Mamas, have I shown you my favorite trousers?  They are perfectly slouchy, menswear inspired, and oh-so-comfy.


Know what else?  They are maternity pants.

Screen Shot 2012-05-07 at 7.57.10 PM

(wearing: Preggo me – Isabella Oliver Garbo pants and ruched cami, DVF jacket, Chan Luu scarf…regular me – Isabella Oliver Hepburn pants, Stylemint tee, hub’s watch, necklace from Nordstroms and Nine West booties)

Ooooh, yeah.  

The Garbo trousers have been, by far, my very favorite maternity pants.  I wore them through two pregnancies, post-partum, and continue to wear them.

I mean seriously.  I know that carefully chosen maternity dresses & tops can go the distance, but pants?  Isn’t that crazy?

(oh wait.  I’m still wearing my maternity jeans as shorts.  Maybe not so crazy.)

However, in my internet travels, I’ve come across more and more maternity bottoms that I think could easily be worn loooong after a baby is due.  Here are my 5 favs:

Screen Shot 2012-05-07 at 8.34.50 PM

1. Isabella Oliver’s Midi Ruched Skirt, $99

All of Isabella Oliver’s clothing wash-and-wear beautifully, and I’ll bet this skirt is no exception.  I do have one of her old skirts, and the waistband manages to be comfortable during pregnancy…but still looks like a regular skirt.  I love that the ruching would hide any unsightly lumps and bumps…

2.  Hatch Collection Drawstring Pants, $178

Ah, Hatch.  They can do no wrong.  Pregnant or not (and I’m NOT)…I pretty much want the entire collection.  Someone tell Mike.  Don’t we have some holiday coming up…some holiday…honoring mothers?  With presents?  In any case, silk pants.  With a drawstring.  Like pyjamas, only better.  The pant I want to wear all. summer. long.   (ps.  They say dry clean only…but I know my mother would wash them.  And she’s rarely wrong.)

3. ASOS Maternity Skinny Jean in Faded Leopard, $70

Um..WOW.  I’m coveting these pants.  These are, quite possibly, the coolest replacement for the ubiquitous white summer denim that I’ve ever seen.  And those little side panels?  Yeah – the best.  If you recall, we applauded the side panels in our maternity denim article (look for JBrand maternity skinnies), and I’m happy to report that my J Brand maternity skinnies were worn for over a year after Pax was born.  Not bad, Mamas.

4. Attesa Maternity Silky Little Something-Somethings, $??

To find Attesa Maternity, you’ve gotta go to either Dimensions Maternity in Lakewood, NJ or Generations Maternity in Brooklyn.  But it will be well worth the trip.  I’m drooling – hard – over these silky little bottoms.  Or is it a romper?  I don’t care – either way, I’m in.

5. Gap Long Foldover Waist Skirt, $40

This is a great, versatile skirt.  It looks almost exactly like Splendid’s non-maternity version…but is half the price.  Shopbop shows Splendid’s as both a skirt and pulled up as a dress.  I suspect that post-partum mamas could do the same.


Not bad, right??  I mean…it’s actually pretty amazing, considering that just a few years ago our options were pretty much…uh….crap.  Is this some kind of new trend:  maternity-wear so cool you can wear it whenever?

If so, I like it.

And I’m not the only one – Refinery 29 just did a feature on maternity wear so cool, even non-preggos will wanna wear it.  (Wow.  It was obviously the inspiration for this article’s title…way to plagiarise, S!!)

Lastly, if you haven’t checked out Hatch’s full collection, you MUST.  And Attesa Maternity’s collection is gorg.

Are there any other maternity lines that are crazy-drool-worthy?  Share, Mamas!




  1. Love these! Shana – any chance you’ve come across any good maternity shorts lately? I’m due at the beginning of August and seriously struggling in finding anything!

  2. My cute young sis-in-law bought a Target maternity top and wore it as a minidress. She constantly got compliments on it.

  3. These are really basic, but I just bought a couple bottoms from Seraphine that I think will be great for postpartum (and after). Cropped black maternity leggings (make me wonder why I ever bought non-maternity leggings–they are just leggings minus the tight annoying waistband). Really soft, silky, opaque, nice quality:
    And some cropped white skinny jeans:
    Foldover waist skirts are great for pregnancy and not. I have some from Old Navy that are perfectly serviceable and I’ve been wearing forever.
    I’m tempted by those ASOS leopard skinnies. The last pair of jeans I tried from them didn’t work out–the fit was a little funny and the material wasn’t stretchy enough to be comfortable, but these are so cute I may have to try a size up and see if they work better.
    There are definitely some nice maternity pieces out there–I’ve just been mulling over some Boden maxi dresses and tunics–and I’ve also been noticing that there are a ton of cute nursing clothes available compared to when my son was born three years ago. Very cool.

  4. I’m in love with your blog!!!!
    Have been following for awhile and enjoyed every single post. Now I’m dealing with my new body, after pregnancy and is quite challenging.
    Thank you for the great post!

  5. I’m still wearing the only four maternity pieces I bought from my last pregnancy (last summer) because they don’t look maternity. And that’s why I bought them, really. The rest of my wardrobe was my non-maternity stuff already on hand, or I purchased regular clothing that I knew I could use after pregnancy.

  6. I tried to buy the Garbo trousers, but even though my order went through, I got an email yesterday saying they’re sold out and won’t be coming back! Have you come across anything else like them? I’m devastated!

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