40% Off Everything At LOFT (Aaannd…My Fav Picks)


Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 10.04.18 PM   Until Tuesday, the entire inventory (both in-store and online) is 40% off at LOFT.  In the last few years, LOFT has re-invented itself, and their new designs, coupled with decent prices, has made LOFT (in my opinion) a no-brainer for moms.

Sooo…now they are offering 40% off new basics to wear now and into Spring?  Yes, please.  While there is a ton of stuff to choose from (need a silky top?  A pretty scarf?  Cool date-night shoes?)…I'd take advantage of the 40% off to go get me some Spring jackets and stripes.

Here's what I'm loving:

(Wait!  First…what I'm NOT loving.  Their styling.  The outfits below are awkward with downright awful color-combinations.  However, the jackets & striped tops are great….so please look past the bizarre styling.)

Ok.  Back to loving:

1.  Please ignore the mom jeans and just focus on the fab navy anorak with the ruffled collar, originally $98.

2.  While I appreciate the fact that clashing can sometimes be good…it physically hurts to look at this orange ruffled windbreaker with the olive khakis and silky purple/pink/green/cream top.  Hurts.  But the jacket?  True love.  Bonus – it's a windbreaker, so perfect for the playground…AND hides the pooch. Orig $98.

3. If you are scared of the orange, there's a mellower iteration in cotton.  Also $98 before discount.

4.  Lastly, I like this tweedy wool blazer.  The ruffle detail continues around the back.  It's perfect now and will still be on-trend with Fall's ladylike silhouettes.  It's $124 before the discount.

Again with the Olive khakis!! Gah!! 

1.  Nautical Striped top, orig $50.

2. Sketch Stripe Boatneck top, orig $40.

3.  Striped Boatneck Sweater, orig $50.

4.  Stripe Knit Top, orig $60

5.  Striped Slub Hoodie, orig $40…also comes in a maternity version.

I'm wondering if one of the J.Crew designers jumped ship during the Spring 2011 design phase…

Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 10.08.29 PM Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 11.02.01 PM

Looks familiar, no? 

I much prefer how J. Crew styled these tops.  The lighter khaki is spot-on (denim will, of course, also work), the layered bracelets add some glam to the overall look, and the pop of color on the lips?  Perfection.

The LOFT necklace-stripe combo above leaves me feeling…unsure.  Did they mean to put them there?  Maybe….the necklaces do look rope-like…as if they're supposed to be a little nautical joke?  Ha ha.…ha. Hunh.

Anyway, happy shopping!