7 Cute Curvy Girl Outfits For Summer


It’s been a little goal of mine to find more brands with size inclusive options and include more curve-friendly, cute outfits. I don’t talk or show much of my overall look on here (I’m what some may call the mysterious entity at TME). But for reference — I’m about 5’2, shop straight and plus sizing and finding pants that fit correctly is the epitome of my hell. My size depends a lot on the brand, the specific piece of clothing and the time of month. For trousers and jeans, though, I’ve been going for a size 18. All of this to say — these are recommendations from a curvy girl herself!

Back to what I’m doing here. I wanted to highlight pieces for the curvy queens, and just make it a bit easier to find the good stuff. Nearly all of the pieces are around xs-3x and some go up to 5x, though. So, there’s a little somethin’ for everyone here.

Inspo For Summer: 7 Cute Looks In Extended Sizing

Since it’s summer (and the more Abby rubs off on me), I’m finding that I’m actually into color. Woah, crazy…I know. It’s been a slow inevitability that I’ve just come to terms with now. Of course, I had to throw in some neutrals for balance. For these specific outfits, I had a lot of luck at Anthro (by surprise — they have pieces that go up to 3x finally!), but if you’re curious about other brands that do plus size well — SKIMS, Good American and Eloquii are my top at the moment (and generally go up to 5x). Super impressed with my finds at Walmart, too.

Outfit 1: Gimme Gingham

Nothing like starting off my color journey with a dress that has all the colors. But for some reason (maybe it’s the gingham)…it still feels wearable. Dress, sneaks and some cute socks…done.

plus size outfit

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NOTES: Ever since I saw these Vince sneakers, I’ve been itching to style them up. The color is just so freakin’ good. As soon as I saw this dress, I knew it was a match made in heaven. And those Bombas socksAbby styled them up recently and they truly do make that much of a difference to outfits.

Outfit 2: Aperol Spritz, Anyone?

Okay, I’m a liar. I actually hate Aperol Spritz. I do not have fancy taste buds (I can see Shana snickering now at my child-like food choices, haha). But c’mon the shirt is too cute, I’d still wear it. That’s fine, right?

plus size outfit

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NOTES: One of the easiest ways to elevate a tee — cool pants. Not only do these look super comfy and breathable for the heat (as someone who prefers pants over everything else even in the summer), but the details. Stunning. And those Gola sneakers might be my fave so far…I can’t resist some silver. BTW — yes that’s a headband. I think it really does add a little something.

Outfit 3: Pretty In Pastel

I’m becoming more of a dress girl (seriously, who even am I anymore?). This one I found after seeing Abby’s Walmart haul that she did for her trip to Paris. Don’t sleep on Walmart, guys. You can find some pretty options for a great price.

walmart dress

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NOTES: Danggggit. Those sneakers seriously sell out SO quickly, but the good news…they’re always coming back with all the cool and unexpected color combos. So, keep an eye out. Also, you may have noticed I’m including watches in all the looks so far. I just recently started getting into them. They always give a luxe, timeless feel. Little details like that can totally elevate a look.

Outfit 4: Coastal Breeze

I’ve probably mentioned this a thousand times, but even in the heat…I tend to bring a little cardigan or jacket especially if I’m going to a restaurant where I know the AC will be kicking. So, I still consider this a summer look. That ocean breeze is no joke, too.

curvy girl cute looks

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NOTES: This cardigan is the type of sailor, coastal vibe I can get behind. I’d definitely wear it super casual, but I love the idea of wearing it with a long denim skirt and little tank.

Outfit 5: A Touch of Tangerine

If you would’ve told me not too long ago that I want a silky orange skirt…I’d tell you you’re crazy. But, here we are. It’s just making me so happy. Along with that fish clip…COME ON. It’s the little things.

curvy girl cute looks

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NOTES: I find that high-neck tops read a little fancier, so it works perfectly with the skirt and kitten heels for a nice dinner or GNO. If I wanted to wear it a little more casual for day, I’d wear it with those Nike sneakers (how good is that color combo?).

Outfit 6: Summer Stripes

The stripes are taking over my life this summer. I cannot stop looking at all. the. stripes. I mean…how cute is that matching set? Even if you ditch the top for a plain tee and wear those shorts…such a cute but interesting lewk.

curvy girl cute looks

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NOTES: I’ve been dying to try those Hoka sneakers. I need to see if they’re that great for walking around a lot. But, I couldn’t resist including the Gazelles, too. Something about the stripes with more stripes..haha.

Outfit 7: Moody & Sleek

I’d say this outfit would be my day to night, date look. I’d probably go for the jeans, always (and I’ll forever love flares), but had to include shorts just in case. Even denim shorts can be fancified with some sleek heels and the right top.

curvy girl cute looks

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NOTES: Shoutout again to Walmart for that top, jeans and denim shorts. When I wanna feel a little more put-together, but still wear denim I feel like darker denim does the trick. And flares.

Hope these cute looks gave you some inspo for the summatime.


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Finding plus size outfits can be challenging at times. So, I (a curvy girl) came up with 7 cute outfits that I'd wear all summer.
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