5 Colorful Office Outfits For Summer


One area of dressing that has proven to be hard regardless of season is office outfits. Striking the perfect balance between formal and relaxed without lacking life and personality is… tough. To say the least.

While I don’t really get that dressed up for our office (mostly in trousers, jeans & sundresses in the summer), I decided to accept the challenge of adding color into warm-weather office-worthy outfits – for mugginess, funzies and blasting AC. Yayyy summer!

5 Office Outfits With A Good Dose Of Color

And no, colorful office attire does not mean full-body orange creamsicle vibes. Although it does exist, is shockingly pretty, and you could definitely get away with it. (Blouse + pants, if you’re interested). Let’s get into my 5 looks…

1. Blue + Red = Sophistication

There’s just something about the combination of blue and red that reads really sophisticated and somewhat serious? Even lighter shades of blue just pair really well with a rich red. Proof:

office outfits: Blue + Red = Sophistication

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Notes: This short sleeve poplin top from Cos is such a warm-weather dream; light & airy with a bit of tailored seriousness. I love the idea of pairing it with trusty black trousers (these are linen) + a cool laptop-fitting bag. Also, isn’t that leather AirPods case so chic?

2. Subtle Earth Tones

For maximum outfit interest, pile on the tones. Here we’ve got a good mix of greens & blues that lightens a neutral ‘fit juuuust enough. I guess a really gorgeous green linen blazer will do that haha.

office outfits: Subtle Earth Tones

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Notes: That little bit of detail in the linen top is a perfect addition if your trouser + blazer outfits are feeling dull. Getting away with cute tops under a blazer is easy but I do think this linen Ref one can stand on its own, too. Click the pics to see. (It’s great.)

3. Pretty Prints & Silhouettes

If you’re going for an office dress, keep it A. somewhat structured, B. not too loud, and/or C. conservative enough. This one works because of the high neck & long sleeves, even though the print skews playful. Aaaand the elegant accessories & shoes help. Imeancomeon.

office outfits: Pretty Prints & Silhouettes

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Notes: H&M has some seriously impressive dresses that are definitely office-worthy. I just couldn’t pass up the print of this one… and with a pair of pretty cap-toe slingbacks with some denim? What a combo. One more note: a large stud earring has leveled up every. single. outfit. I’ve ever worn. Seriously. It’s foolproof.

4. Pick A Playful Pastel

Donning a pretty top that doesn’t necessary scream COLOR is perrrrfect. These two soft, collared polos have just the right amount of color while keeping a bit of structure and poise (and comfort).

office outfits: Pick A Playful Pastel

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Notes: This tote bag by Cuyana is apparently the best work bag ever. They’re drool-worthy (like all of them… the two previous bags are by the same brand).

5. Add A Special Pant

Getting playful can be a bit hard when heading into the office, so here’s a way to keep it mostly conservative and structured, but with a pop. A stunningly floral, painting-esque pop, at that.

office outfits: Add A Special Pant

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Notes: If you’re looking to level-up your office wardrobe, you HAVE to check out Sezane. They’ve got the chicest French-inspired styles & silhouettes that I’ve evereverever seen. We’re huge fans here at TME.

Happy summer office-ing!

Xo, Abby

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