3 Travel Outfits I Actually Love Wearing


Ahh, travel days. Let’s do anything to make those less of a headache, yeah? I’ve definitely mastered a few travel hacks over the years, but let’s first talk about how tricky it is to pack clothing for a trip.

I do this kinda thing for a living and I still have the hardest time.

Options are my friend, but you just get one shot at the travel day look and the goals for me are: it must be comfy, look put-together, address the changing temps of airports-to-airplane-to-outside and include versatile pieces I’ll wear later on my trip.

My top three items that help achieve that goal? These pants, a coat like this or this and a chic pair of Nikes that go with just about everything (I’m talking about that ivory/black/gold option!)

Pants (1) | Similar Boots | Similar Coat | Suitcase

The Best Airport Outfits: 3 Foolproof Formulas

Honestly, after years of travel, the only thing I’ve figured out is how to nail the outfit for my travel days. That’s all I’ve got, but at least it’s a helpful piece of the puzzle I hope. The rest of the trip? Well, I’m a constant over-packer and I’m ok with that.

But that day-of travel outfit is key to a less annoying day and this PNW mama who has to venture back to the South often has loonng travel days, friends. Let’s dive into what I’ve found works for me. (Carry-on Luggage? I finally have that dialed. I’m loving my Calpak mini roller bag and either their Terra Laptop Backpack Duffel or their Luka Duffel tote…both slide beautifully onto the roller bag handle!)

1 | Airport Outfit 1: Striped Sweater, Stretchy Black Pants, & Long, Camel Coat

airport outfit stretchy black pants

Similar Sweater | Pants (1) | Similar Boots | Similar Coat | Bag (or THIS) | Suitcase

This outfit came together last year and I’ve worn a similar combo a few times on travel days. This year I’m rocking this CashSoft sweater instead (SO soft and not too hot) and still adoring these pants.

And here are more options to create the outfit formula below. I cannot recommend the Frame Jetset pants enough, but I’ve also linked to some jean options. And get yourself an unlined camel coat and thank me later.

Camel Coats

Striped Sweaters

Cropped Black Stretchy Pants + Jeans

2 | Airport Outfit 2: Fancy Trackpants (or Joggers) + Hoodie

best travel outfit joggers and hoodie

Tee (M) | Pants (MP) | Hoodie (or this) | Sneakers | Bag | Suitcase

I prefer a non-knit jogger here…something in a performance blend, a nylon, etc. holds up better on the airplane and doesn’t get baggy for wear later. These Gap Runaround Joggers are so good I wound up getting them in 2 additional colors. LOVE so much. TTS. These are pretty lightweight, so just a heads up I’d choose something heavier for cold temps. Any kinda fancy athleisure pant works great here. Just stick with those more technical fabrics.

Chic (or Fancy) Trackpants & Joggers

The Best Hoodies

3 | Airport Outfit 3: Monochromatic + Long Puffer Coat

best airport outfit puffer coat

Coat (S) | Sweater (M) | Jeans (28) | Sneakers | Bag

I am freaking loving the monochrome look right now and am all about these ivory Free People jeans…for comfort AND style reasons. Same thing applies to this Free People cotton sweater…so good and comfy and a great layer. Life’s too short to worry about wearing all white IMO…stick to light colored drinks all day? Carry a Tide Pen.

My new travel hack: Speaking of great layers, a light maxi puffer or quilted coat (loving this one, too) becomes a wearable blanket for the airplane. I recently wore this outfit on my trip to Arkansas for my mom’s birthday and it was perfect. And because I’ve talked ad naseum about these Free People Moxie jeans, I’ll link you here for more info on those and leave you below with some additional coat and favorite sweater options I’m eyeing up that would work beautifully here.

Long Puffers + Quilted Coats

Favorite Sweaters

Pants To Match

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Hope some of these ideas are helpful as we start traveling for the holidays, vacations, etc. If I can make it even a tiny bit easier for ya it’ll make me happy. Safe travels and happy holiday season!



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