest of you….want to win a $200 gift card in April?  Subscribe to our newsletter, here.

Scary (and well done). National Geographic’s 7 Things to Know About Climate Change illustrates the problem perfectly.  It’s easily digestible, data-driven and helpful.

Sign me up for the SkycouchAir New Zealand has just introduced the “sky couch” – a row of economy airline seats that can be transformed into a – wait for it – couch after takeoff.  They’re touting it as “perfect for families” and I freaking AGREE.

Sick of skincare advice from 20-somethings?  SAME.  Try this one instead.


Happy Weekend!


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  1. I say buy the DVF dress! I had a couple back in my working days and they were in constant rotation. Plus a great wrap dress will NEVER go out of style 😉

  2. I have a green trellis pattern and it’s 100% silk. Plus they always make you feel good about your shape. Quality never goes out of style.

    • What a stunning woman! I’m 36, I have no idea how old she was, but she looks 1000% better. God that morning routine is long though! I think she was just naturally beautiful and had character to boot. Would love to know what she’s like now.

  3. Great timing – I flew from Vancouver to Auckland (14 hours) on the skycouch last week. It’s an amazing option when you have small kids.
    We’d had a family holiday in Canada skiing (wearing the Sweaty Betty gear Shana recommended!) and were flying home.

    It was so awesome for my family of five, although that was largely because the Amazing Air NZ crew kept a spare seat at the end of our second row of three seats (obviously the flight wasn’t full) and it meant that we could fit three of us lying down on one couch and two on the other.

    My eldest is 12 and not all that tall. It would be a tight squeeze for tall people, but such a great option with smaller kids

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