8 Really Cute Rain Jackets: A Try-On


When you think of raincoats… do you think of A. a shockingly bright yellow one with a silly, matching waterproof bucket hat or B. that ugly, too-thick or too-thin one that’s currently buried in your closet, staying reserved for that one rainy day a year…but never actually gets used? For me, it’s both. Wamp waaamp. But that changes now!

I think now know it’s time to abandon those thoughts because Shana found some of the cutest rain jackets I’ve ever seen. Ok, ok, it may help that she styled them with a really cute dress & some of my fave jeans… but my statement still stands!!! The silhouettes, colors & materials lean way more gorgeous than I remembered rain jackets being. Two claps for S for finding these gems!

A Rain Jacket Try-On: 8 Jackets From Free People, Lolë & Halfdays

Shana went right to Halfdays, Lolë & Free People while on the hunt for her new rain jacket and let’s just say they DID NOT DISAPPOINT. These range from sleek & chic all the way to just cute & fun.

So guys, these 8 are proven cute and wearable…. and not permanent-resident-of-the-closet-destined. Phew.

Psst — curious about every rain jacket S tries on? You can find this latest video here on our Youtube channel. Just click “More” in the description and you’ll find allll of the shopping links.


Abby & Shana


  1. I heard sizing for one of the jackets, but would you be able to share which size you prefer in each style. Also, is there another link to the Halfdays Douglas jacket? It no longer looks to be on their site. Thanks!

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