2019 Anniversary Sale: 5 Pieces To Consider


I shopped in-store for the first time this year, but there are always hidden gems I find online that I end up loving.  So I scoured the site for hours to find my favorites, and then combined them with some of the top picks from my in-store shopping trip. Here are my favorite combinations from what is still fully in-stock in the sale at publish time. We don’t want to waste your time, so we’ve done our best to avoid linking to items that are sold out!  

1. These Faux Leather Leggings

You guys may know how much I love faux leather leggings—and I love that this pair has a matte finish and is straighter from the knee down. They look a little more like pants, but are still nice and stretchy. They’re thicker so they camouflage skin imperfections (so your bum doesn’t need to be covered).   

With Fun Heels 

These leopard print heels have basically been my go-tos for adding a little something to basic outfits. They have a lower walkable heel and are pretty comfy as far as heels go.

The Chelsea 28 faux leather leggings are a seriously great find. Pairing them with leopard print heels, over-the-knee-boots, cardigans & moto jackets.

BASE UNIFORM: leggings – S | white tee – XS | leopard print heels – tts

VARIATIONS: long cardigan – XS | beige cardigan – XS/S | grey sweater – XS  | moto jacket – XS 

With Over-The-Knee Boots

Every year I buy a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots during the sale and every year I return them. It’s just so much money, even on sale . . . but this pair is that perfect middle-ground heel that’s not too high but still gives you some height. The quality is insane—Shana has been wearing hers for YEARS, and they still look good. Is it worth it?? Price per wear . . . price per wear . . . I’m still on the fence. 

The Chelsea 28 faux leather leggings are a seriously great find. Pairing them with leopard print heels, over-the-knee-boots, cardigans & moto jackets.

BASE UNIFORM: leggings – S | over-the-knee boots – tts

VARIATIONS: tunic sweater – S | long cardigan – XS | striped cardigan – S

2. AG Skinny Jeans

I LOVE that I can wear these jeans with different kinds of shoes! Since they’re straight from the knee down (without actually flaring out), I can wear them with over-the-knee boots, ankle booties and heels. These jeans are my #1 pick from the sale!

The Anniversary Sale is perfect for buying premium denim. We’re styling up the AG Prima Skinny jeans with ankle booties, heels & OTK boots.

BASE OUTFIT: sweater – XS | jeans – 28

LEFT: booties | MIDDLE: boots | RIGHT: pumps

3. The Perfect Black Jeans 4 Ways

These FRAME jeans are the perfect black wash . . . not too dark, not too light. I like the variation in the color.  (I have to say that I’ve been eyeing that black sweater for awhile now and it is crazy soft . . . it can also be worn as a cowl neck, but I like the way it looks off the shoulder.)

TME is totally crushing on the FRAME Le Skinny Crop jeans this Anniversary Sale. Dress ‘em up or down with off-the-shoulder-sweaters, OTK boots, cardigans...

JEANS: FRAME Le Skinny Crop – 28 

TOP LEFT: beige cardigan – XS/S | boots -tts | scarf 

TOP RIGHT: long cardigan – XS | white tee – XS | boots 

BOTTOM LEFT: striped cardigan – S | boots 

BOTTOM RIGHT: off-the-shoulder sweater – S | boots

4. These Boyfriend Jeans

These are the jeans I was surprised I liked so much. I didn’t like the photo online, but in person these jeans are soft, comfy and perfectly slouchy without being sloppy. I can roll them a couple of different ways and I like how they look with relaxed sweaters and t-shirts. These I love.

LOVE the AG Ex-boyfriend jeans. They’re an Anniversary Sale fav with TME. Perfectly paired with moto jackets, heels, sandals or pumps.

JEANS: AG Ex-Boyfriend Relaxed Slim Jeans – 28

TOP: striped cardigan – S | sandals – tts | beige cardigan – XS/S | leopard print heels – tts

BOTTOM: white tee – XS | moto jacket – XS | sandals – tts 

5. The Best (or Worst?) Robe Ever

This thing accidentally found its way into my cart—or was it an accident? If Shana asks, yes, yes it was. But it’s so freaking soft and comfy it might be worth the ugliness. I mean, I do own a beaver onesie, for God’s sake . . . 

Umm….so the comfiest robe ever found its way into our Anniversary Sale cart. Barefoot Dreams cozy-chic robe, anyone? Yes, please.

Barefoot Dreams® CozyChic® Hooded Zip Robe – Size 1

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  1. Ugh I have the same debate about the SW over the knee boots. This year I think I’m going to actually keep them..I’ve had so many knock offs that last a season or fall down after 5 wears. I’m just debating between the 2 pairs I ordered! Also – anyone know if they stretch a little? The length is great but they are just slightly narrow on me.

  2. I have to say that the online sale so far has been a pile of hot garbage. I had early access, checked out right away, and every single item I bought has been canceled. That’s 10+ items. It’s really super disappointing.

  3. They cancelled my order right away too, and I am out two of the items that I had purchased. I’m still trying to get compensated for Nordstrom’s error. So pissed off.

  4. One of these years I will buy those Weitzmans. Not this year, though. Love your picks! I’m doing a no-buying-clothes year so no Nordstrom sale for me, but I have definitely experienced the constant order cancellations in past years. I think it’s just an annoying fact of the sale. 🙁

  5. I, too, bought those leopard heels and the boyfriend jeans in the anni sale and LOVE THEM. Thanks for the early shopping tips…

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