5 Cool Winter Outfit Ideas For An Inspiration Boost


Looking for a bit of winter outfit inspiration? Yeah, same. I get it. My ‘fits are looking a bit… wamp wamp these days.

Dressing during late winter can get a bit tired and overused (layers, sweats, sweatshirts, more layers, more sweats, more sweatshirts), so my outfit boredom prompted a little styling sesh in my closet…. and it totally pumped me up (to last at least until spring haha).

Seeking Inspiration? Here’s 5 Cool Winter Outfit Ideas

Taking a long, hard look at my closet and throwing a few outfits together always boosts my style-energy – even if I only come up with a couple new looks.

This time around, I’ve found that pairing contrasting (or downright unmatching) pieces/colors/prints/textures together is my favorite tip.

Also, layering. It’s not only functional in the winter but also provides a bit of interest in an otherwise too-simple outfit. I like grabbing loud prints & colors that do the style work for me (peep the bright red top & floral-patched jeans below), so that I can wear my other winter wardrobe basics (baggy jeans, sweatshirts, boots, black trousers, tees) and it all just comes together.

Looking for my outfit links? You can find this video here on our YouTube channel. Click “more” in the description and you’ll find all the outfit details & shopping links too!

When in doubt, think ease AND playfulness. Let me know what you come up with! Always looking for new outfit formula inspo.



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