Prepping For Spring (+ Summer): 25 Amazon Finds


Hey hey! I’m back again with another round up of 25 random things that I found on Amazon. But don’t worry, all of these pieces are definitely useful, kind of genius, and/or just really pretty. No BS pieces (that seem to take up a lot of that website…..). Only the highly reviewed, worth-it gems.

And this group of finds brings a lot of sunny, warm weather, happy vibes. You can probably tell I was in a spring/summer vacation mode while perusing. It got me sooo excited for the months ahead. (So maybe don’t peek if you’re clutching snow somewhere, cursing the return of buds & pollen. JK, do anyway.)

25 Random Finds From Our Amazon Storefront

If you’ve never visited our Amazon Storefront, go have a look! I update our page weekly with new helpful lists chock-full of stuff stuff – like Summer Travel Hacks, Pretty, Comfortable Sandals, and Fun Graphic Tees, to name a few fresh ones. Here’s a peek at our collection on there:

Great, right? Ok, diving into all of the fun finds…..

1. Reef, beek & TKEES walked into a bar. In their sexy, minimal fashion. (1, 2, 3.)

2. One of those life-changing travel hacks. Here.

3. Oh damn. Here, too.

4. I’d never leaf this one behind. It’s just. so. pretty.

5. For your summer surfer-girl roleplaying. Surfin’ U.S.A.

6. Dupe alert! But does it compare?

7. Not saying I want a paper cut…. But not saying I don’t. Because of these.

8. My BFF swears by these. They sound like a kick-ass spa sesh.

9. Let’s not sunburn this year, K? This lil army will help (& smell amazing in the process).

10. The only Drama I need in my life. This, and ACOTAR.

11. THIGH CHAFERS! Your attention, please.

12. The sleekest travel bottles there ever were. I wasn’t lying.

13. A forever Stasher fan. So I had to show you this adorable summery bundle.

14. If you wanna feel like you have superpowers: These. I am not kidding.

15. Seems too small to me. But it’s a lifesaver for many.

16. For a tasteless dose of protein & wrinkle fighting, anywhere. I’ll never not pack these.

17. Blemish-be-gone. The only things that save my face, every time.

18. Manifesting it. With this tee + caffeine.

19. A makeup brush that plays well with purses. For those slap-it-on-and-GO days.

20. Strawberry jello salad. With SPF. Yummy.

21. Idk why these seem intriguing.. But they do.

22. The perfect pillow for your plane ride to Portofino. Sweet dreams.

23. I want to join the OSEA cult. Trying this set promptly.

24. Turns into an absurdly fashionable beach bag. Thanks to that removable lining.

25. TheraBreath 4 Life. I want one in every bag I own.

Don’t forget to follow our Amazon Storefront to keep up with all of our new lists and finds!

Xo, Abby

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