Cinco de Mayo, and Then Some

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Truth:  I’m overwhelmed right now.  Just by life, and the everythings, and the not enough time for the anythings.  You too?

Or maybe it’s just that I don’t have enough Chiles en Nogada in my life.  That’s what that sketch is lovelies…a pepper, stuffed, fried, and topped, and then sprinkled with pomegranate and parsley.  I can’t even get enough of that amazingness!!!

When most overwhelmed.  I pause.  For just a hot second.  Or at least I try to.  And then I try to appreciate whatever is in front of me.  The genuine simple blessings.  For me, those are typically:  family, friends, food, and a fiesta.  One of my very favorite things to appreciate???  When we get ALL the kids, go back to S’s house on any given day, and she whips out a cutting board, halves an avocado, dices it in its skin, flips it on to said cutting board (*note, not a bowl, a cutting board-yup that’s how she does), goes bang, bang, bang with the chunky sea salt, and then hand squeezes a lime on top.  Shana Guac.  Done.  Fresh bag of chips.  Voila.  It just feels like LOVE.  In the same way as when she opens a bag of mini dark chocolate chips, dumps them on a table, and announces, “Dessert!”  Yup.  We are pretty much celebrate the moment, keep it simple, appreciate the ‘finer’ things in whatever form they come, and let’s eat kinda girls.  It’s ALL, always, gonna be ok.  Right?

So then there’s today.  I have two daughters who share a birthday two years apart.  They are with their dad this weekend and he is hosting fun parties for them today.  Right in between Bar Mitzvah services and celebrations for a kid I just think is so amazing and whose parents I have such great respect for.  Today is more showers, hair, outfits, and make-up than I do/wear in a year, all in one day.  And oh, that’s right…

Tonight we #trusttheprocess.  Go Sixers.  Amen says the Philly girl.

We put (pretend) money on the Derby and pull out ALL the fun hats.

AND…it’s Cinco de Mayo!!!  I love 5s.  18 is my favorite number.  After that, for symbolism alone, #5.  More on that some day.

Want another number?  Zero.  I have zero Mexican cultural heritage.  But one of my favorite things to do, with my family and our friends is to explore everyone else’s cultural heritage and history and to learn!  One of my very favorite things about being a mom is relearning my USA state capitals, my world geography, my math facts, all the world religions, and all the world holidays.  So first, with respect, Cinco De Mayo, truth.  Did you read this?  I did. And it hit my heart.  And do you Skimm?  And if not, get on that, Skimm here. And my first thought, was…for all its American marketing bs, if ever there was a day to celebrate the relationship between Mexico and the USA, let’s just do it.  Harder wars than our wars over a border have been fought and won by generations before us.  Let’s not forget those, right?  And so, when times get toughest, I go where I go.  To food first.


More truth:  putting together home cooked, fresh food for dinner for a family every night is work.  And expensive.  One of our tried and true favorites:  make your own tacos nights.  Which is Shana Guac, stripped rotisserie chicken delivered by Instacart, and lots of sliced veggies.  Easy.  Done, yum.  Another?  Pork Carnitas.  And if you are a little more ambitious, try these…yum!!! Chiles en Nogada,  Mexican Chalupa, Mole Poblano, and Salsa Verde.  And if you need more genuine real Mexican food in your life, try the cook books…they are amazing!


I tried, I genuinely did; to try to find things that scream Mexican appreciation at HOME at me, AND are made in Mexico.  It’s hard.  So geniunely…if you all have sources, please…add them to comments!

I love Mexican pottery!  For serving everything and even just for sitting and looking pretty.  Mexican blankets are the best most functional thing ever.  They look great slug over a chair, and make the perfect picnic, beach and yoga blanket.  And…I love actual hardcover cookbooks.  Do you have a favorite to add to our collection?  Let us know, we’d love to try it!!!

1/  Server  Imagine the grilled deliciousness you will lay out here!

2/  Rectangle Serving Tray  Fruit Bowl on Center Island by day/Serving Tray for all the grilled yummy by night!

3/  Spoon Rest  Looks gorgeous sitting out on the counter all the time!

4/  Talavera Blue  Picture black and white place settings and this as serveware on a giant wooden outdoor table!

5/  Novica Platter Fancy. Special.

6/  Sherpa Blue  Such a beautiful blue!  Fun underside!  Soft, cozy!

7/  Orange Teal Stripes  One of my favorite color combos!

8/  Purple Thunderbird  Yoga blanket +, in a beautiful fun color!

9/  Grey Thunderbird Yoga blanket +, in a gorgeous neutral!

10/  Stripes  All the stripes, always!!!

11/  Napolito  For weekends.

12/  Slow Cooker  For weekdays, start it in the am, love it when you come home.

13/  Wellness Momma Easy, doable, done.

14/  Gran Cocina I’m back to weekends.

15/  Easy!!!  Tell me it’s easy, and I’ll believe you.  This really is.  She has my heart.  xo

Happy Birthday, Yay Derby Day, Go Sixers, Mazel Tov, and hell yeah Cinco de Mayo and all the parties and all the fun!!!  xoxo A


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  1. Great post! I, too, have zero Mexican heritage, but I love the people, the culture and the land (and of many other places too!)! Check out for interesting imported furniture and pottery from Mexico. I have purchased from them before. Also, is a beautiful store in Rosarito Beach, Mexico that I used to frequent when I lived across the border in San Diego, it was a dream!!

  2. My sister and I share a birthday, too, but 3 years apart. I absolutely hated it growing up. Now that we are moms, ourselves, and live on opposite sides of the country, I love that there’s a day that really ties us together. I imagine that’s how twins feel, but all the time!

  3. I am in love with your hot tips from South of the Border!!! Thank you so much for sharing them!!! xoxo A

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