Weekend 5.5

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Warm weather has finally come to Philly, and it’s been glorious. We’re planning to spend the weekend outdoors as much as possible.  Morgan’s Pier is open, the water jets are on at Dillworth, and both boys still love floating boats at Sister Cities Park.

These past few weeks have been a really strange time.  My boys seem to be oscillating between being my babies, and these old kids with thoughts and opinions and who make their own eggs in the morning.  Mike was out of town this week, so both boys were on high Help-Mom Alert, but I was still wildly unprepared when they didn’t need me to read them a bedtime story.  They were both curled up in bed, each reading their own book.  I stood awkwardly in the doorway, watching.  “You guys want me to read…?” my voice trailed off.  They were so engrossed, they didn’t even look up.  “How about Iggy Peck?” I tried again.  This time Raines glanced up.  “Oh Mom,” he said, kindly.  “Sure.  Sure you can read.  Whatever book you want.”

So I did read Iggy Peck.  But there was no doubt in anyone’s mind:  the reading was for me, not them.  But they snuggled in just like they always have as I read about the 2nd grade adventures of Mr. Iggy Peck.

I can read more advanced books to them, of course.  We finished a Wrinkle in Time recently, and there are more books in that series.  We still need to read The Hobbit (they’re so into D&D these days, it’s practically required reading), and I just bought a copy of Brian Selznik’s The Marvels because we loved The Invention of Hugo Cabret so much (both books are great for inspiring bouts of drawing, as well).

But the real reason I read an old favorite picture book?  Because they let me.  And I’m not sure how much longer that will last.

So yes:  we’ll go play outside this weekend, and we’ll go float boats in the tiny man-made river with all of the other little kids.  While we still can.

Outfit deets….the Free People tank I’m wearing in the photo above is on sale for $26.  I wear mine over a regular (albeit pretty) bra.  The jeans are the GRLFND Karolina jeans in petite.  If you recall from this jean sizing article, the petite sizes have a wider leg opening than the regular sizes.  I’m wearing a 25 in the photo which used to fit very, very tight.  They’ve stretched quite a bit and are now perfect (except for the wider legs – they’re more like boyfriend jeans).  Just for argument’s sake, I did order a size 24 in the regular GRLFND Karolina jeans, to see if I can get an even better fit with time.  What are the limits of denim stretch?? We will see.

Don’t tell me if they’re ugly.  I ordered these UGG Australia sandals in tan and the second my feet sank into their pillow-like footbed (gently held in place by the supple, soft leather upper) I was DONE.  I’m going to do a whole article about these bad boys, but sizes were selling out so I felt it was necessary to share immediately, in a Public Service Announcement Kind of Way. (Oh good – Amazon has them in all sizes.)

An old hit, revisited.  Remember that crochet top I wore to Cuba last year?  Julieta found a dead-ringer at Mango.  (Thanks, Babe!)  And maybe throw this and this in your cart, too.  I’m obsessed with everything at Mango right now.  (Julieta has #dressingroomselfies coming out soon….)

This never happens.  I found denim shortie-shorts that I like as much as my trusty Rag and Bone’s….but they’re under $100.  And just long enough to not be denim underwear (not that there’s anything at all wrong with denim underwear).  Anyway, they’re BlankNYC’s Astor shorts and you can see them on my IG (@shanachristine).  They’re stretchy, so I’m wearing a size 24 for reference.

Asking for a friend.  Does anyone know of an amazing, all-natural deodorant that makes the wearer smell like a ripe peach?  Or perhaps the scent could be similar to a fresh grapefruit-mint spritzer or even an unspoiled stretch of beach after a rain?  Shockingly, I am having trouble finding this product.

Would you take a tour of a slum?  My brain is churning after reading National Geographic’s article on Slum Tourism.  I was surprised to learn that slum tours are nothing new (they’ve been happening for over a century) but in the past, most were exploitative.  Now slum tours are popping up with educational intentions…but it’s tricky.  I keep remembering back to our Cuba trip, and how much the kids learned about life outside of their little bubble simply by walking down the non-tourist streets.  And I found their takeaway surprising:  despite the poverty, all they saw was happiness. It was a good lesson for all of us.

Let’s talk about the scientific method….The NY Times reported that the EPA’s new rule would, in essence, reduce the role science plays in policymaking.  At first glance, it sounds like an easy liberal cry to take up.  The new rule forbids EPA policy to be based on studies whose underlying data is not publicly available (like health data).  But is this such a bad thing?  Too many studies (in healthcare and other industries) are coming out with no way to reproduce the results, which makes these findings little more than an interesting idea (and ultimately hurts actual scientific progress).  It seems to me like this issue was a good example of where real, much-needed discussion simply devolved into partisan battle cries.  C’mon NYT.  You can do better.  (We love the folks over at Open Science.  “Show your work. Share your work. Advance Science.”)


Happy weekend….




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  1. Shana, have you tried Native deodorant?? I love coconut vanilla and lavender rose but they have ‘seasonal’ scents too. All natural, really work, and great scents.

  2. Re Deodorant: Pacifica makes these deodorant wipes that I really enjoy – but I’m like the biggest hippie and just don’t wear deodorant at all. When I notice I stink I pull these out and I just try to shower regularly and it seems to work out. I also dabble in Toms of Maine in various scents…

  3. I just bought those sandals but they haven’t arrive yet. Now I’m even more excited about them…

  4. Elizabeth Rafter on

    Ugh. Raising boys is brutal and awesome all at once. Enjoy your snuggles with your little men. Have a fun weekend!

  5. Oh my Gaia natural deodorant. I use Lumberjack scent because it’s mellow but they have 18 diff scents. ohmygaia.com — I bought it in Palm Springs no less, so I’m assuming they know their deodorant down there in the desert :0)

  6. Have you tried piper wii deodorant? It’s a great charcoal based all natural deodorant. Whatever you try, be patient, I’ve found it takes a month (or two) for your body to adjust! Good luck!

  7. I like my Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant. It’s pricey for deodorant, but it lasts forever for me. Last time I checked they come in two sizes and a few scents – including grapefruit. Toms Maine doesn’t work for me… sad face!

  8. I use Stinky Girl, and it was a life-changer to find. It actually feels like it absorbs sweat and there’s no stink even at the end of the day (and I really am a…wait for it…stinky girl). It is baking soda based and I’ve seen people online complaining about baking soda being harsh but I’ve never had any problems. The scents are amazing too. I typically choose lavender everything (and they have lavender) but the Wood Spice is really good.

  9. I have tried them all- I loved smarty pits, but it gave me a rash and the sensitive formula did not work at all. If you’re not sensitive, I highly recommend it. Otherwise, I recently switched to native, and it’s amazing!

  10. Native deoderant is my favorite. I used the regular formula for over a year but recently switched to the sensitive formula (months ago) due to a baking soda sensitivity and I LOVE IT! Many scents to choose from and they autoship to your home.

  11. Cora Waring on

    Milk and Honey makes a great deodorant. There are different scents…my fave is coconut vanilla. You still sweat sometimes but no body odor! I teach fitness and I tried about a dozen natural deodorants before I found this one!

  12. I have tried them ALL. Toms: doesn’t work for anyone, except perhaps young kids who haven’t begun to stink yet. Primal Pit Paste: it works, but the coconut oil stains clothes. Lavanila works, until you workout, but they have really pretty scents. Native: it works. I got a couple sampler packs and all 3 kids use it, even teen boys. Soapwalla: my favorite. Even for sweaty workouts in the summer! I like the original scent.

  13. Jessica Juarez on

    I second Piper wai….it’s the only one I’ve tried that actually works. And works well. It holds through work outs and a day at the office, amazing!

  14. Not a deodorant, but definitely peachy: The Body Shop’s peach scented products. As for a natural, if somewhat earthy deodorant, I stand by Lush’s Greench.

  15. Funny I never considered natural deodorant for myself but thankful this now has me thinking about it for my 2 boys…. S- I look forward to your thoughts and advice on that when you hit that milestone (I’ll be right behind you). Thanks in advance 🙂

  16. Re: the science. Please do some more reading. The proposed rule would threaten major air pollution regulations, including those for particulate matter in the air we breathe. Turns out these are costly for industry to comply with. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/landmark-air-pollution-studies-could-be-excluded-by-proposed-epa-rule/
    This is being sold as “transparency” but don’t be fooled.
    And yes, I am all for open science. In fact, I publish in open access journals and my code/data are on github. These are not the issues at stake here. Our kids’ health & future are.

  17. Scientific studies involving human subjects (e.g. health, toxicity, reproductive, pollution, etc. studies) typically cannot release their data publicly because of the need to protect human subjects, a requirement that grows out of earlier abuses of human subjects, such as the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, and Nazi experiments.

    Open data and reproducible science are important, but so are human subjects protections and public health. Disallowing previous studies whose data sets are not available to will do nothing to protect human health and the environment. Echoing the above comments: please don’t get caught up in the rhetoric of transparency. This is another effort to rollback protections on our land, waters, and air.

  18. My dad had given my 8-yr-old The Hobbit and he just finished reading it . He read a little bit with my husband each night. My husband works late so they both looked forward to this time together every night. Then he watched the animated Hobbit movie which was a huge letdown for him lol

  19. Let’s be extremely careful here, and maybe leave science policy to the scientists. ‘Publicly available’ is very definitely not the same thing as reproducible, and the idea that policy is ever made on one irreproducible paper is nonsense. And the sheer IRONY of this rule… does anyone remember this: https://qz.com/891201/hackers-were-downloading-government-climate-data-and-storing-it-on-european-servers-as-trump-was-being-inaugurated/ ?

    Glad to get some good book recommendations! I find that some of my favorites from the pre-teen years (like AWIT or the Narnia books) should probably wait till my son’s that age too, otherwise they’re just overwhelming…

  20. Bought the ugg sandals… I wanted to not like them, but you are so right…. they are soooo comfortable. Now I want to order another color 🙄

  21. Echoing the above comments about science policy: don’t be fooled by the transparency theater. Current EPA mode is profoundly anti-science, even if the marketing is getting better.

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