I am most definitely a shop till you drop kind of gal. I love to shop for just about anything: groceries, office supplies, beauty products, and of course, clothes! From a young age I have always loved shopping, but there was a point in time when I felt like shopping for clothes was more of a feat than fun. I vividly remember the first time I was officially too big to shop within the straight-sized section. It was the summer before 9th grade, and a friend and I were looking for some new summer shorts with her mom. Lo and behold, EVERY single pair of pants I tried on didn’t fit. I was too embarrassed to tell my friend, so I did what so many of us often do, I bought the pants that didn’t fit with the hopes that I would be able to lose enough weight to fit into them by mid-summer.  

I lived in this cycle for many many years, and too often I found myself with items in my closet that I would never wear, and kept holding on, hoping that one day those pair of jeans or that dress would fit. Now, for the most part, I have always loved myself no matter if I was a size 14 or 24, but for so long I lived in the space of ‘I’ll wear this when I am a certain size’ or I’d buy a size smaller to motivate myself to lose those few extra pounds.  

All along though, I’ve found that the real secret to living a fulfilled life is buying the things that you can enjoy now! Don’t wait till you lose those last 10 pounds to wear a crop top, and don’t buy a dress that is two sizes too small with the goal of fitting into it by a certain date. Buy the dress that feels comfortable AND looks bomb AF on you; wear the shorts that make your bum bum look great; and for the love of Gucci, accept yourself exactly as you are. We are all made to be uniquely different, and we need to accept that we are 100% THAT BABE who looks amazing the way she was made.  

I know the fashion industry has changed so much since I was in high school, but I say all of this to remind you all to love yourselves in the moment you are in. Our bodies are not meant to stay stagnant, they can change just as the seasons do, and that’s okay. In fact, in my opinion, I think that’s what makes this life so special and interesting. Change is good, and we need to learn to roll with it.  

5 Fav Places To Shop For Plus Size Clothes

Just as my size has changed over the years, so too has the world of plus size fashion. Stores like Anthropologie, Loft, and Nordstrom now have so much more to offer people of all different shapes and sizes. Below are my absolute favorite stores to find some pretty rad clothes no matter if you’re a size 00 or 26. 

1. Anthropologie

Even before Anthro joined the inclusivity club, I had been shopping at their store since forever. I typically wear a size XL top, and I usually found that the dresses, tops and kimonos could work for my body type. But now the game has totally changed, and I am even more OBSESSED with my favorite lifestyle and clothing brand. Right now I can easily say about half of my wardrobe comes from Anthropologie. Their Pilcro brand jeans fit me like a gem, and I am loving all the skirts that are in their fall collection.  

We're thrilled that plus size fashion is FINALLY getting its due. Some retailers are already on our radar: Antro, LOFT, Eloquii...check out our fav 5.skirtsweater 

2. Nordstrom 

Take all my money, kay thanks! Tiarra and I first met at Nordstrom, and I am pretty sure that she can attest just how much I LOVE the Nordy Club. I can spend an entire day pursuing through all the different departments and think they have such great options. Nordstrom can be a little tricky because you do have to do some digging around the store; they have eliminated their plus size section, and now include their extended sizes within the “straight-sized” section. But don’t fret — any of the shopping assistants will gladly pull options for you! One of my favorite brands within the store is actually a Nordstrom exclusive. Leith has such high-quality clothing for pretty reasonable prices, and some of my favorite tops are from this brand.  Their dresses and pants are also great!  

3. Good American 

First off, I’ve had a crush on Khloe Kardashian since she graced us with her ever-so-eloquent way of telling it like it is. Crushes aside, when I bought my first pair of Good American jeans, I thought I had died and gone to fashion heaven. The cut, the stretch, the wash…Every single thing about these jeans is perfect, and if you don’t own a pair of these stellar jeans, you aren’t truly living yet. Next on my list from their line is to try the workout clothes and a bodysuit.  

4. Eloquii

This brand is relatively new to me, but all of the pieces I have bought thus far have been amazing. I’m pretty sure this might be TMI, but I have never been able to wear an outfit without a bra before, that is until my romper from Eloquii arrived. Let me tell you, rocking my romper sans bra was so liberating! Whenever I wear it, I have a little extra sass to my strut. Eloquii has tons of trendy options, and I currently have one of their pleather skirts on my wishlist. 

We're thrilled that plus size fashion is FINALLY getting its due. Some retailers are already on our radar: Antro, LOFT, Eloquii...check out our fav 5.jumpsuit is sold out – similar fabricanother great jumpsuit

5. Loft 

When I find myself in need of new work clothes or staple pieces, Loft is my go-to spot. Their collection of dresses and work attire is always great quality, and I like that they do a great job of mixing business and trendy items together. And the icing on the cake is that they always seem to be having a sale — who doesn’t love a good sale!? 

There are so many great places to shop now, that the plus-size options are becoming greater every day! I hope you all are able to find some amazing pieces to add to your collection from some of my favorite brands and stores!


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  1. Yes, I love everything about shopping , too ! why would I have someone else grocery shop for me and miss the opportunity to browse around the produce section myself? I almost always need an alteration; sleeves shortened, hem shortened, waist taken in. I’m wide shouldered, short armed and damn I wish my legs were at least 2 inches longer. Please keep writing. I love your style, your attitude and how you tell your story. I need more of this in my life; women being genuine, working together to accept all our beautiful, unique qualities. #saynovsco

  2. All that’s stuff is great but most can’t afford 98.00 for a skirt. Or afford to shop in those high end stores .And I’ve heard the comments well plus size use more material so it cost more because size 0 cost just as much as size 8. and use less material.

  3. Nordstrom Rack, Neiman Marcus Last Call, The Limited, and CJ Banks outlet — all online — invest in Shoprunner which gets you free two-day shipping AND free returns!!! Those online stores have very nice and affordable plus size clothing. I have many items from each, some I paid as little as $12 for a timeless black pencil skirt at the perfect length. Trust me on each of these and Shoprunner!!

  4. Moat of these stores consider size 14 a plua size so going up to size 24, while nice, doesnt really solve the problem for true plus size people. The average store now days carry up to that size. Its the true plus size…18+…who still have few optiona

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