Four Outfits Under $60

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Last year, when we did our budget-friendly styling challenge, I remember my sister making mad fun of the parameters I chose for the challenge. I had specified that each piece we styled up must be under $100, and our entire outfit had to be under $250. Scotti rolled her eyes: “Give me a break, Shane, that’s not even hard!! I can do an entire outfit under $100…including accessories. Someday I’m going to send you into a Walmart with only $50….”

So when Walmart recently reached out, my sister’s voice was ringing in my ears. We’ve partnered with Walmart before, but typically it’s about furniture or home decor. That always felt like a genuine pairing, especially because Raines’ entire nursery had come from Walmart. (I had really wanted some crazy-expensive Swedish brand, but it was so freaking far out of our budget…and then Walmart had pieces like this, so…yeah. Easy decision. The fact that Raines never slept in that crib is a whole other story… #crazycosleepers.)

Anyway. Back to the Scotti Styling Challenge: Shana walks into a Walmart and comes out wearing….what?

Four Cute Outfits Under $60

Here’s the thing: I didn’t do accessories. I barely wear jewelry as it is, and while I’m not an it-bag girl, I am pretty picky about my bags. That whole category felt like too much to take on. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that Walmart has a plethora of cute tops (totally satisfying that Need For Something New to Wear to X) and….the biggest surprise of all….JEANS. I really, truly love the jeans I picked — both pairs. One is more of a nostalgic kind of love (you’ll see, haha) and one is just….pretty darn GOOD.

In general, I was really happy with the quality of the pieces, too. (Especially the Time and Tru brand — great stuff.)

The Top That Reminds Me of A Designer One

top (small) | jeans (size 4) | shoes

You may remember last winter I featured a top like this on Instagram…for several times the price of this one. Black, polka dots, ruffled sleeves — such an easy and cute top to throw on with jeans for the weekend or trousers for work. One of my favs from the shoot.

But these jeans!! They’re soft and easy to wear, the rise is nice and high, the bum is cute, and the wash is perfectly faded. Good job, Time and Tru. Wow. (Size up, though. I’m wearing a size 4. I also hacked several inches off to get the right crop.)

The shoes, also by Time and Tru, looked great, but I suggest sizing down. I ordered my regular size and I could have gone a half or full size smaller.


The One That Reminds Me of My Date Night Top

top | jeans (size 4) | shoes

This top looks very much like one of my most-worn tops from a French brand. I wear it all winter long with black skinnies and my leather jacket – it’s basically my go-to for date night. This one is similar, but with a slightly more casual, slouchier fit.

The shoes have a comfortable, padded footbed, but the leather on top is a little stiff at first. They might need to be broken in.


Rainbows And Sneakers FOREVER

sweater (xs) | jeans (size 4) | sneakers

Did I mention that now carries Lord & Taylor? And this sweater, by Design Lab, is one of Lord & Taylor’s in-house brands. This sweater is the most expensive thing in this article, retailing for $30. But so cute, right? It’s almost sold out, but I’ve been really impressed with all of the Design Lab pieces.

PRO TIP: If you need to return a Lord & Taylor item you purchased from, use the return label provided with your order, and send your product back to Walmart.  If you lose that return label, you’ll have to contact Walmart customer service via chat.


Remember Jordache Jeans?

sweater | jeans | boots

Did anyone else wear Jordache jeans???? These were like the coolest thing in…elementary school? Maybe middle school? Anyway, it was right before GUESS came on the scene and made us all want dark eyeliner and big hair and to walk around topless in our GUESS jeans — BUT BEFORE THAT…Jordache.

I’m obsessed with the contrast stitching and just-so-slightly-faded dark wash. One note: these jeans are described as ‘super high waist’ but I would classify them as a good mid-rise.

I love the varying tones in the sweater, but it’s not the softest thing in the world. It’s not itchy, either, but let’s set expectations accordingly.

The shoes? I’m wearing with my thick wool socks, and they are both comfortable and chic. These look much more expensive than they are.


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For ease of shopping, here are the pieces featured!




A huge thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post! It was really fun going through the inventory, and finding pieces I genuinely loved at seriously affordable prices. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own (or in this case, Scotti’s too). And readers, thank you for your continued support. It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.

photo credit:  Peaberry Photography (Sam, SO nice working with you!)


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  1. All so very good! Those lighter wash jeans look like they fit you perfect! And I’m thinking I need that rainbow striped top for reals.

  2. I think this is great because I guarantee there is a large part of your fans that love, love, love your outfits and then go to Target and Walmart to try and recreate them. (myself included)

  3. Cute pieces but I don’t shop at Wal-Mart for ethical reasons. Any value Walmart provides is quickly negated by their shitty business practices. Surprised and disappointed that you accepted their ad money.

  4. Honestly, I agree. You look adorable (and I also really like your eye makeup in this ome) but these prices are so low it makes me cringe thinking about their labor practices, and the environmental impact of fast fashion. I can’t imagine a $12 pair of shoes lasting very long,

  5. Agree. I know other fast fashion retailers are almost as bad, but Walmart screws over everyone on all sides; their manufacturers, their employees (except at the top, of course), the planet, and ultimately their customers.

  6. I really appreciate you featuring stylish clothes with lower price points, but there are better options than Wal-Mart. They threat their employees very, very badly.

  7. These look great! Some nice outfits with my vibe! I love Walmart, but never know what to get in women’s clothes. I buy all my boy’s uniform clothes from there, even now that he’s almost 15 and needs xxL sizes, they have it all.

  8. So glad to see that I’m not alone in my disapproval of Walmart support, based on the comments here. Sadly, they purchased ModCloth, so I skip those articles, too…

  9. Yep, totally agree with the Walmart comments. We haven’t purchased a thing from them in years. $5 tops and $12 pants, etc….those low prices come with very high ethical price tags. Bummed that it’s featured here.

  10. Shana you look amazing as always and I’m sure you put a lot of time and effort into this post, but I just can’t with Walmart. I just can’t.

  11. I am conflicted about all the anti-Walmart comments. I generally agree and I don’t shop there. But, that is a super-privileged position to take. Unfortunately, a lot of “ethical” or otherwise better decisions require more money – organic food and more ethical clothing choices among them. Maybe a lot of the readers of this blog can afford to do better, and that’s good. But maybe not all. And I’d hate for those readers to feel looked down on.

    • Ahhhh….Lindsay, thank you for verbalizing so eloquently what I’ve been struggling with. We have a pretty diverse reader base, and I REALLY value that diversity. I know there’s a fundamental problem with “fast fashion,” but it’s a really complex one, and based on the research we’ve done, almost all of the fast fashion brands are tough to stand behind 100%. So in order to do the “right thing” we’d have to stop including most of the brands that we’ve featured in the past. Leaving us with…mostly expensive stuff. The last thing I want is for The Mom Edit to become some elitist fashion blog (although there are plenty who would argue we’re already there). The comments on this post (or on our social ABOUT this post) are really interesting – plenty of you are disappointed…yet plenty of you are thrilled. Our approach on this particular topic has always been to feature all price points and let our readers decide for themselves. (You guys tend to be a thoughtful bunch with really strong opinions – we love you for that.)

  12. Not impressed. Understand trying to hit various budgets…but how about Old Navy, Target or H&M? Why not feature ideas on repurposing clothing, shopping your own closet, how to get in on the consignment/resale gigs online and in-store locally. Fast fashion definitely has some moral grey areas but Wal-Mart is NOTORIOUS, (as in “awful in many ways”) and not NOTORIOUS RBG (as in “awesome in a million ways”) kinda way!

  13. Surprisingly (to me), I have had good luck with Wal-Mart’s athletic clothes, specifically Danskin Now running tights and tops, being effective and holding up in the wash.

  14. Maybe I keep my head in the clouds, but our local Walmart is offering people (seniors, students, etc.) employment options that they may not have elsewhere. I am always happy when I see senior greeters by the doors. They are making $13 per hour the min. wage and next July $14, which I think is a decent wage. So, I shop there sometimes to help support the local economy.

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