5 Easy Trends I’m Trying In 2024


I was recently on our local morning show on KGW called “Hello, Rose City” talking about fashion trends for 2024. My approach is always to look at inspiration and only choose the trends that speak to my style the most.

So while I’ll personally be leaving behind anything too coquette, frilly or super femme this year, I am stoked about prep school pieces, grey jeans, sheer layering, oversized bags and kitten heels. These are all things that might dip my toe outside my comfort zone a tiny bit, but that I know I can work into my existing closet.

5 New Trends for 2024: The Inspo

Typically, my outfits lean sporty, edgy, & casual with a side of blazers and wearable heels. I love some layered gold jewelry, nail polish and lipstick to finish off my looks with a touch of femininity. And it’s not that I don’t wear some of those frillier elements at all. I do like ruffles in a structured type shirt in edgier colors.

All of this to say, if you want to try out a trend, feel free to mix your own version of that trend into your outfits.

1A | 1B | 2A | 2B | 03 | 04 | 05

Try it, for example, a sheer top, in a color you know you feel great in. Try a version of the trend you’re more drawn to–don’t like blazers, try a bomber jacket in preppy colors. The piece doesn’t have to scream trending but maybe it says “on-trend” in a bit more subdued way.

I think we get too bogged down in worrying whether we’re too old for trendy styles, when I say “That rule doesn’t exist!” We’ve heard this elsewhere too, but it’s all about what you feel comfortable in.

It’s always easier to picture how trending clothing will fit into your own vibe when you pair them with pieces already in your closet. I highly recommend doing an at-home try-on if you’re digging one or more of these trends. That’s how we work best in our job here, styling pieces up. It lets you play without the pressure of a dressing room (ie. bad lighting, people waiting, the ‘wrong’ shoes for the outfit, etc.)

You can style the new clothing up with what you already love to get a feel for whether you’d actually wear it. Sometimes it’s fun to grab an inexpensive piece to try out a trend. And sometimes trends wind up fitting exactly with your style already so you want to invest a little more (I’m looking at you, Boden striped blazer!)

If you are going into the dressing room, I highly recommend wearing your favorite jeans and the shoes you wear most with them. That typically does the trick for me, but if you can style new things up at home, that gives you the most info on the pieces.

1 | Prep School

Blazer (8) | Shirt (8) | Jeans (30) | Similar Boots

Ok hiiiii…I’ve always loved a little preppy influence in my wardrobe and love to mix those kinds of pieces with jeans and boots and sneakers to make them feel even more my style. I don’t know if the fashion world knew about Saltburn coming out this year or if it’s just been long enough since Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls and Dead Poets Society were new for it to come back around…but I am here for this.

I’ve loved Boden and UK influence for a long time. Stoked about this. Boden, J.Crew, and anthropologie have some fun striped, piped and trimmed options right now.

2 | Sheer Layering

Tee (M) | Similar TopJeans (30) | Heels 

This trend is probably a bit familiar to anyone else of a similar point in life haha. I loved this type of combo when I was younger and I love bringing it back. I’m not that into wearing sheer tops over a bra on their own, but let me put a chic graphic tee over the top and yesss please. I love this very wearable look.

Free People makes the best lace and sheer pieces IMO. I love a lace top under a button down, too, like in the inspo collage above. I have had this specific Free People lace top for years and it’s been such a go-to for date nights, holidays and when I want to feel a little more feminine.

3 | Oversized Bags

Jacket (S/M) | Similar Bag

I’m a fan of oversized bags even when they’re not ‘on-trend.’ It’s probably the influence of the Olsen twins’ fashion on my life, but it’s a forever love. I’ve had this Gap bag for a few years now and it adds a fun, sporty vibe to any outfit. The one I’ve linked is very similar to their older version I have. So fun. And there’s an Amazon version, too.

Free People again is nailing the trend options and these bags can be leather, faux, puffy, woven, summery…just go big.

4 | Grey Jeans

Jacket (S) | Jeans (30) | Similar Kitten Heels

I’ve loved a washed black jean for years, but am really digging the grey shades of denim I’m seeing this year. I still haven’t found the perfect pair for me, but these are stunning if you’re taller. The fabric is a little too stiff for me to cuff well here especially for the price, but gah. This is the pair that made me fall in love with the trend online. And I love it mixed with a sporty/preppy sweater jacket (still stocked in a v cool red!)

5 | Kitten Heels

Jacket (S/M) | Tee (M) | Jeans (30) | Heels | Bag

I cannot tell you how excited I am that kitten heels are in style this year. I’ve been wearing them for a couple of years now because me and traditional height pumps just can’t do it anymore.

I love that this is still a feminine style for when I want to feel dressed up, but my little feet can walk in these for more of the day. The pointed toe is also my favorite combo with a wider leg, looser fit jean.

Some of this year’s trends are a fun mix I can play with, within my style. I had a blast trying them out! I’ll continue to mess around with similar combos as we approach Spring, too. I still need to find the perfect grey jeans! Until next time…



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Find out the fashion trends to watch out for in 2024. Upgrade your style with trendy prep school pieces, sheer layering, and oversized bags.

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