30 Finds From Our Amazon Storefront For Some New Year Inspo


Ready for a fresh round-up of fun stuffs from Amazon? I’ve been noting all of my favorite fashion, home, beauty & lifestyle finds for a couple weeks now & decided to bring it all to you in time for – of course – a refresh for the new year.

I’m talking about the kind of stuff that provide a sense of freshness in life & maybe even a rewarding deep breath. Things like easy home organization (not the kind that makes you pull everything out and regret it a minute later), fun wardrobe additions that won’t break the bank (+ some that are spurge-worthy, of course) and just lil fun things for a boost of happiness & calm. More of that, pls.

New Year Inspo: 30 Finds From Our Amazon Storefront

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BTW, make sure to check out our Amazon Storefront for all of these finds + more little hidden gems. I’ve been updating it with new categories for 2024, and all new (helpful, random, joyful) stuff. Cheers!

1. The sexiest sweater dress we’ve seen. Check out the ribbed detail on this bad boy.

2. A deliciously thick beanie that I’ve been eyeing for months. 40% off, too!

3. Coffee that calms. No, hell didn’t freeze over. It exists.

4. If winter were a color. It’d be the wash of these jeans.

5. We called them “The Tuxedo of Sneakers”. These Nikes are freaking perfect for wet, mushy winters (leather!!).

6. The kitchen organizer that stopped me in my tracks. First saw this thing in Shana’s house, then it appeared in my cabinet days later.

7. Winter date night top, check. STAUD combines sexy and comfy so well.

8. A portable bath spa. ‘Nuff said.

9. Smiley Socks. They’re way Kuler (wink*) than you think.

10. “The Ultimate Dry Brush”. I’ll credit my exfoliated skin, stress relief + lymphatic support to goop.

11. The household crates that I want to hold allmystuff. Pack of 6 for $10.

12. Amazon has UGG platform minis. AKA, our go-to chunky boot of the season under $200.

13. For a luxe’d up shower. Lather this.

14. A sweatsuit under $50. Holy crap this one is cute.

15. Because baseball hats are in. Here’s how to store ’em nicely.

16. Delicious, nutritious, and gives you all the zzzzzz’s. My nightly routine revolves around this amazing stuff.

17. Lil foot animals. But these slippers are cute & cozy, nonetheless.

18. Slip skirts are the key to getting fancy quick. Here’s my fave on Amazon right now.

19. A makeup organizer that doesn’t suck. This one is clear and pretty, too.

20. A red light mask that scares wrinkles away. Possibly small children, too. But it works!

21. High-end travel bags are nice…. but here’s a well-reviewed dupe.

22. Just a natural toilet cleaner. But these things smells like lemon Pez. Just don’t get them mixed up.

23. A pill organizer that’s kind of pretty and definitely sleek?! Oooo this!

24. Because there’s like…no way to store sunglasses. Those buggers will never go missing in this thing.

25. Soft cotton face towels for sensitive skin. This pack of 6 would be pretty just sitting rolled in a bathroom, too.

26. A grocery list that’s..fun to use? Never forget eggs again with this organized notepad.

27. Thanks, Kerri. This fancy scarf is so dang cute (and so is everything else she makes).

28. Cause I know your chilly head wants more. Another pretty designer beanie.

29. Sorel Brex boots = kick-ass winter faves. Gah they’re 60% off on Amazon!

30. The perfect striped turtleneck under $40. Eyeing that blue + cream combo.

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