Wear These Cute PJs For Mother’s Day (And Get Ready For Breakfast-In-Bed)

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Mike developed a winning Mother’s Day formula years ago.  It works, so he keeps trottin’ it out every year.  But no complaints here – I honestly love it, and it’s pretty easy to pull off.  The boys load up a breakfast-in-bed tray with coffee, croissants, special fancy treats (strawberries, chocolates, petit fours, tartes, etc. – the idea is to find something yummy and out of the ordinary), along with a vase of flowers, and kid art – commissioned especially for Mother’s Day.

Bonus points for fancy napkins, a cool new mug, or a pretty vase.  One year Mike surprised me with a picnic basket – it was so charming, but it turns out that real picnic baskets are kinda heavy to use in real life.  But the effort was much appreciated.

My only job, on Mother’s Day morning?  To sit there and feel special.  I’ve completely removed the expectations of a gift (other than what might show up on the tray), so I often use Mother’s Day as an excuse to treat myself to a cute new pair of PJs.  (It’s a flimsy excuse but I’m totally OK with that.)  And if I’m being honest, I’m not above casually leaving out a cute new mug or a pretty vase riiiight before Mother’s Day.

So.  Here are the pajama sets that I’ve been drooling over…as well as a few Mother’s Day accessories, just for giggles.

When Are Stripes A Bad Idea? NEVER

Cute little patterned PJ sets are basically all I want to wear all summer.  With a quirky mug (you might need matching ones for the kiddos) and lemon cupcakes, it would be such a happy little Mother’s Day morning.

Pajamas | Vase | Mug | Slipper | Mirror Tray


If You’re Feeling Fancy……

I’ve been wanting to invest in silk pajamas for a loooong time.  They’re pricy, but I’m kinda loving the idea of a slouchy silk tee (I’d throw it on with sweatpants when I woke up).  And how fun are those photo coasters?  You can customize them by swapping out the photos.

Lastly, before I forget:  Urban Stems.  Cam sent me a bouquet a while back and I was BLOWN AWAY.  Easily some of the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever received. (The vase below is one of many gorg choices.)

Pajamas | Sandal | Mug | Photo Coaster | Candies | Vase

Just Give Me Cozy

I have a big, cozy PJ set (similar to the one featured) in cream….and it makes me indescribably happy.  Like quirky planters, teasing mugs, serious chocolates, metallic Birkenstocks and reclaimed wood trays.  Happy like that.

Pajamas | Planter | Sandal | Mug | Candies | Tray

Black and White Is Never Boring

There’s a whole bunch of black, white, and black/white pajamas that are so effortlessly chic, I die. And the fluffly UGG slippers are both hysterical (they look a little like hobbit feet) and amazing.

ps.  If you haven’t tried William-Sonoma’s chocolate croissants YOU ARE MISSING OUT.  (Just remember to put them out the night before so they can rise, then bake in the morning.)  Truth be told, Trader Joe’s makes good ones, too (but not quite as good as William Sonoma).

Pajamas | Slipper | French Press | Mug | Planters | White Tray


Happy Mother’s Day!




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  1. Shana~ the mahabis slippers you have listed are AMAZING! Everyone should have a pair! They are amazingly comfortable. Ive worn mine everyday since Christmas and am ordering new bottoms for the house since I love to travel in mine.
    I love the sweet simplicity and tradition of your mother’s day. There’s nothing better than a simple day absent of “stuff” to appreciate our sweet littles no matter how big the actually are.

  2. OMG, a week ago I forwarded my husband Mike’s winning formula with “something like this, but not in bed” (he’s not super creative but give him some guidelines and he’s on it!) This morning I came downstairs to fancy eggs and bacon, pastries, petit fours, mimosas, flowers, a handmade card and coaster and a poetry recitation! (He forgot the coffee, but he’s not a coffee drinker so he was forgiven.) Amazing and Awesome! I was wearing my new GnR jammies (because GnR!!!) https://www.target.com/p/will-call-women-s-guns-n-roses-pajama-set-red/-/A-53207469?preselect=53162185#lnk=sametab and after breakfast I sent my oldest upstairs to draw me a bubble bath. Life is bliss. Thank you for this post!

  3. Alexis L. Richardson on

    Thank you for this, Shana! I’ve been thinking I need two-piece PJs so that I can go straight from yoga to bed, and bed to yoga without changing, and I’m so happy I found this post. Love that I can trust your judgment. xo

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