5 Outfits To Wear With The UGG Tazz


UGG shoes splashed onto the main scene once again last year, with such a big resurgence that made them an instant “it shoe” that were hard to find in stock.

The most popular styles this time around seem to fall into two categories: The Mini boots (which includes the Classic Mini and Ultra Mini boots, as well as their platform styles) and the Tasman Slipper, with it’s platform alter ego – the Tazz

The shoes are not beloved by everyone, in fact the style can be a bit polarizing, but personally, I was ELATED to see them reappear in the world of fashion (hellooooo comfort).

shoes | jeans (28) | sweater (L) more colors here

How to Style UGG Tazz Slippers: 5 Easy Outfit Ideas

I’m a fan of all the latest UGG styles, but I recently scooped up the Tazz Braided Shearling Slipper and have been wearing them nonstop during our cooler-than-normal temps. 

PSst – Don’t be fooled by the word “slipper” – UGG describes both the Tasman and Tazz Slippers as a “slipper-like feel for indoors or out.” Thanks to their sturdy soles that wear very similarly to the traditional UGG boots, these slip-on shoes are not actually restricted to being a house shoe.

We’ve seen major fashion models wear all of the above styles with tailored two piece suits and skirts, their morning loungewear and even paired with no pants at all. But if you’re curious if these shoes are actually wearable in your own personal closet, or you’re simply looking for some fresh inspiration on how to rock your new favorite UGGS, I rounded up 5 of my favorite, super easy looks that are “horse-hooves” shoe approved. 

1| UGG Tazz Slippers + Baggy Jeans

UGG’s, in general, have a way of making our feet look larger than they are. It’s an easy trade for the comfort they bring, in my opinion, and I like the appearance of the shoes overall, regardless. But to help balance out the boot so they don’t overtake your entire outfit? Pair with baggy jeans.

UGG Tazz slippers + baggy jeans outfit

shoes | jeans (28) | sweater (L) more colors here

The key is having a pair of denim that is long enough to pool around the shoe. I like to avoid jeans that hit right at the top of the shoe, as this can emphasize the size of the shoe while simultaneously cutting off your height.

2| UGG Tazz Slipper + Cropped Denim

Another option for denim to wear with UGG Tazz Slippers (and my fave Ultra-Mini Boots) is a cropped or cuffed pair that shows a smidge of the ankle. 

UGG Tazz slippers + cropped denim jeans outfit

shoes | jeans (28) | tank (L) | flannel (M)

Keeping a little bit of open space between the top of your UGG shoe and the bottom hem of your jeans elongates the body, and gives some room to breathe before showing off the larger boot.

Horseshoe, or barrel jeans, are pretty much the only cropped jeans I’m wearing these days, and they give just the right amount of space. I also adore the way the unique balloon shape sits above the larger UGG shoe; playing around with funky dimensions is a favorite of mine.

3| Ugg Tazz Slippers + Leggings

Of course, if you’re unsure about pairing your favorite UGG’s with denim, leggings are always a safe go-to. 

UGG Tazz slippers + leggings outfit

shoes | leggings (m) | tank (L) | button-up (O/S) | coat (L) | hat | similar socks

I rarely ever wear UGG’s and leggings without a sock in between, as I like the way it breaks up the look. Any taller sock will do, but slouchy socks have a way of creating texture and warmth for fall and winter that I especially love.

4| Ugg Tazz Slipper + Wide Leg Trousers

I love the juxtaposition of trousers with a comfort shoe, especially a shearling slipper. While I have seen some fun streetwear looks of UGG boots paired with tailored trousers, I prefer a long, wide-leg trouser myself.

UGG Tazz slippers + wide leg trousers outfit

shoes | trousers (8 Long) | tank (L) | cardigan (L)

This look, to me, is foolproof, especially when you have extra length in the trousers. I often pair whites and creams and browns together in the wintertime for a bit of that creamy, vanilla latte look that can be so calming to wear.

5| Ugg Tazz Slipper + Cozy Loungewear

And for the most obvious look? UGG’s with loungewear, of course. Matching knit sets seem to be replacing the typical sweatpants-and-sweatshirt look this year, which can be a chic day-off pairing (or perfect school drop-off ‘fit) with your favorite UGG shoes. 

UGG Tazz slippers + cozy loungewear outfit

shoes | pants (M) | top (L)

This is easily one of the comfiest outfits I’ve ever worn – Gap’s CashSoft loungewear pants are better than cashmere. The bottom of the pants even holds a cute little roll, which I love doing to add a bit of dimension to an otherwise streamlined look. 

Sizing Notes: There are mixed reviews when it comes to sizing, but I’ve always worn the same size in all UGG styles and each one fits perfectly. Normally a size 9.5 in sneakers, I take a 10 in UGG’s (and wear the same in any boot). The Tazz Shearling, specifically, is extremely soft thanks to the cozy nature of the plush lining. The sole has a nice, slight bounce and there’s enough space for me to wear a sock with if need be.

Are you going to be rocking any of these UGG styles this year?


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