Garden Supplies Inspired by my Mother

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Mother’s Day Weekend.  Here we are…

So my own mother texted me this week and reported that her 100 year old perfect French blue watering can, the one she carried home from France, sadly, bit the dust.  What’s a daughter to do than to try to find an adequate replacement; without taking said trip to France?  I mean, if that were an option, heck yes I’d go personally import a new one.  But right this hot minute, we aim for next best, and online or local!

Mother Daughter Stories:

My own mother, Kathleen, was Kathy from the time I was born until I was a teen.  And then she was Kathleen.  And then by the time I was thirty-something, she was Kate.  My father has always called her Katrinka, with love.  Though recently he’s moved on to Kate as well.  My brothers and I call her Mom, or Mommy, unless we strongly disagree with her or really wish to pick on her at which point we refer to our mother in full-sarcasm and the third person as Kathleen.

My mother was originally named Cecilia I learned at some point mid-life.

As is my eldest daughter, after my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

My grandmother named my mother after my great grandmother.  And then there was a fight, like only mothers and daughters can have.  And then a child’s name (my mother’s name) was legally changed from Cecilia to Kathleen.  Also a lovely name.  But just wow; those strong (read:  stubborn) Irish women…well, let’s stay on their right sides; it’s just easier.

I will never forget the day, and the relief I felt, when I asked my mother how she would feel about me naming my first daughter Cecilia.  It was meant to be something special…but I saw how it might be, I dunno, maybe a little touchy?  I promise it was a beautiful tear jerking moment when my mother told me that she would love for that name to live on-that she always felt cheated of it, and that she’d love her first granddaughter to carry that name forward.  #grateful

And so, for Cecilia, Kathy, Kathleen, Kate, Katrinka, Mom, and the grandmother that a first grandchild for no apparent reason that any of us can figure out named, and we all call, “Alla”…

I promise you a watering can.  And maybe a few other fun things.  Thanks for being the best mom ever and for letting us all call you whatever we need to whenever we need to and for answering with Love always.

With love-Daughter, Annmarie, Ana, A

1/ Medium Matte Black Watering Can | 2/  RHS Passiflora Garden Gloves | 3/  Heritage Garden Hose | 4/ Haws Brass Watering Lance | 5/ Barebones for Terrain Potting Scoop | 6/ Leather Handle Japanese Steel Mini Pruner | 7/  TubTrug SP26BL Medium Blue Flex Tub | 8/ Sneeboer Trowel & Fork Gift Set  | 9/ Poly-Tex Galvanized Potting Bench  | 10/ Coleman © Outdoor Picnic Wagon

Watering Cans

Great watering cans are just so beautiful!  I don’t necessarily get as attached to them and keep them for so long as my mother, but I do love them.  I remember watering my own paternal Grandmother, Josie’s tomato and rose gardens with a giant one; it was the best kid chore ever!  They are also one of those super functional ‘real’ things that my own kids have found hours of entertainment playing with on long summer days!  Here are a few of my favorites:


They might not seem so necessary…but kinda like eye cream becomes more important as you age…do I find that my wrinkles in my hands also hold dirt longer than I’d wish if I don’t wear gloves.  And when they are so cute, why not?


Why is a hose, in any color other than standard garden green just so fun?  I have no idea.  But they just are.  Especially when they are hoses that don’t kink.  That’s super important.  These are a few of my favorites.


Fun for watering plants, fun for watering kids, and just beautiful.  If a garden has jewelry…these are the gems!  I like the ones especially with a little reach.

Scoops, Pruners, Trowels and Forks

If I only had one gardening tool, it’d be a good scoop.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m as happy to use a Solo cup to garden as to drink a glass of wine; but a good scoop does make the job easier and seems to work for just about everything you might need to do with dirt in a container.  And if you clean it…also doubles an ice scoop for parties too!

Things need to be clipped.  For use, for their health, seasonally, for decoration, for all kinds of reasons do we prune.  I’ve done this with kitchen scissors, art scissors, and kid scissors; actual pruners are way, way easier.

Ok, fine, not everything is best managed with a scoop.  So trowels and forks do help, where scoops don’t.  And if you have a cute garden tool carrier or cart, well, they help accessorize that.  And with weeds, they are very helpful in pulling weeds.



Buckets – the unsung hero of gardening.  I always fill the pot first, and then I dig the hole, and then I realize I have overfilled the pot, so I scoop the extra into a bucket, plant the plant, and then pour the dirt straight from the bucket back into the container.  I also collect all my stuff in them.  And they also make a great ice bucket for a party.  So buckets – yes- buckets.  And buckets you can wear while gardening…even more fun!!!


Potting Benches

My mother has always had a potting bench.  And she actually uses it as such.  I remember asking for one as a teenager, and I forget exactly what I did with it, but it was more of a ‘teenage work station” whatever that meant circa 1987.  And then it was a desk.  And then a display table.  And maybe a bar.  And Mom, where is mine???  Someone has it somewhere.  I’m going to reclaim it as soon as this next house is done!

The Cart

For gardening, for schlepping kids and stuff to the beach, or camping stuff from the car to the camp site, including kids, for all lugging and tugging, I have one of the collapsible ones and it’s probably the most back saving multipurpose thing I own.  Get one, and then you’ll figure out the 100 reasons you never knew you needed one.


Happy gardening.  And Happy Mother’s Day.  Anyone want to take a guess which watering can my mom will actually want?  And/or…if my work here isn’t done?  But is a mom’s work ever done?  xoxo A


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