A Non-Jeans Option: The Stylish Summer Jogger

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Summer pants. Always a good option. I’ve been on a jogger kick lately and it’s not ending any time soon. They’re kiiiiinda replacing jeans now for at least half my week. I know.

If you’re like me, especially in the early days of summer, you don’t always want to be sporting shorts (hashtag super white legs) and not every activity is dress/skirt friendly. Living in a temperate climate (it actually gets cooler in the shade here and that still blows my mind) I need an option that will work for those cool mornings AND the warmer afternoons without having to make an outfit change midday.

The Summer Jogger

I hadn’t planned on focusing on mostly one retailer for this post, but alas, guess who had the best best summer pants options right now? Yes, our favorite Anthro. I tried out Madewell (of course I did) and Free People, but the only current in-store finds were wide leg and as much as I try, this shortie cannot make the wide leg pant work. And these finds have to work with flat sandals and shoes. I’m not gonna be wearing wedges all summer y’all just to make the pants work. I want these to be my summer go-to’s.

I threw in my Athleta jogger finds from recently because they totally fit this style and it seems like that’s the style I’m drawn to right now…a jogger that can be dressed up. It’s a flattering but comfy fit pant and  I’ve been wearing the heck out of these Soho Joggers. THANK YOU to those of you who recommended them. You will see them on heavy rotation.


Silky Striped Joggers (20% off this weekend!) – These are soft and super cute. I am a sucker for a good striped pant and these are fab. I love them with the white shoes and black top. Wearing Petite Small here.


Track Striped Joggers (20% off this weekend!) – These are a fun print for summer in a soft lightweight rayon. They have a cute on-trend track stripe down the side that definitely adds a little sporty vibe I like. The print is small enough to make them versatile. These ran a little big. Wearing an XS petite here.


Beaded Beach Pants (20% off this weekend!) – These were my favorite. They came home with me. I love the woven print and the metallic stitching on the side leg stripes. They look cute rolled up even in the petite size, but it makes them feel more relaxed too. Love that they easily dress up or down and that they have that handmade artisan vibe. And of course that they’re black. Ha. Wearing Petite XS. I’d say they run a little bit large.


Cloth & Stone Buttoned Joggers (20% off this weekend!) – These are SO soft. They are amazing. If I didn’t already have the Soho Jogger I’d be all over these for my summer go-to. My only beef with them is that they’d probably wrinkle quite a bit with wear, but if that doesn’t bother you GET THEM. So comfy for travel. They also come in pink, olive green and taupe. Wearing XS Petite here, but need a S petite. The Medium petite I tried on in store were huge, but the small would be just right I think. These look ok here, but are tight on my hips and butt.


Silky Utility Pants (20% off this weekend) – If you’re looking for a color other than black, haha, these are fab. They’re soft and comfy and have a subtle floral print. They fit a tiny bit large. Wearing Petite Small, but probably could’ve gone with XS. They come in gold yellow and a dark gray, too.


Athleta Soho Joggers – I love these so much. They’re on high rotation…as in like I wear them every other day. So soft and comfy and hold their shape. If you’re like me and black is summery to you, these. You can see more in my full Athleta jogger post. Wearing size 2 Petite.

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So, the jogger style pant seems to fit the bill for all my needs for summer…comfy, lightweight, versatile and flattering.



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  1. So many great options! One option I would add is Marine Layer — I have two pairs of their Allison pant and I love them. They have a non-elasticized split hem so they’re not quite joggers but they’re sooo soft, lightweight and comfortable.

  2. I bought a pair at J Crew and just wore them to work. I felt so comfy and I thought they looked great. In fact, I’m going to try another pair, I think. The ones I bought were Point Sur seaside pant in cotton twill. I can’t wait to take a closer look at these options

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