8.14 Weekly Links


On Friday, the four of us hopped on a plane to Iceland – and if you follow me on IG, you’ll know that it took us 18 hours to get here (instead of 5).  We had a layover at JFK and were delayed both flying in and out.  Additionally, our plane to Reyjkavik had something wrong with the air conditioning, so we sat on the runway for three hours, finally deboarded, and then had to wait another two hours for a different plane.  I mean, yeah – this is all normal traveling stuff, but considering that we were deboarding at 12:30AM, and takeoff for Reyjkavik finally happened at  2:45AM….ugh.  It was grueling.

(Apologies to the man sitting next to me and Pax. I’m so glad you have kids of your own, and weren’t too fazed by the 3AM bouts of screaming.  Or the 4:30AM kicking episode.)

But Iceland has been totally worth it.  More soon (soooo much more soon), or follow along on my IG (@shanachristine).  I’m a little behind on pics, but have been keeping my IG stories up.  And a huge thank-you to everyone who weighed in with tips. We’ve been using them like crazy – SO helpful!!


Iceland on the brain.  You guys were asking about the hiking boots and hat in this picture.  The hat is Under Armour, and the boots are Danner.  I tried on 15 other pairs of hiking boots before allowing myself to splurge on the Danners.  For a lower cost (but similar look), try the Merrell Sugarbush (but they do run a tiny bit narrow).

25% off on pants at LOFT.  I just bought this pair (size 0P, for reference).  They’re a cross between cargo pants and cropped chinos and I love them.

Seeing red.  Shopbop has some seriously fun pieces on sale….like this cozy red sweatshirt (slight off-shoulder), and this striking (yet comfy) wide-leg, 2 piece set.  I’m obsessed.

I’ve been working on Fall trends....in addition to red (like above), dark, moody florals will be a pretty big player this Fall.  I’m loving this long-sleeve dress.  So cute with flat sandals now or over-the-knee boots later.  Or even classic tall boots (add a trench coat).  It has a keyhole back, but will work with a black bra.


Also, THIS

Are you too old to wear this?  My answer to that question will forever and always be THIS.

Peaches, tomatoes, and basil oh my!  All I want to eat for the rest of my life is this simple farm-stand salad from Clean_Eating_Journal.

Scientists, Please Run For Office.  I loved Wired magazine’s plea (and rationale) to get more scientists running for public office.

Can you measure good parenting?  Yeah….it might be hopeless. At least according to phycologist Alison Gropnik.  I LOVED the interview with her in Chatalaine, especially the part where she talks about how even the term “parenting” is a new one, and that maybe we need to change our focus.  “We don’t talk about “wiving” our husbands or “friending” our friends, or “childing” our parents. We just talk about being in a relationship with those people. You don’t measure whether your marriage was good based on whether or not your husband is better now than he was 10 years ago, or whether your friend is richer than when they first became your friend. The relationships between parents and children is a kind of love, rather than a kind of work.”   She encourages parents to get away from the results-driven approach to parenting (for the sake of both kids and parents), and makes a pretty compelling argument.  I think I’m going to buy her book.

Philly locals – come and see me at LOFT!  I’ll be there for a shopping event on Friday, Aug 25th, after we get back from Iceland.  More details soon!





  1. Ha! I loved that article about what not to wear over 30. Thank you.

    I’d love an article about some comfortable cool looking sneakers that would be suitable for city walking. I can’t seem to find anything locally that isn’t for exercise. I thought you did an article recently on “fashion sneakers” but I keep trying to find it and I can’t!

  2. Love the article about women over 30. It’s perfect!! Can’t wait to hear what’s going on Friday! I think I’ll drag my sister along this time, too! Yay for Friday plans!

  3. I love Alison Gropnik’s book! So, so interesting — I couldn’t stop texting parts of it to my husband while I was reading it :). Highly recommend

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