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Lifetime Design Advice

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given, for decorating my own home, a long time ago, and choosing both pieces and colors, from a design Goddess (maybe she’ll agree to an interview on one day, I hope) was this:  buy things you’d wear; you know your colors, you know what makes you happy, you know your comfort zone and where to push it.  Buy home furnishings as if they were going on your body, and just surround your body in them.  Amen.  Guys, I could be dressed for the whole summer season in One Kings Lane items from this week.

Next topic:  Change

I grew-up, with a mother, who moved ALL the furniture in the house at least once a week.  You came home from school on any given day and your room maybe wasn’t your room anymore-let’s try something new?  Or the dining room was the living room and the living room was the dining room because, well, why not?  And the family room had entirely shifted focus, and I think I recognize most of those new pieces, yup, they are from elsewhere in the house.  OMG mom.  Ok, fine.  Well here we are.  Apples fall off Apple Trees, right?

The HOME Weekend Sales post needs some change; it’s getting tired.  So I did what we apples off that tree do:  I asked my TME girlfriends for some help.  THIS is my definition of fun:  they tell us what’s on their mind and we comment…yup, we…your participation would be greatly appreciated!  Here’s the thing:  all these TME contributors have serious fashion style and they each have a niche that makes their’s unique…but dirty little fun inside TME secret?  They all also have perfectly imperfect, well lived lives and gorgeous and sensible homes that all operate on the ‘keep the chaos under control and find vignettes of peaceful happiness principal.’  So without making a whole project out of it, we thought we share some of what our contributors are thinking about for their own HOMES!  Feel free to weigh in!  I love you all for playing along.  And for keeping me refreshed and inspired.  Keep Reading for Laura’s current master bedroom reflection.

On Life and Death:

Kate Spade. Awe Struck.  People who do things that are larger than life leave us that way.  Those are the only two words I can think of to explain the way in which I think of Kate Spade; she leaves me awe struck.  And now she’s left this world for the next, and I wish her peace in that place that she didn’t find here, and send her family so much love.  She didn’t just inspire great handbags, more than those do I love her HOME designs, and more than that, do I send her daughter all the love in the world.  One of these days, we’ll do a best of Kate Spade HOME.  Not now.  For now, we just send love.

And Anthony Bourdain.  Good Lord.  Food brings us together, test and try the unknown, live truly and passionately, and never underestimate the pain of any given human being no matter the face they show.  You will be missed, your spirit and inspiration will live on forever.

This was a tough week for many, and impossible one for many others.  Love, family, and friendship are what got most of us through it.  So thank you to our contributors for saying, sure we’ll play along, because sometimes the support of community, it’s just everything, to all of us.

And then the sales, because back to what we do here right?  Man is that a tough transition.  But yes, that’s what we are doing right here, right now.  Finding things, on sale, that make our lives more well lived at home…love is all we need, but some comforts in cuddling, sleeping, playing and eating, well they help that end be met.  There is some seriously great stuff on sale this week:  fun outdoor stuff, fun indoor stuff, fun necessities, and maybe a few Father’s Day gifts like this floating golf green, this knife, and this amazing bbq among them.

I hope you all have a great weekend and find a way to genuinely feel refreshed, loved, and supported through it.  And that you get through it.  Whatever your ‘it’ is.  Sometimes, just getting through ‘it’ is the best we can do; and that’s more than good enough.  xoxo A

Laura @HOME

Stacked Panel Mirrors – Laura here. So, our bedroom is small…like, the bed takes up most of the room (welcome to my house built in 1896). At the foot of the bed is the walkway to the master bathroom and closet, so there’s no room for a piece of furniture there. I currently have a dinky mirror hung horizontally on the wall, but I’m thinking of something like these stacked mirrors to replace it and bring the eye up. Essentially, I’ve been stuck on what to add there for years now since what makes most sense to me is to have your typical dresser with a mirror above it. I think something like this might do the trick!

Laura, A here:

I can’t wait to visit your house one day!!!  In person, none of this FT, Slack, Texting photos stuff.  I LOVE your idea.  Mirrors are a great small space solution to improve light and create the appearance of more space.  A few thoughts:

The mirrors you chose are gorgeous, and honestly there aren’t really competitors out there.  They are beautiful.  And fairly priced for what they are.  The price listed for them is for each of those panels.

IF, and this is a giant if, money were no object (where’s that ever true?  not with us for sure), I love doing 3 of these opposite your bed, I think your idea and your pick are amazing.  But in reality…oh does reality suck…babes, what you are looking at is 3 mirrors.  We can call for a sales date, ask them nicely for a discount or order them with trade discount, but still…Yikes.

And in truth, I think they do need something to ground them, like in the photo you sent.  Mirrors + a bench under them, like this, without taking up too much space in the walkway.

So…a few other things to think about because mirrors are expensive:

If you have a local framer:  mirror glass isn’t expensive, ask them for a price to frame an 8’X6′ piece of it in a gorgeous, but affordable frame.  That will be far more reasonable.  And obvi we always love supporting local.  And just go as big as you can, and then there’s no need to add anything below it.

Or maybe this:  Pottery Barn Oversized Mirror, the height is fine, the width falls shy, but is enough to make a big impact.  Or maybe this, for a little more drama and a little larger.  This one gets you the height, and also enough width.  Or switch shapes and go with our favorite giant circle mirror. That one is expensive but WE does have 25% off One Item right now…and that item applies.  Or there’s this one that’s similarly priced including the discount.

Or…wait for it…Pinky? Hi Pinky.  Do you guys happen to be looking for your next DIY project?  If you order the mirrored glass from a local company, it’ll be super inexpensive.  Then go to Lowes or Home Depot or whatever such equivalent you have out there on the other side of the country…and buy picture frame moulding, or fireplace finish moulding (much larger)…and just paint it and frame-out the custom sized mirror.  Done…It won’t be free, but in the end, it’ll cost what one of those mirror panels would + Pinky’s priceless labor and your project management fee.

Also, this:  the Feng Shui followers will tell you no mirrors in the bedroom.   I love them.  I love light, I love reflection, I love proportion play, and I love adult play.  Someone told me recently the solution to any Feng Shui situation is add red to a room.  That apparently cures everything.  This is one of those things in life I am going to take as truth on face value, b/c it works for me.  Thanks for playing along woman.  xoxo A

Weekend Sales

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