9.15 HOME Weekend Sales Post

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If you need HOME Decor on Sale, scroll, they are there.

If you are up, or down, for some thoughts, well, here’s where my head and heart are right now after having just read S’s Weekend Post …so read on. And then we’ll get to the sales.

I am divorced. And I have 3 young kids. And we recently got (is that the right word?) a new custody order. And we’re all adjusting (is that the right word?), and it’s complicated. And I don’t talk much about any of that here because, well, it’s a little scary to. One needs to be very careful what one shares with a large audience in a public, written word. But here’s the thing: I’m not alone. And while we may have been early to the divorced thing (yay us?), plenty of others are also on that road with us at this point. My married friends couldn’t possibly be more supportive than they are. My divorced and otherwise for other reasons also single mom friends? Well, they just kinda understand some things in ways that only experience would let you. And in being understood, and felt, well, there’s just so much love in that. So here’s where I am on that right now: hold that thought. Because I feel like it would actually be cathartic for me, and maybe helpful to a reader or two out there who might be struggling with this particular struggle if we maybe were a little more open and talked a little more about it. I just need to figure out how to do that safely and well. So for now, let’s just start with this little shout out of love: I have a tribe, of big-hearted, whip-smart, hysterical, amazing single mom friends. And without their unconditional love and forever support, I’d be screwed. You know who you are. And I love you all. That’s not our defining tribedom, but it is one we all find so much love and support in, every darn day. So if you, are reading this, and can relate, just know this: we feel you sister. And we extend our love to you too. And one of these days, we’ll put our big brains and big hearts together and figure out a way to share stories that will make you both laugh and cry, and our cumulative tips and tricks and lessons learned for survival of this particular life challenge; b/c like many things in life, I can’t figure this one out alone, but I bet if we work on it together, we will absolutely figure it out, how to share those stories. So stay-tuned if this is somewhere you could use a little support too, and for now, just feel our group hug we’re sending you.

It was S talking about how she handles (is that the right word?) Pax that got me thinking this morning. I don’t have a Pax. There’s only one Pax. But I have a child who my mother tells me takes out on me what she does because I’m her safe person, and the one that she’s closest to. And man is it fierce sometimes. In a Pax spirit-animal kinda fierce way. I don’t know when I learned to do what it is that Shana speaks of, that whole, just love them more when it’s hardest to thing. But I can tell you this: I’ll give S some major credit here: She does do that. All the freaking time. Not just with Pax, with all of us. And it is a sort of magic. And I try to do it too. Maybe I learned it from her? Maybe I learned it with her? I dunno. What I do know is this, that first, it works. When kids freak most, and you just love them more, everyone comes out of the situation a little less scathed, and a little more whole, and a little more loved. And having friends who subscribe to and practice this fine art of remaining calm and sharing more love when it’s hardest to, well the living walking breathing example of it helps us all to remember to practice that fine loving art more ourselves. S, I don’t have a book to recommend to you. I actually think you should maybe write the book on this, maybe call it Set Your Switch to Lover First? I know that I see you live it well, every day S and I love you more for it.

OK, so here’s how we do here. We get all serious and think all the big things, and feel all the big feels, and then we escape to our decidedly safe place: shopping for things on sale! So let’s just do that.

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Are you all feeling the BLUES the way I seem to be right now? It’s all in good blue kinda way. Right?

Sending you all, especially those of you down South, and everyone in the eye of any storm, extra love and hugs. xoxo, A



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