25 Cardigans I Don’t Hate

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Longtime readers likely know that cardigans and I?…we don’t always get along. I once remarked that the easiest way to ruin an outfit is to add a cardigan har har har, and I’ll never forget THE UPROAR. It turns out that a ton of you are big (HUGE) cardigan fans. (Scotti included — she and Linzi probably led the pro-cardi charge.) But I’ll admit that every once in a while, a cardigan calls my name. It’s usually a combination of I’m cold AND wearing a cute shirt (one I don’t want to cover up with my usual turtleneck)…or, perhaps more likely, my mom wants a new one. Which inevitably sends me down the rabbit hole of finding Cardigans I Don’t Hate.

In this case, I found twenty-five.  Happy, happy surprise.


1. You Had Me At Snow Blanket

The cardigan I’m wearing above is called the Snow Blanket cardigan. As you’d expect, it’s suuuuper soft, fuzzy, and makes me feel all pretty, pretty snow princess, especially when worn over this lacey top.

ps. It runs a little big – I’m wearing the XXS above.

Anthropologie Snow Blanket Cardigan, $168

2. Nostalgic, Maybe?

Remember when all we wanted to wear were cardigans like this with skinny jeans and tall boots?  It might be nostalgia, but I love this one.

Free People Cozy Cabin Sweater, $168

3. Like a Big ‘Ol Blanket-Scarf Hug

I’ll never not love plaid. And this one has interesting belt or wrapping potential.

Social Threads Plaid Sweater Poncho-Wrap | $58

4. The One That Looks Like a Short Jacket

This Vince cardigan solves the problem I was having with high-rise jeans and tucked-in tees. They look amazing together, but when I need to warm them up, a huge sweater covers up the best part: the high rise.  I really need to see the waist (and bum) for the overall look to work. This cashmere cardigan looks PERFECT. (Also in navy.)

Ribbed Crop Cardigan more sizes available on Amazon |$395

5. The One For Layering Over Silk Camis

The key is in the neckline — see how it’s wider? Plus, it’s cashmere, so the drape is fantastic. By Eileen Fisher.

Ballet Neck Cashmere Blend Cardigan |$448

6. The One That Was *Almost* Boring

Its saving grace? The ribbed fabric, the extra-long sleeves, and the zero-effs-given vibe.

Ribbed Cardigan Sweater | $79

7. The One That Almost Reminds Me of a Tux Jacket

It’s just the lines here — so good. I actually have this Banana Republic cardigan in cotton, from last Spring. It hits on the shorter side, and feels a little more modern.

Cropped Open Cardigan Sweater | $79.50

8. A Swingy Jacket/Cardigan

I love the lines in this one, and the slightly cropped length. I also like that it looks almost like a jacket. I’ll bet this one works well over a dress, too.

Maryann Wool Shrug | $138

9. A Blazer-Cardigan

I’ve sworn by my old James Perse sweatshirt blazer for years….and this J.Crew sweater blazer is similar. I like these slightly shrunken, so size down if between sizes.(Also in black or camel.)

Margo Cropped Sweater Blazer |$118

10. The Ladylike Cardigan

If you’re going to do the ladylike routine, then really do it. This J.Crew cardigan pairs perfectly with distressed denim (and maybe a graphic tee underneath).

Merino Wool Ruffled Cardigan Sweater |$128

11. The Best One To Dress Up

Remember when shrugs were a thing? They looked AMAZING with dresses — the cropped shape often showed off the dress, rather than covered it up. This BCBG cardigan is in a similar vein — and the fringe doesn’t hurt, either. (Also in camel.)

Fringed Cropped Cardigan |$228

12. The Super-Sexy Cardigan

Obsessed. All you’d need for this gorgeous number is a pretty lace bralette. (The dramatic neckline would also look kiiiind of amazing over a turtleneck. For reals.)  By Free People.

Ribbed Wrap Cardigan | $108

13. The One With A Cool Belt Detail

Look closely — this one has a seriously cool belt detail. LOVE.

Cable Stitch Belted Cotton Cardigan |$59.50

14. The One That’s a Little Bit Badass

I’m swooning over the leather-sleeve detail. By BCBG.

Faux Leather-Sleeve Cardigan |$108

15. The One That’s Extra

A faux-fur collar, grommets, and sparkly pieces all….just…work. (The collar is removable, too.)

Grommet Zip-Up Cardigan |$199

16. Both Ladylike AND Quirky

This is actually one of my favorites. I love the ladylike shape AND the embroidered birds. Almost over-the-top, yet…not.

Nell Beaded Bird Embellished Cardigan |$140

17. Oh hey, PLAID!

This Vince Camuto has a super-soft shape, but thanks to the plaid, it has a very blazer-like vibe.

Plaid Jacquard Open Cardigan |$99

18. Americana and Nostalgia

Another one that makes me all nostalgic for 2006.

Americana Cardigan | $168

19. It’s a Fuzzy Kimono

And I like it styled juuuuust like this.

Maya Cropped Kimono |$128

20. Go Team

Varsity stripes get me Every. Time.

Mulberry Striped Cardigan | $128

21. The One That Will Save Your Boring Long-Sleeve Tee

Those tees, man. Just so easy to wear, ya know? This bright yellow swingy cardigan can help.

Marigold Ruffled Kimono |$118

22. All The Green, Please

I don’t care what Pantone says the color of the year is….it’s green. And this cardi? Is GOOD.

Michele Striped Cardigan | $280

23. Duster? I’m Intrigued.

I may be too short for this particular look, but I like the slouchy, almost devil-may-care vibe here.  Especially over a silky midi dress for night…oooo….

Shop Buru Rachel’s Duster, $138

24. On Wednesdays We Wear Ponchos

I actually have this piece in tan which, sadly, is now sold out. But the gray is pretty darn fabulous. The genius behind this piece is that it can be worn as a cardigan (as pictured), or you can wear it as a poncho. Both look pretty cool — the lines here are great.

Social Threads – Look by M Charcoal Shawl Wrap, $58

25. Shine Bright Like A…Teddy Bear Sweater?

My title needs work, but I’ve been doing 25 of these, soooooo….Anyway, the sleeves of this cardigan might be problematic for layering under a coat but it was too cute not to include. This cardi is probably best as a top layer (and would be great for going out).

Free People Lola Cropped Cardi Sweater | $128

26. Actually, Shine Bright Like a Sequin & Velvet Cardi

Here’s a bonus cardigan I just came across: sequins. AND VELVET. My sister would be allll over this one.  Wear over a little cami, tucked into high-rise jeans.

Social Threads Skies Are Blue Velvet & Sequin Cardigan, $58

Enjoy, you crazy cardi-lovers.




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  1. I, like you have a love/hate relationship with cardigans. Definitely going to check out the social threads wrap–looks so chic AND functional! When shopping for thermal henleys for the hubs I came across a BIG surprise from LL Bean. A soft, elegant cashmere cardigan that comes in Petite (winning!) to wear with all the pretty camis! It’s got a great drape and the perfect length for us 5′ 3″ ladies. I’m passing it on since I thought you’d dig it. https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/119952?attrValue_0=Classic%20Black&csp=a

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