5 Cool Legging Outfit Ideas: Featuring Athleta’s Split Flares


Leggings are officially BORING.

Have I got your attention? Did I offend you with that statement? Because, uh, I offended myself. 

Ever since the denim portion of my closet has grown slouchier and wider, classic leggings have felt a bit stale. This is something I’ve been writing about and experimenting with on repeat lately, mostly because I’m trying to figure it out for myself. What do I feel best in when wanting an easy, comfy outfit (is it still leggings?)? How can I style stretchy pants in a way that feels fresh? 

Leggings Outfits: 5 Cool Ideas With Athleta’s Split Flares

I do think classic leggings still have a way of looking very chic when styled right. But that’s been my kicker – when styled RIGHT. If I’m turning to leggings, it’s probably because I want something easy, I want a quick go-to comfort outfit that I don’t have to put much fuss into.

So my answer as of late? Flare leggings (aka yoga pants). 

Pretty much every athletic company has a handful of flare styles now, but my favorite for the past year has been Athleta’s Flare Pant. More specifically, the Split Flare Pant.  

While stretchy wide leg pants are certainly on rotation in my wardrobe, and at times has felt like the fresh solution, there’s something about the flare legging that still feels the easiest. With a fitted bum and thighs, the proportions up top can still be pretty much anything I want (Baggy sweatshirt? Yes. Cropped sweater? Yes. Oversized vest? You bet). 

But where my eyes look down at the classic, slim bottom of a legging and scream “something is wrong!” – the wider opening to a flare legging feels modern. And the split flare works with any shoe

If you’re hoping for some visual outfit inspo with flare leggings, I got you. Watch our latest YT to see some of my favorite ways I’m styling ‘em up! 

Psst — curious about everything else I’m wearing? You can find this latest video here on our Youtube channel. Just click “More” in the description and you’ll find allll of my outfit details and handy shopping links.


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