5 Ways to Style That Knit Jumpsuit Everybody Loves

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We all love a comfy black jumpsuit — or at least the idea of one, right? Black is slimming and versatile, and a comfy black jumpsuit is similar to a soft knit onesie that feels just like PJs. And we all went nuts over this Z Supply jumpsuit recently. But styling pieces like this — even considering the jumpsuit lover that I am — is kinda tricky, I’ll admit.

5 Ways to Style A Black Knit Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are essentially just a lot of one color, so accessories become key to styling, especially for warmer temps. When it’s hot you can’t rely on a cool jacket to make your jumpsuit sing for every occasion. But, this piece is so soft and comfy and, as someone who doesn’t dig shorts much anymore, it’s just an all-around great warm weather option. What I realized when trying to think of ideas here was that the following are working for me right now to jazz this thing up: animal print (always), pops of color and some metallic bling.

Knit Jumpsuit For Everyday Summering

Picnics, park dates, errands…this is my summery everyday take. The pop of color with the scarf adds interest to the ensemble, and the fun metallic tote breaks up the solid black. And these are my new favorite sandals…how fun are they? And they are snake print, of course.

Need an everyday outfit for all occasions? Voilà — that black knit jumpsuit everybody loves. It's cute, cozy & comfy. Try 5 ways to style it casual & fancy.

scarf (similar) | jumpsuit -also available here (s) | bag (similar) | sandals

Black Jumpsuit For Date Night or Brunch

More on this soon, but I LOVE a white blazer for jazzing up all summer outfits. It definitely takes the comfy casual jumpsuit up a notch, but still feels seasonally appropriate. Another pop of color added here with some fun statement earrings also helps finish the look off. Of course I added snake print to the mix. Of course I did.

Need an everyday outfit for all occasions? Voilà — that black knit jumpsuit everybody loves. It's cute, cozy & comfy. Try 5 ways to style it casual & fancy.

earrings (similar) |  blazer (similar) | jumpsuit also available here (s) | bag (similar) | heels

Comfy Jumpsuit For The Pool

The softest cover-up ever, and an especially good option if you’re in a region like I am where the shade is much cooler than the sun. This is great too for any time you have to transition to an actual outfit before or after pool/beach time. Nothing like rolling up to buy groceries in your mesh cover-up. I’m not judging, but maybe you’d be less freezing in the dairy aisle in this.

Need an everyday outfit for all occasions? Voilà — that black knit jumpsuit everybody loves. It's cute, cozy & comfy. Try 5 ways to style it casual & fancy.

sunglasses | jumpsuit also available here | bag | slides (similar) | hat

Cozy Jumpsuit For The Plane

This jumpsuit is so insanely soft that it would be great for traveling. Throw on a big scarf and grab your denim jacket (I wear my light-wash one ALL summer) and you’re set. Everyone has a different opinion on what shoes you should wear on the plane, but I’m a boot girl. I typically wear my heaviest, but still comfortable, shoes on the plane so it takes the weight out of my bag. And I never travel without boots. I love how a cool boot gives a different vibe to the jumpsuit.

Need an everyday outfit for all occasions? Voilà — that black knit jumpsuit everybody loves. It's cute, cozy & comfy. Try 5 ways to style it casual & fancy.

scarf (similar) | jumpsuit also available here | jacket | boots (similar)

Cute Jumpsuit For Travel or Everyday, If You’re Me

So this is probably how I’ll wear my jumpsuit the most, but it dawned on me this would also be great for travel. These Adidas superstars go with everything from dresses to jeans, so they’re typically my sneaker for trips. They make this basic knit piece look nice and sporty. Of course I had to throw in some leopard print, as well. The pattern breaks up the one-color outfit nicely.

Need an everyday outfit for all occasions? Voilà — that black knit jumpsuit everybody loves. It's cute, cozy & comfy. Try 5 ways to style it casual & fancy.

sunglasses | jumpsuit also available here | bag (similar) | sneakers


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How do you style your favorite jumpsuit? If you’ve tried out this suit send us a pic! It is seriously the softest thing ever.

We’re getting unseasonably warm temps here in Portland this week, which is amazing and also terrifying. We Northwesterners don’t know what to do when springtime isn’t rainy….But enough about the weather. I finally made Alton Brown’s chocolate chip cookie recipe last night for the lovely teachers at Sienna’s school…and OMG best recipe if you want a thicker, chewy cookie that you only have to chill for 1 hour (so many amazing recipes take way longer). Have you tried this one? Jumpsuits are great, but so are cookies. What’s your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe?



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  1. Elizabeth Rafter on

    Love this jumpsuit and all the ways you’ve styled it! Especially with the white blazer. And that scarf! So so good! I recently ordered this jumpsuit and while it’s not quite as soft as I’d hoped, it is in frequent rotation right now! It looks like I’ve put some effort into my appearance with very little actual effort! I throw it on with a scarf and cute slides and I’m good to go! I can’t wait to try it with some of your suggestions here!

    KAY SINN Womens Summer Off Shoulder Jumpsuit Casual Short Sleeve Elastic Waist Rompers Small Army Green https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PJPK3P9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Lb40Cb324JJHB

  2. Laura–This jumpsuit looks great on you. Did it retain it’s shape? Is it difficult to go to the restroom (always my concern with jumpsuits and why I’ve hesitated to buy one).

    • This did retain it’s shape and didn’t look all baggy by end of day. Hooray! And the tank opening is wide enough that it was easy to slip on and off for bathroom trips.

  3. Hi Laura! I love the way you’ve styled this! Have you washed that jumpsuit yet? I’ve made 2 purchases from Z Supply and they’ve both become literally unwearable after one wash (on cold, hang dry). So shrunken and out of shape that I had to laugh. Just wanted to give a heads-up to anyone considering buying from them. It’s a shame, because this jumpsuit is so cute! There’s a similar one at Alternative Apparel, I think….

    • Oh no! I haven’t washed it yet. I’ve started not drying so many of my knits to help them last longer. I’m so sad that happened to those pieces! Ugh. I’ll post back after washing.

  4. Love the jumpsuit and the ideas…I just got a similar black jumpsuit and this is great inspiration. Also, as the aviation manager of a diverse fleet of aircraft used mostly for natural resource and emergency response missions….it always surprises me that the strong opinions people have on what shoes to wear on a flight always focus on getting through security, comfort during the flight and/or maintaining some measure of professionalism or style–never on what you may need to exit the plane during an emergency and then face what ever environmental conditions you may find yourself in! My brain….it has been specifically trained to always think, “well, what if this happens…..!” Again, thanks for the great inspiration!

    • Omg as a former girl scout (not since 5th grade but omg “be prepared” really sunk in) I totally agree with you! Ha. I feel weird wearing sandals on the plane for some reason. Maybe this is it!

  5. Super cute ideas! What size did you take in the jumpsuit? I’m wondering if I should order a small or a medium. Maybe both and see?

    • I went with a small here and I’d say it’s TTS. And so soft a stretchy that it gives a little. But yeah I might try both just because…jumpsuits! They’re always a bit trickier to fit I think. Hope you love it!

  6. I got one from Athleta- same look but with a lower back, no-wrinkle/breathable technical fabric, AND much more forgiving on lumps and bumps than Jersey. I tried the super popular Nordstrom’s one last year and it showed ALL THE CURVES…. including bad ones. The Athleta was much easier to wear, dress up/down, etc.

    I’m 5’10”, 36H, size 14. The 14 fit perfectly. I don’t see it now, but I’d check out their selection/stalk.

  7. Thanks – I’ll order both and see! Jumpsuits can be tricky, but this would be perfect for my trip to NYC next month!

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