Trendy Accessories for Spring and Summer

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I’ve always been an accessories girl.  From a young age, I’d drape layers of plastic necklaces around my neck, try on my mom’s way too big heels and was always on the lookout for clip-on earrings (I didn’t get my ears pierced until 7th grade).  Accessories are such an easy and (usually) affordable way to update your wardrobe . . . buy good basics when it comes to clothes and add fun trendy accessories to change up your look.  Here are the six trends we’re excited about this spring:Top: Tortoise Shell, Statement Earrings

Middle: Rainbow BrightsBelt Bags

Bottom: Straw Bags, Cork

Tortoise Shell

Statement Earrings

Rainbow Brights

Belt Bags

Straw Bags



What trend do you have your eye on this spring?




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  1. I don’t know if you are going to convince me that “belt bags” are not just a chic-renaming of “Fanny Packs.” But statement earrings and rainbow colors I can totally get behind!

  2. Elizabeth Rafter on

    Yes to all of this! Except the belt bags. Much like the socks with heels challenge a few months ago, I just can’t be ok with them! I’m totally on board with tortoise shell everything, though! Especially that pink faced watch! Im hoping my husband got the message I was putting out for my birthday tomorrow when I showed it to him and said “isn’t that a great watch?! I really want it!” I’m over subtlety at this point, apparently.

  3. Accessory heaven! My fav is the cork bag with gumball closure, in the shopping bag! #Gimmeallthepretties

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