Need Some Color Inspo? 6 Ways To Wear Adidas’ Bright Track Pants


I love having a few pant options in my spring and summer wardrobe. Of course they come in handy when the days are cool and breezy, but there are (so) many days when I truly just don’t wanna wear shorts. The only problem with most summer pants? They’re often very delicate – which, as a mom to a wild 3 year old, isn’t exactly the easiest option.

adidas track pants and striped crewneck sweater, spring outfit

pants (M) | top (L) | shoes

When I need a pant I don’t have to worry about sitting down in grass while wearing, or a pant that won’t bring the beach home with me, or even just any other option than white linen – I reach for my adidas track pants.

Yep, I’m Still Wearing Those Perfect Adibreak Track Pants On Repeat

The Adibreak Pants are soft and even a bit cozy on the inside, but I actually prefer wearing them in the spring and on mild summer days due to all those side snaps. Those breezy openings that run along the entire outside of your legs truly makes these a great option in warm weather – not to mention, the snaps themselves are cooling on your skin.

adidas yellow track pants

pants (M) | cardigan (L) | sandals

These babies go the distance as a mom, so it’s a nice little bonus that sporty bottoms such as these just so happen to be a big deal in the world of fashion right now.

If you’re someone who prefers wearing neutrals, the Adibreak Pants come in black (and even a beautiful navy, which I think almost counts) but I’ve really been leaning into color and loving the yellow. 

adibreak pants and brown vest, spring outfit

pants (M) | similar vest | slides

If you’ve been wanting to embrace color in your own wardrobe, there’s a really easy place to start when it comes to styling – just stick with the sandwich method. 

The sandwich method is the basic idea of matching your top to your shoes – it could even be as simple as matching an accessory (sunglasses, earrings, your bag) with your shoes. When you’re doing this with a colorful pant such as these, start by grabbing a neutral top and the same neutral shade of shoe. 

6 Ways To Style Adidas’ Bright Track Pants

Of course, I like getting a little funky with my color combos – but this idea of sandwiching the color with a neutral is exactly where I first began when I decided to bring more color into my outfits, and it really was an amazingly easy way to get dressed. 

1| With A Sweater Vest & Leather Slides

track pants outfit idea: with a sweater vest and leather slides

pants (M) | similar vest | slides

Here’s another example of the sandwich method! My old Gap vest is an easy throw-and-go with colorful pants like this – but sadly, it’s a few years old. They do have a linen-blend option on their website right now (ps – I sized ALL the way up in my Gap vest for this slouchy look), but I’m personally admiring this shaker-stitch option from Nordstrom that would be a gorgeous neutral vest to style in an outfit such as this. Just add these slides (in antique white)!

2| With Even More Stripes

colorful track pants and a striped crewneck sweater outfit

pants (M) | top (L) | shoes

The three stripes down the side of adidas clothing always makes me want to pair even more stripes with it, and this striped crewneck from Amazon is a particularly fun pairing because of the coordinating yellow. If you’re wanting to play around with more than neutrals with a bright pant, try coordinating one color throughout the outfit like this!

3| With A Graphic Tee & Flats

styling track pants with a graphic tee and ballet flats

pants (M) | tee (L) | flats

A ballet flat with track pants is so completely unexpected which is why it’s the perfect combination for 2024 fashion (here’s the mesh version of the flats!). Surprising juxtapositions like these make outfits more fascinating and fun to look at – not to mention, I wanted to go and be SEEN by the world wearing this. It just felt right. With the red shoe being on my feet, I made sure to reach for a graphic tee that also had a speck of red to help the outfit flow from top to bottom (ooo here’s another great graphic tee with red accents).

4| With A Neutral Colored Button-Down

track pants outfit idea: with a white button-down shirt

pants (M) | top (L) | flats

An oversized button down just works, everytime. This is an example of how easy it can be to sandwich a bright colored pair of pants with a matching neutral top & shoes. Even with a loud pant, this outfit doesn’t scream over the top, and it’s actually quite easy to wear. This is one of those outfits that takes me from work zoom calls to school pick up to a springtime happy hour.

5| With A Chunky Summer Cardigan

adidas yellow track pants and striped cardigan, spring outfit

pants (M) | cardigan (L) | sandals

Obviously, this pairing can’t work in every summer climate. But if you’re seeing mild temperatures or are on a breezy coastline, a nautical-inspired sweater such as this is truly amazing to pair with anything (mine is currently sold out in navy but loooook at this one). From denim to boxer shorts, slip skirts to track pants, a coastal cardigan gets the job done, every time.

6| With A Little Skin

spring outfit idea, colorful pants and a striped button-up shirt

pants (M) | bra top (M) | button down (L) | slides

One of the best parts about adidas’ Adibreak track pants is the stretchy waistband that sits just right on my soft tummy. There’s absolutely no digging, and it comes with an inside drawstring to keep the pants in place right where you want them to sit. Because of that, I feel more confident wearing these pants with a summer-ready, skin-baring top. You can throw this on with a swimsuit, or opt for that tiny cropped top you’ve been feeling brave enough to try (that’s me, speaking to myself).


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