5 Ways to Step Up Your Fall Momiform Game


I’m always looking for the easy way out when it comes to getting dressed…especially at 7am for school drop-off (I mean, ugh). I’m not one to get up super early or go to bed late so that I can carefully construct my outfit for the following day. Nope. Not I. I ask myself…can I get away with putting forth little-to-no effort today? (haha) No, but really. I am a lazy dresser and love the heck out of easy ways of accessorizing and styling an outfit to make it look like I tried really, really hard.

I’ve learned it all comes down to that one stand-out “thing” that can be thrown on with a tee and jeans (or whatever your personal momiform happens to be right now).  Think pow accessory, a pair of statement shoes…or even just how you wear something. You have to think for maybe 10 seconds. Tops.

Now, I may have zoned-in on how you can get away with doing almost nothing, but look absolutely freekin’ cool and put together this Fall. Ready for this?

Listen up (or read up, I guess). I’ve got some goodens for ya.

The 5 Ways to Steppin’ it Up

#1 Blanket Scarf

A large scarf makes a statement. Not to mention, it’s a simple outfit “fix”. So. A boring t-shirt, jeans and booties? Wrap one of these babies around ya and you are done. It’s pretty cool how many different ways one of them can be styled, too.



#2 Throw some Silk into the Mix

Whether it’s a super skinny scarf or more of of a handkerchief style, a silk scarf is another very simple way to up your Fall style game. I incorporated a large, square silk scarf into my capsule Maternity Wardrobe…and it has been an awesome pick-me-up type piece. It elevates a basic outfit.

FYI: Leandra Medine (Man Repeller) is a funky goddess at making silk scarves cool and fresh. I mean, girl. ON FIYAAA.



See. Look at Leandra. Scarf styled around the wrist? I tried to copy it. I’ll be honest. Mine came out looking more like I had broken my wrist and needed a cast, but please…someone try this. If it works, you are hereby bound to share the secret to pulling it off.

 #3 Double-Up

Slapping cuffs on both arms is an incredibly simple way to bring the cool factor to an outfit. I like to mix it up a bit with a thicker cuff on one arm and then a couple of skinnier bracelets with a watch on the other. Just stack ’em on and look cool as a result. This mom says sweet.


#4 Sock those Booties

I’ve seen socks peaking just above the bootie (*cough* S’s rad outfit for NYFW this year…that woman. I just bask in her glorious style rays and hope that I soak up just a bit of her genius…or that I’ll shrink a couple of feet magically in my sleep, so yeh). Oh! Moving on. I also recently saw an outfit with tall socks bunched up a bunch above the top of a pair of wedge booties (paired with a plaid shirt dress). A WINNER of a look is what it was. I plan on trying it asap…and will share the results of my venture with you, I hope.

I do also want to try out a taller sock with my combat boots (that I’ve had for at least 4 years now) and pair it with a flirty dress and chunky cardigan…so basically, copying the look below.

I don’t pretend to be original. I am a self-proclaimed copy cat…and a shameless one at that, my friends.


A pair of flat black booties are definitely on my list (that extensive one I keep in my head…well hidden from my husband). I’m thinking grey socks and cuffed straight leg jeans. Yep…that with a sweater (slouchy, but not too slouchy like this cowl neck sweater…with room for the bump resident) and GAME ON, PEOPLE. Cams introduces one of her Fall momiforms. That is, if I ever get the boots… ::heh::

#5 Belt it

Belt a chunky sweater with a  simple leather belt, woven belt or maaaaaybe even an oh-so-trendy obi-style belt? Am I crazy to say that?!…because I don’t think I am. I don’t see anyone giving it a go yet, but seriously…a chunky sweater (slouchy or cardigan) with the wrap look of an obi belt. I have a vision here, ya’ll! Weigh in, people. Whatcha think?

Also. There is nothing wrong with belted jeans and a tucked in top (or even a sweater…like this knit sweater from Joe Fresh). I’m really diggin’ the look…and would totally be belting my jeans on the reg if it weren’t  for the darling babe that has swiftly stolen my waist and hips. Next year! It’s happening.


How I’m Wearing Them


If you follow me on IG (@camilledipaola) you may have caught a few of these grams…especially my recent crazy adventure with the capsule maternity wardrobe challenge. I’ve been utilizing trendy ways of accessorizing to push it all a bit further and make the outfits more interesting and exciting…and it was definitely necessary.

(top left to right)

1 / not necessarily a true blanket scarf, but it’s super long…and plaid. That’s enough of a blanket scarf for me. The all black outfit was boring until I added it and then yesss.

2 / the silk scarf made my white tank and jeans something different all together…basically, not boring and uninspired. win.

3 / I just tried these socks with my favorite cut-out booties today and snapped a pic…aaaaaand the verdict is still out on the combo. I’m leaning towards liking them together, but then I think…hmmm…dumb looking. ha. Your thoughts on a cut-out style with socks underneath? I think I’ll be trying the socks with my fringe booties soon…

4 / Nada is as cozy as a belted chunky sweater. The belt fit right above the bump, too. BTW, this is the Fall cardigan you’ve been looking for.  Just thought you should know.

Hope this inspired some ideas for lazy Fall styling!



ps.  S just updated the Accessory boutique with a ton of new blanket scarves and skinny scarves.  Check it out.


  1. Love these ideas! One of my fave things about blanket scarves: warm nursing covers for wintertime. I “made” mine by using 2 yards of plaid flann fabric from a craft store. Awesome scarves for under $15.

  2. Cam, can you try the cut out booties with a different color/shape sock? Like instead of a basic sock do you have any that are an awesome color/pattern? Or even just not white or black. I think it’d work better?

    Also can you add maternity options to the fall style sections too? Scarves work for everyone, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting some maternity suggestions!!! Do maternity flares work/exist?????

    • There are maternity flares…I just ordered a pair from H&M, but returned them. :/ I felt like the whole interesting thing about flares these days is the high waist, which doesn’t exactly work with maternity. 😉 Maybe someone else could make them work, but I wasn’t feeling it. They are out there, though!

    • I’m totally with you…yeh, I think the socks would look better with my normal booties…or if they were a darker color. 🙂

      Maternity flares do exist and I think this may be worth a post…yeh?!!

  3. That socks with booties image — with the dress…I seriously just flashed to the mid-90s and the floral babydoll dresses and scrunch socks with doc martens… 😉

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