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I’ve been familiar with Mango for a long time even before coming to this country. As a matter of fact all of these Spanish Retailers are very loved in Colombia. Zara, Stradivarius, Bershka (all owned by Inditex) and of course Mango. All of them manage to keep up with the trends at great prices, and depending on what you get from them, there can be really great quality pieces. I still have a linen shirt I got from Mango 6+ years ago and I wear it every spring and summer. I also recently gave a beautiful Mango ruched dress to my sister and it was like new even though I wore it a lot. That’s also 6+ years old.

To be honest, this visit was very accidental. Remember the day I went to Everlane? Well since mom brain has practically taken over my real brain, I got lost. I got out of the train station and walked to where I “thought” Everlane was located. Long story short Everlane was practically next to the train station and I found myself like 3 blocks away, right in front of Mango. How’s that for coincidence? I immediately remembered I had been checking out some high-waisted pants online so I decided to see what they had in-store.

A quick look and I started grabbing the things that caught my attention. Things I’m inclined to buy this summer. Casual things like jumpsuits,  comfy pants, cute tops. I should say they have a great selection of work and special occasion wear that I didn’t get to check out.


Jumpsuits are my favorite thing to wear in the warmer months because they make me look put together without a lot of effort. Probably the only effort is going to the restroom, I know! But sometimes it’s worth it. I also like to get comfy jumpsuits that have elastic waist for quick restroom trips. I like this type of jumpsuit to be out and about with the kids and also feel more put together when home.

Ruffled jumpsuit – Wearing size S. I sized up because the elastic was giving me two boobs more. On the model it’s cropped but on my 5’2″ figure it’s long. I don’t mind it though. Super lightweight comfortable jumpsuit. I can see myself lounging at home in them but also going out with my family. Even dressed up with heels.

I had tried on another but it’s not available online, so here are others I loved.


Modal-blend drawstring short – Wearing size S. The XS was too tight on the waist for my liking. These shorts caught my eye. I honestly don’t like to live in denim shorts all summer, which is why I was looking for other type of shorts. I really loved these. Loved the buttons, in-seam length (3.15 inch) and fit. They have some waist ties that you can tie at the front or back like I did. Didn’t look good on the front with this top. Available in this green and navy color.

Openwork detail top – Wearing XS. These tops are so pretty in the summer and a nice break from a regular tank top or tee.

Unconventional Jeans

Bow detail straight-leg jeans – These were the pants I had seen online. They are TTS, wearing 25. I loved the straight-leg. We know skinny white jeans are not too great with the knees  for some reason. I also loved the high-rise, the thick waistband and the bow.

Ribbed top – Wearing XS. Loved the idea of the top however I found the armholes to go very low which complicates the bra situation. I’m also petite so maybe taller people won’t have that issue. Comes in black and off white.

Belt Relaxed jeans –  Wearing 25. I always feel like the warmer months call for jeans with special details. I loved the raw hems and waist, the belt and side seams. They were very soft too. This was the las pair a the store and it was a little defective regarding fit. It was like one side was smaller than the other. Really. But I’m sure not all of them will have this issue.

Shana’s Crochet Top?

Cotton crochet sweater – XS The moment I saw this top I remembered Shana’s Cuba trip and her very similar top. This one has longer sleeves and a more relaxed fit. Still pretty. There’s a cardigan version too. Oh, and I just found the top and cardigan in black and white. See them all below.

More Fancy Pieces

I know I gravitated towards more casual things, however I also happened to love the ones below that are more office and special occasion appropriate

Jogging trousers – Wearing XS. These are some amazing jogging trousers. They look great and are super comfortable. Not as high-waisted. They are selling fast but something tells me they may restock. Navy color is fully stocked though.

Ribbed top – Wearing XS. The same issue as with the other top. The straps are too long on me and that gave me a very low neckline. If you’re taller than 5’2″ it may not be an issue. I just always have to modify straps length.

Belt detail dress – XS. I was drawn to it because of the color. I’ve been in a dark camel, rust color phase. Don’t ask me why. The dress is simple but pretty and elegant. Only available in pink now.

Ruffled soft fabric skirt – I fell in love with this skirt but unfortunately was too big on me. Really soft, flowy and beautiful.

Thoughts on Mango

They have great clothing. I may have not been able to see everything at the store but while looking for the links of the things I tried on, I fell in love with so much more. I’m actually wondering why I hadn’t shopped there in years. Main thing is that I used to go into the store often and I stopped when I had kids and moved to the suburbs. Good news is that they have free shipping in orders over $50 AND returns are free, which is a must for me to shop online. Is it for you too? I chose my top 8 picks of what I liked while browsing and put them in a boutique below.

Now tell me, had you ever shopped at Mango before? If not, would you consider it?

Chao, chao. Julieta

I would love to connect with you. I’m usually on Instagram @theunbosom (the only place I’m active haha) Lots of high-rise pants, casual outfits and my life as a mom of two boys. Also a lot of confessions and real life. I’m a fan of being real on social media.


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  1. I became acquainted with Mango when I studied in Spain. That and Zara were my go-tos back then and now they’re still great especially for trendy pieces on a budget that are still decent quality. Love some of the pieces here—that rust dress is beautiful.

  2. I LOVE MANGO! I get so many compliments on the clothes I find there – like an oversized leopard jacket for around $50 that happens to be amazing quality. Shop there.

  3. I love those green shorts! I hope you bought those! The crochet top is lovely. I will admit that I stalked it on Anthropologie after Shana posted those Cuba pics, and I love it. It is also good over a spaghetti strap dress if you want a bit more coverage and want it to look like a skirt. I could see this one working exactly the same!

  4. The jumpsuit looks great on you, I prefer the longer length too. I really like the shorts and tank outfit, and you look great in gold, it’s always a color I never think of. All great combos thanks for inspiring me. They closed our Mango, so I go to Zara now, they have fun pieces that are affordable. I will look online at Mango.

  5. I love the utility shorts romper here and they have a nifty algorithm thing on the website to calculate your size!

  6. I’ve gotten my son some tees and shorts. The quality was horrible. I’d wash the items and there would be spots where dye would just wash away. So strange. Happened on all the items too.

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