5 Fresh Ways to Wear Gap’s Gauze Pants


I dug out the long soft, beachy pants from my summer storage a few weeks ago. 

The pair I dubbed as The Pant of Summer when I first found them. 

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about them again, for the simple fact that my fashion interests have a habit of changing year to year, and because I wore them so much last summer there was a potential for being, well, sick of them.

But the moment I had both legs in and was pulling the almost cushiony, stretchy elastic up over my soft tummy, I was nearly sighing an audible sound of sweet relief. 

Gap gauze wide-leg pants, fisherman sweater, summer outfit

Crinkle Gauze Wide Leg Pants (M, Tall) | similar sweater

They were just as good as I remembered them…maybe even better. 

Gap’s Crinkle Gauze Wide Leg Pants Are Even Better Than I Remember

Gap’s Crinkle Gauze Wide-Leg Pants were a notable hit last year, and now they’ve been restocked this spring with a few additional colors (it’s taking every ounce of my self control to not order that lilac hue). 

Gap gauze wide-leg pants, fisherman sweater, summer outfit

Crinkle Gauze Wide Leg Pants (M, Tall)

The pants are phenomenal for tall girls. At just a tick under 5’10”, I have found the tall inseam, which I’m pictured wearing here, to be too long (gasp!) but because that almost never happens, I found it extra exciting and decided to keep them.  

I love how they pool around my feet, and the elastic waistband looks remarkably cute with a roll down if I ever get too tired of wearing them hiked up extra high.

Gap gauze wide-leg pants, fisherman sweater

Crinkle Gauze Wide Leg Pants (M, Tall) | similar sweater

Even though Gap labels the pants as mid-rise, the pairs I have from last year sit as a proper high rise on me.

5 Fresh Ways To Wear Gap’s Gauze Pants This Spring & Summer

I can already tell by the way my body practically melted into these pants upon trying them on again that these will be a smash hit for a second year in a row. In an effort to keep my outfits feeling fresh (purely for creativity sake) I decided I wanted to find some new inspiration for styling up Gap’s Crinkle Gauze Pants

After sorting through my closet, two things were very clear this time around: I love both a boxy shaped top or an exaggeratedly long top with these wide-leg pants. Those two silhouettes won every time.

1 | With An Oversized Button Down

Gap gauze wide leg pants and button-down shirt

pants (M, Tall) | top (XXL) | sandals

It was a go-to of mine last year to style an oversized button down layered over another (usually fitted) top, but this year I’m finding it more appealing to simply wear the oversized top alone. I no longer feel the need to balance out the look with a fitted item, as I’m much more drawn to a fully loose look.

After a few years of collecting more button down’s imaginable, this surprising option has been the BEST one of all (the softness and drapey quality are a true 10/10 – plus it machine washes + dries with zero fuss).

2 | With Something See-Through

Gap gauze wide-leg pants and crochet top

pants (M, Tall) | top (S) | sandals

I love the see-through trend – anything lace, sheer, or with an exaggerated open knit is not only fun and modern, but it’s the ideal scenario for someone like me who doesn’t always love a tank top yet also doesn’t love being sweaty.

This long-sleeve option that can be scooped up at Anthropologie and this drapey Free People sweater would both be incredible. This look is great for throwing on over a swimsuit and heading straight to the bar or dinner reservations, too!

3 | With A Pretty Sailor-Inspired Top

Gap gauze wide-leg pants and striped shirt

pants (M, Tall) | top (L) | flats

I’m more keen on pairing unexpected tops with Gap’s soft crinkle gauze than last year when I opted for mostly casual, true beach-going attire. The gathered waistline and flow of the pant legs makes it possible for these pants to almost lean dressy – a marvelous little trick, considering they feel like pajama pants.

Gap gauze wide-leg pants and striped shirt

pants (M, Tall) | top (L) | flats

This stripes-and-gauze combo creates a coastal look that makes me want to hop aboard a yacht. In the event my cutie little bow-backed tee doesn’t come back in full stock, here’s the same boatneck option without bows

4 | With A Boxy Tank

Gap gauze wide-leg pants and boxy tank

pants (M, Tall) | similar top | similar boots

While I’m usually in the mood for funky colorful outfits, there’s something so soothing about these pants that I find myself reaching for neutral looks again.

A boxy linen tank and neutral heels create for a look that would be perfect for a graduation party, a baby shower, or even a Friday at the office (perhaps with a cardigan draped over, because office temps). If you’re wanting the buttons on the back, look at this linen tank – I’m drooling over the red. 

Gap gauze wide-leg pants and boxy tank tucked in

pants (M, Tall) | similar top | similar boots

I love the top flowing over the edge of the pants, but it’s also incredibly cute tucked in thanks to the paperbag-esque cinch of the stretchy waistband. 

5 | With An Oversized Graphic Tee 

Gap gauze wide leg pants and graphic tee

pants (M, Tall) | tee (M) | flats

While a more fitted tee works just fine, I’m all about that More Is More look. Thankfully, graphic t-shirts came back in like a wrecking ball for fashion trends this year, and when you wear one that is extra long you will have endless tucking options. I have found that the thinner and softer the tee, the easier it is to tuck, tie, or twist (and The Laundry Room brand is perfect for just these kinds of tees). 

Ps – my flats in the red have nearly sold out, but you can still scoop up the mesh version!


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