8 Breezy Summer Tops in Cotton + Linen (At Nordstrom Right Now)


When it gets hot all I want to wear are natural fibers and, of course, Nordstrom is a natural go-to for easy try-ons when I want a variety of things. I went perusing through their site to see what cotton and linen tops stood out right now and found some lovely gems.

Cotton and linen are so breathable for those hot summer days and since I don’t find myself wearing teeny tiny anything in the summer like I did when I was younger, I have to stick to these fabrics even more so now for keeping cool. Typically these fibers also just get better and better with wear, so I’m less likely to get rid of them as often. Tops like these remain in my closet much longer. So let’s get into it right away with this phenomenal sweater, shall we?

Sweater (M) | Pants (M)

The Cotton + Linen Tops I Tried At Nordstrom

Ok hiiii sweater. And hiii pretty tops to follow. This was a super fun breezy try-on (for the most part…it does seem like when I change clothes more than twice now I get hot regardless, but these fabrics at least kept me pretty happy LOL)

Dude. What word can we come up with that is more exciting than perimenopause for me to use in my articles. LMK. Party-menopause? K thx. I’ll make t-shirts.

1 | Faherty Miramar Linen + Cotton Sweater

This may be the best summer-weight sweater I’ve tried on…perhaps ever. I know that’s a bold statement but it’s just the perfect weight, drape and feel. And cut. And stripes. Freaking love this thing.

It would be lovely thrown over a swimsuit at the end of the day as the sun sets. The v-neck and collar are SO my jam and the stripes are just the right balance (big wide stripes and I don’t really get along.)

Sweater (M) | Pants (M) | Heels 

Fabric: 64% linen, 36% organic cotton

Fit: Boxy and slightly oversized, but not too much. Long sleeves that I adore. True to size overall.

Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is way more fun with us!

2 | Vitamin A Linen Cover-up

Sorry about the creases below, I was on a time crunch (I hate wrinkled try-ons so much but some days, well…are Mondays.) However, this Vitamin A linen top was one of my favorites from the try-on. It’s cute over pants…

Top (M) | Pants (M) | Sandals

…and just as good as a swim cover-up, too. It’s got that camp shirt vibes but in a really gorgeous happy blue.

Top (M) | Swimsuit (8)

Fabric: 100% linen

Fit: Tunic length and relaxed but not oversized.

3 | Farm Rio Eyelet Tank

You’ve seen this pretty eyelet tank before, but I can’t quit it. And it’s on sale! But it’s going quickly in white. Still available in that pretty pistachio green.

Top (M) (also at Farm Rio) | Pants (M) | Birks

Fabric: 100% cotton

Fit: Boxy and cropped. True to size. I have the pants pulled up to my natural waist here.

4 | Steve Madden Stripe Crossover Tank

This fun crossover tank wasn’t perfect on me but it’s sooo cute. I’m short from shoulders to bust so I have a tricky time fitting well in tops like this but it was surprisingly close. The neck buttons are a little fiddly so honestly you need to live with someone to help do that part, but hey. It’s adorable so that’s what matters right? LOL.

It will prob fit well if you don’t have a problem with straps falling off your shoulders, but if you have an actual longer torso it will be cropped. Worth a try, but be aware of these caveats. The back does have stretchy smocking so that helps with the fit and comfort factor for sure.

Top (M) | Pants (M) | Sandals

Fabric: 90% cotton, 10% linen

Fit: Fitted but stretchy across the lower back. True to size.

5 | MOTHER Cotton + Linen Graphic Tee

I love MOTHER tees in general and have for years. They are a higher price point but made so well. But. I’m realizing I’m getting so used to more cropped t-shirts that hit right at my waistline that I’m not sure what to do with any full length tees anymore.

I tried half-tucking…eh…I tried knotting it (below) and that would work with higher rise pants, but not the ones I had on. So. If you’re not a short-waisted gal like me you don’t have this issue, but this is where my head is at, for sure.

Tee (M) | Pants (M) | Sneakers

Tee (M) | Pants (M) | Sneakers

Fabric: Cotton + linen

Fit: Slightly loose and drape-y but not oversized. More of a women’s fit than a unisex fit.

6 | Madewell Linen Tank

First off, you can totes wear a regular bra with this tank. Love it. I’m a 34D (almost DD) and I can’t really do most summery little bralettes or a strapless really much anymore. Idk. Gravity or something but love that I don’t have to worry about it with this!

Tank (M also at Madewell) | Pants (M) | Sandals

Fabric: 100% Linen

Fit: Boxy. Flowy. I probably could have sized down to a S in this one and that’s rare for me these days. These pants are midrise so I’d say the top hits typically at the waist.

7 | Madewell Boxy Cap Sleeve Linen Camp Shirt

The cut of this top is seriously perfect. I love the cap sleeves, boxy fit and length that hits right at the waist. So good! Not sure if the color/stripe combo is too soft for me, but gosh. Otherwise it’s a gem.

Top (M) | Pants (M)

Fabric: 100% linen

Fit: True to size and beautifully cut.

8 | Free People Riley Seamed Tee

This little cotton Free People muscle tee is great. It does run a little long on me, so I had to figure out how to slouch it or tuck it, but the shoulders and seaming are so up my alley that I might just deal with the extra fabric. I love a raglan muscle tee for highlighting my shoulders.

Top (M) | Pants (M) | Sneakers

Fabric: 100% cotton

Fit: Fitted at the top without being tight in the midsection. True to size. Slightly long for my shorter upper body.



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