#TMEStyleChallenge Week 4 Results: ’70s Vibe


Ok, you foxy mamas (ha)…October’s #TMEStyleChallenge is officially wrapped! For our fourth and final week, we had you take on a ’70s vibe and you all outdid yourselves. We were amazed by all of the side-by-side inspo shots with your fav ’70s icons (Mary above + Farrah kiiiind of rocked our world so, there’s that). Plenty of you planned out your ’70s inspired looks to wear on date night, to a party or some fun event and we LOVE that. That is exactly what we had in mind when creating this fun little series and of course, we love getting to “meet” all of you. It’s safe to say this month was a total success, right?

Though this #TMEStyleChallenge round is over, we’ll revive it again very soon. That said, we’re always open to fun suggestions for next time. Keep an eye out over on our Instagram (@themomedit) and we’ll announce the next one sometime after the holidays.

Whether you just read along, played along or sent us multiple pictures for each week’s challenge, we’re so happy you did.

Our final week means one final $50 gift card winner! Janice, check your Instagram DM’s, chick! Congrats.


Ruth (@ruthyannie

From your gorgeous braids to those amazing driving shoes, this is totally amazing, Ruth.

Klaudia (@fitserbmama)

Farrah Fawcett hair looks GOOD on you Klaudia. You nailed this.

Krista (@thequirkyshopper)

Oh hey, Krista! You’re giving us all the heart eyes with those flares (again) + those clogs are so. freaking. good. Thanks for always playing along.

Deirdre (@leggings_and_rose)

We’re feeling both of these looks, Deirdre! Bonus points for being the only one to rock the printed scarf.

Emily (@etangst)

’70s inspired and totally chic for fall. You’re glowing, chick!

Elizabeth (@elizabethrafter)

YESSSS. You were born to wear flares, Elizabeth. Love.

Mary (@mymaria2)

Not only did Maria pull off our amazing featured image (above) she gave us a few extra shots with the skateboard…and now we need one.

Tracy (@chardonnaynshopping)

Tracy took notes from not one icon..but two!! We love how inspired your looks are and how you take on ALL of these challenges. Thank you so much for sharing!


If we’re learning anything at all here, it’s that our readers look SO GOOD in flares. You guys are all unreal. we love this look with the striped sweater too, a lot like Shana’s take!

Katie (@katieinbkln)

Katie, week after week you are giving us the best bathroom selfies (and takes on these challenges). Your vintage-striped track outfit miiiiight be the winner though.

Erica & Nse (@attaccafashion)

Ooooo Erica and Nse! You two killed it yet again. Thank you both for playing along with us.

Lauren (@dit_elle)

Lauren, we love your takes on ’70s vibe but the pics with your mini me made our day.

Alastar (@ozncocosmama)

Cutest Trick or Treat-er’s! Alastar, you made ’70s look so effortless. Love it.

Andrea (@adavis13)

This jumpsuit is AMAZING. Your earring choice is spot-on, too. Thanks for sharing, Andrea.

Janice (@janicepersico)

Dresses + jeans, FOREVER. Can we also talk about your gorgeous back drop for pics? This was such a great one, Janice. Thank you!

Patty (@pattykishcakes)

Ohhh yeah, baby. We were patiently waiting on someone to whip out the bell sleeves!!

T. (@iso.denim)

T. this entire outfit is so creative and makes us so happy. We’re taking serious style notes from you, chick.

Helen (@valleyoftheshoes)

A West Coast ’70s vibe … we wish we had the weather to try this amazing caftan look right this hot second. Maybe next summer…

Mallory (@malloryhigh)

Mallory channeled her inner Robert Plant…and she did him total justice.

Jessie (mountaineer_chick)








Your dreamy layers + cool color palette make you look like you just stepped out of a FP catalog, Jessie. This is a great take.

Melanie (@melanie_egorin)

Is that skirt…SUEDE? We need that. Your outfit is spot on for the theme yet crazy chic, Melanie. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa (@sullivan4407)

Lisa told us that her husband likes to take photos and as a team, they nailed this one. We love how she rocked that crop top, too.



Shana (@shanachristine)

top | jacket | jeans | booties | scarf

A twist on double denim and some flares. S is a true ’70s babe in this one.

Cam (@camilledipaola)

tee | jeans (similar) | shoes (similar) | bag

Cams took her inspo from 1970s Jane Birken for this one…well done.

Julieta (@julietatorresd)

top | jeans | coat

Julieta paired some floral (that could easily be ’70s print wallpaper) + some cool, flared out denim…love.

Jess (@jessbobess)

dress (similar) | jacket | boots

Jess’ dreamy tiered dress looks perfect with her denim + suede.

Laura (@elletrain)

left: jacket | jeans | clogs | earrings

right: jacket | cords (similar) | clogs | earrings

Ooo, cords on Laura (our resident jeans addict)! She still snuck some denim in (very appropriately, we might add) with that sherpa lined jacket.

’til next #TMEStyleChallenge!

Team TME