What To Buy At the Shopbop Sale!

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Oh baby.  It’s Shopbop’s huge Spring shopping event.  Take 25% off orders over $500 with code EVENT18 (or 20% off orders under $500).  This is one of the sales that I have marked on my calendar each year.  It’s the one I use to get all ready for summer – lazy days at the shore, long walks outside, summer vacations….

It’s a good one.

It’s also a good sale to stock up on basics – shoes, jeans, replacing a well-worn favorite tee.  To help, I’ve included a list of items that I currently own (and LOVE, obviously) that also happen to be part of the sale.   And then, in the spirit of summer preparedness, I included a list of pieces I’m currently considering. (It’s LONG.)

Now I’m off to try and whittle down my shopping cart to something less insane. GOOD LUCK.


Things That I Own and Love (That Are Now Part of The Shopbop Sale)

All of the pieces below have been loved and worn and worn again.  I’ll try to throw some actual pics up on IG (@shanachristine).


And Now…Onto The Pieces I’m Just Generally Drooling Over

Leather Jackets

Obviously.  And technically, I should’ve included the black IRO jacket below as a Piece I Own And Love, but it’s 10PM and I’m tired so it stays here.  (I have the black jacket in a size 38 so I can wear it over a sweater.)


Summer is a comin’.  Let’s get serious.


Can I Get A Cute Summer Top?

For some reason, I had a realllly hard time finding those cute little cotton tops I typically wear all summer.  As it stands, one of my picks is maternity.

Tees And Such


Silky Tops

For being fancy.  Cause sometimes we do that.



I’ve already mentioned my favorite pairs in the Things I Own And Love section.  But I can’t stop thinking about these….

The Best Dress(es)

I was having a hard time finding patterns I could honestly stand behind…so I went back to basics.  That’s where my head is right now, anyway.

Try A Matching Set?

Truthfully, my favorite set is the one I already own (featured above).  But I love this trend so much – it is such a fun (and versatile!!) trend that I have my eye on a few others.  Here’s what’s what:


Yay For Pajamas!!!!

Not gonna lie, this is my favorite part. Basically, I want every. single. one. Give me alllll the jammies….


Editor Picks

And now, our highly edited editor picks!


You may have noticed pants (or shorts or skirts) are conspicuously absent from my boutique . . . I decided to stick with things that I’m actually wearing and can continue to wear no matter how big my belly is.  Amazing jackets, sweet shoes, beautiful earrings and bags . . . that’s what I’m craving during this year’s Shopbop sale.  (And I added the one top because . . . it’s gorgeous.)


Loving loving these sale finds for now and later. Stripes, jeans (duh) and pretty shoes. And that rainbow towel I’m definitely getting. It’s so happy.


Julieta here! Things I always look for in this sale: Levi’s selvedge jeans and bags I wouldn’t get full price. Right now for spring and summer I’m also eyeing some shoes, dresses, my favorite Levi’s shorts and some more.


Most of my picks came from the “Under 200” category! But if you only get ONE thing..get the BLANKNYC jacket. It will forever be my fave and I’m all about that gorgeous hydrangea blue.



Oh my gosh. Tell me…how is one supposed to walk away unscathed by this sale? I started adding stuff to my cart…to  simply just share with you OBVI, but holy crap. I now have three musts in there (at least) and well. I don’t know what to say, except that this sale is always really good. Below are some of my favorites (stuff I own or things I have had on my wish list) – all pieces that would elevate a Spring + Summer line-up. *sigh* Now, someone remind me to NOT drink a glass of wine and head to my cart this evening. No, Cams! NO.

…or yes, Cams. YES?


I’ve definitely got Summer on my mind with these Shopbop sale picks: nautical themed stripes, breezy fabrics, and beach day approved. My Summer wardrobe summed up.


Happy Shopping!


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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. I finally jumped on the GG sneaks, hope they fit! At least this is a splurge I know I’ll wear, unlike the countless cocktail dresses I own for some reason.

  2. So, is it fair to say that in going from AG Legging jeans to AG Farrah jeans, one should go up a size?? Seems that’s what Shana said, but wanted to confirm and check with others….. ? Thanks!

    • Ok – so here’s the thing: I have AG legging jeans in sizes 24 and 25. The 25s I consistently wished were 24s. The higher rise Farrahs, however, I tried both sizes and the 24s were uncomfortable. BUT: my, uh, softest body part (haha) is my stomach. Even in my 20s I was never one with the six-pack abs. So I think I went up a size just because they’re higher rise. (OMG not sure if this helps at all….)

      • Yes, totally. Thank you! Plus, I’m exactly the same. Pretty slim in general, but carry most of my weight in my mid-section.

  3. I bought the little Nice Martin mini dress in the blush color awhile ago, and I haven’t gotten to wear it out of the house yet but it’s CUTEEEEEE in person. The grommets make adjusting it easy, I have it set higher than on the model so it’s still short on my petite self. Strong recommend (as long as linen wrinkles don’t make you nuts).

  4. Thank you!!! I’ve been eyeing the Madewell washed leather jacket for 2 years. Bought it two weeks ago for full price and have been agonizing over keeping it because it’s so expensive. Just ordered it via the sale (plus a pair of socks to get me to the 25%) and saved over $100. Now I don’t have to feel guilty.

  5. I feel like I’m in an alternate (albeit well-curated, drool-worthy and super hip) universe where moms don’t blink an eye at spending $400 on a grey cardigan. I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m kvetching just to be critical, because I fully understand that not everyone is on a budget like mine and you are fashion bloggers after all and I guess maybe this is supposed to be aspirational, but I guess I’m suffering from sticker shock on many of these items. A $75 white t-shirt? $530 sneakers?

    I love TME and have been a reader since it was ANMT. I consider myself a loyal fan, it’s just happened so many times that I start reading a “mommy blog” because the moms seem relatable and then once a blog starts to get sponsors and more attention, the bloggers start to post more and more stuff that’s way out of my price range and I feel like I get left behind.

    Am I sounding crazy and overly critical?

    • NO! Not crazy at all. I totally get it. Part of it has to do with the fact that I’m just….uh, a little older now. The years when we first had babies were really, really lean years. One salary, Mike was young and growing in the company, and basically, everything I owned had spit-up on it. In some ways, life is a little easier now. We’re making a little more money, and I can safely wear pretty things (most days). And part of it…is THIS particular sale. To hit the 25% off mark, you’ve gotta spend over $500. And Shopbop as a retailer does tend to run a bit pricier. So while I’m not expecting every mom to grab the $530 sneakers….if you want to, this IS the sale to make that purchase. And I loved Alexa’s comment – the sneakers ARE pricey…but they’ll get a ton more use than a bunch of cocktail dresses hiding in the closet, haha. Lastly (I’m just thinking out loud at this point…wouldn’t this be more fun as a face-to-face discussion???)….I always like thinking really long term. Like….if you seriously could only wear 10 things for the next 10 years what would they be? Those $530 sneakers and $75 tshirt would be on my list. I totally get that we can’t just START by buying 10 expensive things, but these little thought experiments do challenge me. I think we all need to be pickier about what we buy…but balancing that with budgets is really tricky. In short, this is a long-winded way of saying NO: You’re not crazy and overly critical. I appreciate the comment. 🙂

      • Maria Parramore on

        This is a really thoughtful discussion. From my perspective, as a 40 year old, middle class, working mother of small children, I am so sick of buying inexpensive items that fall apart immediately. I love Target, but I’ve completely stopped buying clothes there. I’d rather have a few quality pieces than tons of stuff that look terrible after a few washes. That being said, I’m not spending over $50 on a knit shirt under any circumstances. I lose my mind when I get a hole in them and I’ve gotten holes in tees from Target AND Madewell.

      • Thank you for your response and yes, I get it. I do own some AG jeans and some Rebecca Minkoff, so I do recognize that this is a good sale! Like you and others have said on this thread, I don’t like to buy fast fashion (mostly because their terrible labor practices take all the fun out of a trendy piece) so I tend to buy investment pieces (on sale) that I will wear to shreds. But I feel like you heard what my lamenting was all about, and I really appreciate that you took the time to respond. I’d also like to note that I really appreciate the other moms who write for TME and their variety of budgets, lifestyles and views! Thanks for creating such a vibrant community!

      • I like this question, and I like this blog, and I like that Shana is jumping right in to engage this tough question.

        I happen to be an economic researcher in my real life. So, apologies for soap-boxing it here.

        I appreciate when this blog makes an effort (or accidentally?) veers into the affordable. Scotti’s recent JC Penney post is a great example.

        If we’re a nice diverse crew here reading this blog (I have no idea if we are, or not!) most of us will never be able to afford the $530 sneakers. That’s not mostly a stage of life thing. It’s an income and wealth thing. Most Americans have less than $1000 in cash savings. We’d be pretty crazy to spend more than half our savings on a pair of sneakers (unless maybe they could fly?).

        Just for kicks, check out your income percentile here, and maybe think about your own personal sneaker price point in context:

        • I think that’s a totally valid perspective, and it’s good to remember that there are a lot of people who don’t have disposable income at all. But that’s not what this blog is about, right? I mean, I don’t read GOOP, but I don’t mind that Gwyneth Paltrow’s content isn’t for me, because, maybe some of her readers are gonna go out and spend $20,000 on an artisanal wood burning pizza oven or whatever, and more power to them. Pizza oven makers gotta send their kids to college too.

          When I first started reading Ain’t No Mom Jeans I was a new mom, prior to that I read a lot of budget fashion blogs, and followed bloggers who were doing no shopping years or primarily clothing swapped (and I was an avid swapper myself until I got pregnant and actually needed some new stuff). People’s circumstances change, their interests evolve, and I think Shana’s blog is very authentic about that, while also trying to provide options for folks interested in items that could give them the look for less, for example with the famous Stuart Weitzman OTK boots, she always links to alternates.

          But I also appreciate how this blog introduces me to brands I might otherwise never have heard of, even if the price point might be a stretch, and when she points out good sales I would have otherwise missed to score those dream items. I love my sneakers from The Greats, and my Vince yak wool poncho, which I couldn’t afford at the time it was featured in a post about the Nordie’s annual sale, then got sold out, but which I stalked on eBay for YEARS and finally scored last Fall for a fraction of the original retail price.

          All of which is to say that I’m really excited about my now $380 new GG sneakers and if they fit (fingers crossed) I’m going to wear the hell out of them.

          Thanks for all that you do, Shana and the rest of the TME team!

          • First, Shana, your “10 pieces” would be an AWESOME post!

            Really appreciate this discussion. I also struggle with the thought process. I purposefully keep a small wardrobe, so it’s important that it contain quality pieces. I can’t see the $75 white tee, because that’s an item I will literally wear out – and quickly – so it doesn’t feel like thoughtful use of finite resources. (And ours are all finite, right? It’s just how big the bucket is.) I can absolutely see spending on my leather jacket – that I wear constantly, that only gets better with age, and that my daughters already have dibs on in future. 🙂 I like the sustainability and responsibility of those kinds of purchases.But I can’t make an unlimited number of them (back to my finite resources) so I’m with Alexa – yes on the beautiful leather bag that I’ve had longer than my husband (true story), no on the cocktail dress and a HUGE yes to eBay. I support The Mom Edit when I can make a new purchase (and 25% off is the right time to do it for sure, so thank you, Shana!) but I also benefit from The Mom Edit when I can’t. My favorite Vince cashmere is an eBay find I wouldn’t have found without The Mom Edit. Just $.02 toward a good conversation.

  6. Question for Julieta on the Levi’s shorts. Did you go up a size or get your regular size? I assume it needs a breaking in period like the jeans?

  7. Ordered another pair of GG since I loved my first pair so much! And in Philly on this glorious weekend. I secretly hope to run into you lol!

  8. Hi there! I think this one is for Gwen, or really any of y’all! –I bought the BlankNYC jacket and it’s BEAUTIFUL, but I got a small and it’s just a hair snug. It looks cute open, but it’s NOT zipping. The sleeves are long enough and the shoulders are just a teeeny bit snug–I’m thinking it would be a summertime jacket over light clothes? I probably couldn’t wear a sweater under. They don’t have a medium, but I’m considering getting one from another site to try (of course not on sale though). I kinda think the medium will be too big–I often fall in the in between sizes! My question is, is it ridiculous to keep the small if it doesn’t zip???? ; ) Thanks!

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