40% Off Everything At LOFT (Aaannd…My Fav Picks)


Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 10.04.18 PM   Until Tuesday, the entire inventory (both in-store and online) is 40% off at LOFT.  In the last few years, LOFT has re-invented itself, and their new designs, coupled with decent prices, has made LOFT (in my opinion) a no-brainer for moms.

Sooo…now they are offering 40% off new basics to wear now and into Spring?  Yes, please.  While there is a ton of stuff to choose from (need a silky top?  A pretty scarf?  Cool date-night shoes?)…I'd take advantage of the 40% off to go get me some Spring jackets and stripes.

Here's what I'm loving:

(Wait!  First…what I'm NOT loving.  Their styling.  The outfits below are awkward with downright awful color-combinations.  However, the jackets & striped tops are great….so please look past the bizarre styling.)

Ok.  Back to loving:

1.  Please ignore the mom jeans and just focus on the fab navy anorak with the ruffled collar, originally $98.

2.  While I appreciate the fact that clashing can sometimes be good…it physically hurts to look at this orange ruffled windbreaker with the olive khakis and silky purple/pink/green/cream top.  Hurts.  But the jacket?  True love.  Bonus – it's a windbreaker, so perfect for the playground…AND hides the pooch. Orig $98.

3. If you are scared of the orange, there's a mellower iteration in cotton.  Also $98 before discount.

4.  Lastly, I like this tweedy wool blazer.  The ruffle detail continues around the back.  It's perfect now and will still be on-trend with Fall's ladylike silhouettes.  It's $124 before the discount.

Again with the Olive khakis!! Gah!! 

1.  Nautical Striped top, orig $50.

2. Sketch Stripe Boatneck top, orig $40.

3.  Striped Boatneck Sweater, orig $50.

4.  Stripe Knit Top, orig $60

5.  Striped Slub Hoodie, orig $40…also comes in a maternity version.

I'm wondering if one of the J.Crew designers jumped ship during the Spring 2011 design phase…

Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 10.08.29 PM Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 11.02.01 PM

Looks familiar, no? 

I much prefer how J. Crew styled these tops.  The lighter khaki is spot-on (denim will, of course, also work), the layered bracelets add some glam to the overall look, and the pop of color on the lips?  Perfection.

The LOFT necklace-stripe combo above leaves me feeling…unsure.  Did they mean to put them there?  Maybe….the necklaces do look rope-like…as if they're supposed to be a little nautical joke?  Ha ha.…ha. Hunh.

Anyway, happy shopping!




  1. And today I hate my shopping ban. Sigh. That orange windbreaker should be mine…
    But I totally agree with you on the styling! That orange/olive/purple is hideous–it’s like they made the outfit with either the shirt or the jacket in mind, then for got the shirt and jacket don’t work! Honestly, LOFT has some awesome pieces. However, their styling is so matronly that it’s hard to see beyond the ads–at least for the online site (I’ve noticed that they seem to have better ideas for the large print ads in their stores). Just go to the store and try things yourself.

  2. I’m thinking of getting the orange jacket, but I am wondering how to best style it with skinnies? I’d like to make it a staple for the spring…what are you thoughts of a few options what to wear under it? love your blog! Dusti

  3. Thanks for the post. Our area LOFT Outlet is running 60% off of many items, too. I picked up two sweaters for $15 each yesterday! I agree, LOFT is an easy pic for moms. I have to say, though, I tried on nearly al of those stripe shirts and not a single one looked decent on me. I’m not tiny, but I’m not big, either, and all of these made me look about 10 lbs. heavier. Even with layering, I just wasn’t feeling it. I *wanted* to – Breton stripes are so classic but totally on trend – but I had to be honest that my body shape wasn’t working with it.
    Incidently, the nautical/stripes are off the Fall 2010 & Spring 2011 runways – especially Dior if I remember rightly. So, I’m sure both LOFT & J.Crew are taking their cues from the same sources, not one another.
    ~Jacci in Ohio

  4. So what’s with the olive khakis hate? Is it just these olive khakis displayed at LOFT or in general? I can see the hate in the LOFT case but in general, I think olive khakis can kick ass.
    LOVE that orange windbreaker!

  5. So possibly stupid question but aren’t horizontal stripes the last thing my mama-pooch & ginormous bf’ing breasts need? Or am I missing the boat here?
    (lol I think I’m almost as good as nautical jokes as the Loft designers, but I couldn’t resist)

  6. Lisa – Nice pick!! If I wasn’t nursing non-stop, that would’ve been on my list too.
    Amy – Yeah…I would never be able to do a shopping ban until the late-Jan sales were over. ๐Ÿ™‚ But seriously – we should offer our services up to LOFT, LOL!
    Dusti – I just did a separate post…
    Jacci – Yeah…if a trend just isn’t working…skip it. I hear you on that. And good point about the nautical stripes…
    Seanna – No! You’re right – I LOVE olive khakis in general…but am hating the styling of the outfits. Olive khakis with something totally different would be great. Thanks for clarifying.
    Maman – LOLOLOL! Nicely done. They should also hire you. But….hunh. Stripes are tough. #4 is nice and drapy and loose, so that *might* work…but ginormous bf*ing breasts do look better in lower necklines. Sadly, I had to skip these shirts due to bf*ing also.

  7. I didn’t mean to clarify… I read your post and started to panic that I have been making a gravely embarrassing mistake with my love of olive khakis. LOL! Now just breathing a sigh of relief. ๐Ÿ™‚

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