30% Off This Weekend With Gap’s Give and Get (Here Are Our Ten Favs)


Picture 1 This weekend is Gap's Give and Get…which means that not only do you get 30% off, but 5% of your purchase will go to charity.  The discount applies to Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy (online and in stores).

30% off at the beginning of the holiday season?  Without dealing with a picked-over sale rack?  Nice.  This discount makes some of Gap and Banana's higher priced items much more affordable.

So if you are in the market for gorgeous drapy cashmere, amazing moto sweaters, and mom-friendly bracelets (including, I KID YOU NOT, Chan Luu wrap bracelets at 30% off)…then this sale is for you.  (Cool boots and sequin skirts don't hurt either). 

Here are my ten favorite pieces:

Happy Shopping!




  1. I’d also like to add Old Navy’s Sweetheart style jeans in skinny! I’ve just jumped on the skinny jean bandwagon (literally last night I bought my first pair and wore them today!), and I’m loving the Sweetheart style so far (a little higher rise to help hide the muffin top, but not too high). The reviews online are great and describe them as “skinny jeans for those who think they can’t wear skinny jeans.”
    Plus for $30 (before the discount) – it’s a great way to try out the trend without commiting a bunch of money.
    Btw, I tried to take a pic of me today wearing them to send to you (complete with “interesting” sweater and tall, flat boots), but the only person around to take the photos was my not-quite-3-year-old, so I have lots of shots of my boots, some with legs and boots, and so on. When I told my mom about it, she asked why I didn’t just take a picture in front of the full-length mirror. D’oh!

  2. Just one other comment – I want to add that I am in no way the size/shape most people think of when they think skinny jeans. I’m six months post-partum and size 12-14 (with many pregnancy pounds yet to lose – they just don’t fall off as quickly the second time around!), so I have been *very* skeptical of the skinny jean trend. But, I have to say they look way better (and more slimming) than the poorly fit bootcut jeans I’ve been wearing. Ok, done commenting for now…

  3. Could have used this post yesterday… before I spent my Christmas allowance at the Gap and Banana outlets last night…
    P.S. When you’re a Gap Inc. employee, you get 50% off regular priced items, all the time. Sooo worth it for me to work a shift or two a month– considering all the stuff ANMJ tells me I need to have in my wardrobe (which I totally do).

  4. Samantha — Thanks for the tip!! AAAANNND…I so want that picture of you! Re-take it, girl!! Re-take it!!
    Teagan — I have friends who do this also…even though the work full-time at their “real job”. It’s a good way to fund the habit.
    Lisa – Nice. I love Christmas and me shopping. LOL

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