6 Nordstrom Looks To Kick Off The New Year


It’s officially 2024. Woah. Why does that sound crazy to me? Time flying for anyone else? 

Anyways, (and more importantly) we’re getting our closets ready for the new year. Out with the old, in with the new. Well…sort of. We’re nothing if not practical, so we’ll still get a ton of use out of the pieces we already own. It’s always exciting to see what’s new out there especially when it’s a whole new year, though. The best way to get some wardrobe inspo for this upcoming year? Nordstrom looks, of course.

Nordstrom Looks To Get You Ready For The New Year

Our resident Nordstrom looks guru, Abby, came up with some pretty freakin’ awesome ideas that totally has me inspired. She’s also our resident colorful queen (which is definitely how you can tell the difference between us, haha). Maybe I really do need a red sweater for the winter. If you’re in need for some inspo or encouragement to step out of your neutral-loving comfort zone (like me) keep on readin’…

Nordstrom Look 1: Pick A Badass Shoe

One way I do try to bring out my inner Abby is with the shoes. Fun, badass shoes can take any neutral, simple outfit and make it so much more interesting. However, this outfit? Decidedly not boring. The mixed textures, leather skirt and a pretty metallic bag? That’s how to do neutrals in an interesting way.

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Nordstrom Look 2: Out & About

Red is everywhere at the moment and I’m living for it. You may have seen in my last post that although I’m loving touches of red, I’m not quite there yet with the bright red sweater. Well, I think I need a red sweater now. Thank you, Abby. It’s undeniably cheerful, but in a sexy kind of way. That paired with some classic blue jeans and a brown teddy coat makes it feel more wearable and less like, “Hello!! I’m wearing a red sweater!!” You know what I mean?

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Nordstrom Look 3: OMG This Dress Is Denim

I’ve been all googly-eyed for this Levi’s jacket for a little bit now. The rich, chocolate brown color is so good and jackets with a shearling collar are all the rage right now. I love the idea of pairing a trucker-style, menswear-inspired jacket with a sexy, sleek dress. The thing about this dress, though? It’s denim. So, it’s not overly fancy or fussy. I’d wear it with sneakers for day and pop on those brown booties for night.

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Nordstrom Look 4: A Fun & Wintry ‘Fit

Living my Y2K, main-character dreams through this outfit with this fun, long-sleeve top and crotchet-knit hat. Just pop on your go-to jeans, puffer and winter boots. PS: I’ve been eyeing those Sorel’s forever — I love the slightly sporty look of them. They even look good with leggings.

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Nordstrom Look 5: It’s Tweed Season

Tweed. Yes, tweed. Ever since I saw Chanel’s tweed pieces growing up, I’ve been slightly obsessed. If you’re one of those people that thought this fabric was only something you wear once you hit a certain age, think again! There’s a bunch of fresh takes on tweed right now at the retailers I typically shop at (including good ‘ole Nordstrom). Pair it with some jeans or sneakers for a more modern feel.

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Nordstrom Look 6: Splurge-Worthy Beanies

Forever a beanie girl over here. Not hair-wash day? Pop on a beanie. Bad hair day? Pop on a beanie. Outfit looking a little boring? Yep, pop on a (colorful or textured) beanie. The crotchet one above also comes in the gorgeous cream color-combo below. SO fun. A team favorite — Sh*t That I Knit’s beanies. Soft, warm and worth-the-splurge.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Hope this gives you guys some inspo for the upcoming year!


Danielle & Abby

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