That Time We All Tried Styling Biker Shorts


Soooo…biker shorts. This was one trend I wasn’t planning to touch with a ten-foot pole — and frankly, I didn’t think it would last this long — but the trend, like the fabric itself, is proving to be resilient. It just keeps…bouncing on back (har, har)…remember how I wore them April 1st? And since trying out new trends is basically part of the job, we thought we’d take this one for a spin (cue: groans from all contributors over the age of 35). A few of us remember bike shorts alllll too well from the first time around, so putting a 2019 spin on a 1988 fashion trend proved to be…interesting.

8 Outfit Ideas With…BIKER SHORTS

There were some rules to this game. The biggest rule? Whatever you came up with…you had to actually wear OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE. None of this mirror selfie business. Come up with an outfit idea, put it on, and ACTUALLY LIVE IT. At least for a few hours.

My Take: Spanx Camo Biker Shorts

Soooo...biker shorts are a trend again, eh? We're trying 'em, which means we came up with 8 cute biker shorts outfits. Here's our take (+ a video).

The shorts: I went with Spanx’s camo bike shorts (also available in plus sizes). I mean….if I’m going to do this whole spandex thing, why not get a pair that also sucks me in and lifts the butt? Besides…camo.

The outfit:  Since oversized tee + bike shorts were one of my uniforms of old…I started there. I felt like a teenager in the baggy shirt/no pants look, so I ended up knotting the tee. IDK. I didn’t hate it? And then I added some comfy heels for sophistication. #itsfashionbrenda My exact tee is old (but most of my fav graphic tees usually come from here), and similar heels can be found, here.

What happened:  I wore this outfit to a friend’s house to watch the Eagles game. Nobody noticed or gave me any side-eye…but this crew is pretty used to my particular brand of crazy. (And Linzi wasn’t there — she would’ve called me out in a hot second.) Then Mike and I went to our salsa class. Oddly enough, it was kinda perfect — sexy and comfy? IDK. I got a ton of compliments on it. Hmm.

The verdict: Initially I felt ridiculous. Like Why Am I In Bike Shorts? Am I biking Somewhere? Do I Need A Helmet? Oh Hey, High Heels – It’s A Surprise To See You Down There! etc., But like most new trends, there seems to be breaking-in period. Once I had it on for a while, I liked it more and more. Truth be told…I’d prefer the look of denim shorts to bike shorts…BUT…bike shorts are both easier to move in (hi, Salsa Class) AND they cover more of my leg. So. I get the appeal, I think.

Scotti’s Take: FILA Biker Shorts

Soooo...biker shorts are a trend again, eh? We're trying 'em, which means we came up with 8 cute biker shorts outfits. Here's our take (+ a video).hoodie (similar and on sale, I also LOVE the stars on this one!) / shorts / sneakers 

The shorts: I had to physically go into a store to try these babies on because, apparently, not all bike shorts are created equally. I found this out after ordering a few online that “fit” for all intents and purposes, but dug into my thighs or flared out awkwardly. I finally went with a high-waisted pair from FILA that also come in white. You’re welcome.   

The outfit: I mean, I really wanted to do that whole blazer-and-t-shirt thing, but when I added the bike shorts it just looked . . . wrong. Like the top half of me wanted to go somewhere other than my bottom half did. But then I remembered the sweatshirt hoodie I have that’s almost long enough to wear as a dress, but still needs something under it in order to make it feel like I’m not really wearing a sweatshirt as a dress. I often throw it on over leggings, so this worked perfectly. I added these amazingly awesome hi-tops from Nike, and it was basically a warmer weather version of an outfit I wear all the time.

What happened: Honestly, my train of thought as far as what outfit I was going to put together totally changed once Shana made it clear I had to actually leave the house and wear them . . . outside of the house. I veered from cutting-edge-fashion-type-outfit to hopefully-people-won’t-laugh real quick. But honestly, it wasn’t bad—I love those shoes and I love that sweatshirt, and I feel like those were the main focus of the outfit, so I didn’t really feel that awkward.  

The verdict: I mean . . . it’s fine? As long as I’m wearing them in a way I’d normally wear leggings, but in a warmer weather situation that makes sense. And as long as I’m wearing them with some sort of sneaker or sandal type footwear. Because with the heels, I just can’t. I’d feel like a total fashion victim. (And this is literally the only time you’ll hear me say I’d choose Dad sneaks over heels.) So I’ll probably wear them again.  Maybe.


Laura’s Take: Adidas Biker Shorts

Soooo...biker shorts are a trend again, eh? We're trying 'em, which means we came up with 8 cute biker shorts outfits. Here's our take (+ a video).blazer (6) / tee (similar) or this one! / shorts (s) / sneakers (tts)

The shorts: In true Portland sportswear style (read: Adidas has a headquarters here), I went with the Adidas originals bike shorts. It’s hard to see in this photo, but they have the classic three stripes down the sides. You know me and a good stripe or pattern. I thought it might distract from the fact that I was wearing BIKE SHORTS IN PUBLIC.

The outfit: I almost went the sweatshirt route like Scotti, but then this long line blazer came into my life and I was all YES. Maybe that would distract from the fact I was wearing bike shorts, too. It sorta does. And the jacket is killer. I think for almost every outfit these days I say “add graphic tee and high tops and done” so that’s what I did here too and, besides the biker shorts themselves, I love this look.

What happened:  I’ll admit I only wore this for a short bit outside the house. I was baffled on where I’d actually wear something like this. Posy, my photog, LOVED it though and I was surprised. She’s not one to mince words so I felt better about the whole thing after she said that…but I still didn’t wear it when we went to lunch after…

The verdict: I’m continually stuck on where I would wear this…sightseeing in LA this spring? That’s the only thing I can come up with. Haha. Though I scoff, I’m ALWAYS down for a good style challenge and had fun putting the look together. 

Kat’s Take: Biker Shorts ALL Day

Soooo...biker shorts are a trend again, eh? We're trying 'em, which means we came up with 8 cute biker shorts outfits. Here's our take (+ a video).jean jacket / tank / shorts / slides

The shorts: I have been on the biker shorts train since college. My friends and I used to wear them on the daily, most often when we were too lazy to wear real clothes. So when the Kardashian’s made this trend a thing, I was already well-prepared for one of my absolute favorite outfits. The shorts I am wearing in this photo don’t have a tag in them and I have had them forever, but I have biker shorts from Lane Bryant, Spanx, Victoria’s Secret, Target and a few others that are unidentifiable. Needless to say, I am probably one of few TME babes who absolutely loves these. On a side note, I typically wear biker shorts under every single skirt or dress I wear, which is one of the many reasons why I have such a large collection. 

The outfit: Biker shorts with a crop top is pretty much my go-to uniform in the summer, and what’s great about this is that its perfect for all-day events. I have had days when I’ve worn this exact outfit to go hiking, and then thrown on a jean jacket and worn it to lunch or to go shopping. I also like spicing up the look for an evening out, and will pair it with a great structured black blazer and a pair of sensible heels

What happened:  I put on said biker shorts, took some photos and went about my day. No fuss or muss about it. 

The verdict: I am 100% here for the biker shorts trend. I was here years ago, and never left. And I will be here strutting these for years to come too! I love ’em and that’s that! 

Cam’s Take: Fabletics Biker Shorts 

Soooo...biker shorts are a trend again, eh? We're trying 'em, which means we came up with 8 cute biker shorts outfits. Here's our take (+ a video).

The shorts: I’ll be honest, I wasn’t going to run out and find *the perfect pair of bike shorts* for this. I walked into my closet, remembered I had a pair from Fabletics (which is my favorite sportswear line) and then thought, hmmm. Where do I go from here? 

The outfit: [me continuing to ponder] How does one style a pair of bike shorts without looking like you’re about to go cycling OR struttin’ it like a famous streetstyle blogger who’s totally comfortable in massive dad sneaks? I decided that I couldn’t really come to a solid conclusion, but that I’d just go with what felt right….which landed me on a long, tunic-like button down and a hoodie sweatshirt w/ gaping side slits (it felt like a winner). I then threw on my GGs, a pair of Nickel & Suede earrings and walked out the door without looking back. (Literally, I tried not to look in the mirror so that I could be blissfully unaware of how I really looked in tight, bright blue biker shorts.)

What happened: Like I said, I walked out the front door and yeh…you’ll have to watch the video to find out what I did next. Riveting. That’s all I’ll leave you with.

The verdict: Oh, I don’t know. I didn’t hate wearing them. I also didn’t immediately fantasize about all of the glorious ways I would style them for xyz, though…so. I think this is one look I’ll safely keep within the errands/school pick-up lane…oh, and for anytime I feel like a ride on my bicycle.

Jess’s Take: Spanx Biker Shorts

Soooo...biker shorts are a trend again, eh? We're trying 'em, which means we came up with 8 cute biker shorts outfits. Here's our take (+ a video).

cardigan / cami (similar) / shorts / sneaks

The shorts: Spanx, baby, Spanx. I didn’t have to go beyond my shapewear drawer to find my perfect pair. I already knew that I loved these shorts, that they were comfortable, AND that they held all the jiggles in very well. Also, they were pretty affordable at only $38.00 at Nordstrom. I was a li’l worried they would look like shapewea,r but they totally didn’t – so dual purposing FTW! 

The outfit: This SUPER-affordable cardigan from Target saved me. Everything I tried before just made me look like I was heading to the gym (in a very poor choice of gym shoes), I also wanted something that covered le’ bum so I could feel comfortable in public as well something that provided a fun contrast to the outfit. Before stumbling upon this beauty at Target in a desperate, last-ditch search, I was out of ideas.

What happened: I wore it first just to the coffee shop — then feeling emboldened, I made it a regular occasion.

Verdict: From thinking that I would skip this whole challenge to wearing biker shorts out on the regular, it’s safe to say I’m a biker shorts convert, BIG TIME.


Tori’s Take: Aerie Biker Shorts 

Soooo...biker shorts are a trend again, eh? We're trying 'em, which means we came up with 8 cute biker shorts outfits. Here's our take (+ a video).Sweater / Shorts / Sneakers 

The shorts: I only own bike shorts from Aerie, so I can’t say that I have much to compare these to. I do own several different styles from the company though, and I’d say these, over all the other styles, are the best for shaping. Honestly I feel like I’m wearing Spanx with designs on them. They really hold everything up and in very nicely, but they’re still comfy! 

The outfit:  This is how I wear bike shorts. Honestly I.M.O, this is how bike shorts are meant to be worn, and I’m not bold enough to be the one to try to change that today or any day in the future, lol. I typically either wear my bike shorts with a cute sweater (like this one from H&M), a tank top or an oversized button up shirt.

What happened:  So, I wore this outfit to take my kids to the apple orchard where there were hundreds of people and little kids running around. Nobody looked twice at me. It was a warm day and I felt like this outfit was totally acceptable to be running around chasing your kids and jumping in corn kernel pools in. I felt like I was actually appropriately dressed for a fun day in the apple orchard.

The verdict: Like I said, this is my go-to summer/early fall casual uni, so I guess you can say I’m biased. I love the comfort of bike shorts, I love that I don’t have to worry about them riding up or anything falling out while I’m chasing the kids, and I’m loving the never-ending options now that they’ve become somewhat of a fashion trend! So, I suppose I owe a big thank you to whoever decided it was a great idea to take these outside of the gym and even dress them up a little!

Emily’s Take: BALEAF Compression Shorts

Soooo...biker shorts are a trend again, eh? We're trying 'em, which means we came up with 8 cute biker shorts outfits. Here's our take (+ a video).Top (Vintage) / Shorts / Shoes / Belt Bag (sold out in Black, but on super sale in a cool Pine color here and in snazzy Silver, which I might like even more, here), fave sunnies ($15!!)

The shorts: I went ahead and chose a pair of biker shorts that would actually be utilized for fitness after this challenge crashed and burned (kidding…kind of), so these compression shorts from Amazon have a high waist and slimming pockets on each leg that could hold an ID, cash, credit card or phone. (Or all of the above if you’re really not concerned about the profile of your thigh!)

The outfit: I basically went the route of styling these up much the same as I would have if I were 11, which is maybe the last time I even attempted this style. Oversized t-shirt (I chose a silkier version with a little gold hardware in an attempt to make the look at least a little more elevated — it’s vintage DVF and I’ve literally had it since high school!); the ever-polarizing belt bag (what’s one iffy trend without another?); trusty Stan Smiths; and this Adidas logo sports bra (which happens to be my very favorite sports bra of the moment — enough so that I would almost rock it solo, so yeah, big deal…). Oh, and these new fave sunnies that Tiarra turned me onto, which are $15, have overwhelmingly positive reviews and are perfect for hiding during questionable fashion moments.

What happened: I wore this outfit for a super-casual bachelorette brunch in Sonoma — and honestly, it was just fine for the vibe. We ate in the garden and not one person batted an eye at my look, though personally I would have felt more comfortable rocking the exact same ensemble with plain black leggings or distressed jeans.

The verdict: In doing “research” for this post, I actually liked biker shorts on other people far more than I expected to. Probably not a style that I would revisit for myself on the regular, but…maybe?? Still fun, though!