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There's a wide range of video games here, from adventure cooperative games to battle royales, plus virtual reality games. Quite a few are multiplayer co-op games & online co-op games are my jam.

Our Top 10 Video Games For 2021

I'm back with another video game post! Shana has released me from the video editing room for a short time to gush about all...
It's all here! Xbox Series X, PS5, Nintendo Switch & Virtual Reality (Oculus, Valve, Vive.) We compiled tried-&-true gifts re: next generation video game consoles. Shop 'em here.

The Best Video Games & Consoles of 2020

It's getting to that time of year where I'm dreaming of snow and hot chocolate and a lazy day of cozying up with my...
Just in: video games for National Video Games Day! We've got 8 for kids ages 6 to 17+, w/ a nice mix of single-player story games & multiplayer adventures.

The Best Video Games For Kids (That Aren’t First-Person Shooters) – Part 2

Hey guys, it's Syd! Some of you may remember the last post I wrote about games for kiddos that aren't first-person shooters. Well, I'm...

The Best Videogames For Kids (That Aren’t First-Person Shooters Or Mass Warfare)

This post has been updated for 2021. My kiddos are in the process of transitioning to...big kids. It happened so fast. And while their playroom...
Let's talk Nintendo Switch. W/ family-friendly & adventure games, it's the best video gaming system for kids, & I love it much more than PlayStation + Xbox.

The Nintendo Switch: The Best Video Game System for Kids

Strong opinions, inside.
Need Mother's Day gift ideas for quarantine 2020? Got 'em. 10 outdoor games for the whole family = fresh air + at-home fun — for moms who play, that is.

Fun Games For Moms At Home (Hint, Hint — A Mother’s Day Gift Wishlist)

Need a little pick-me-up in the form of fun? Or maybe some people in your home are asking what you might like for Mother's...

Gift Ideas For Men (From a Man’s Perspective) Part 1

Let’s begin this year with my number one rule when buying for men. We are simple creatures, we are not complicated, trying to buy us elaborate or complicated gifts rarely works. Trying to buy us clothing that is out of our personality range rarely works. Most of us enjoy tradition, simplicity, experience, and quality. A grandfather or father probably passed those values down to us so it's usually somewhere inside, even if it's buried beneath a love for video games or other materialistic bologna. This list is built around that concept. I didn't include very many electronics or high tech gadgets because those are too easy. Everybody wants an iPad, PS3, LCD TV, GPS, blah, blah, blah.
From mini fridges + wall decor to fun games + luxe skincare, I've come up w/ 29 useful yet cool gift ideas for teens that may actually make them smile.

29 Cool & Unique Gift Ideas For Teens

For your tough-to-impress teen.
Thanksgiving thoughts on joint custody, good parenting, and being a single mum.

The Day My Children Grew Up

My children grew up, all at once, the day before Thanksgiving.
We're eyeing cool gifts for tweens & teens — gifts that go beyond the usual popular requests (video games, phones) but will still 'wow' 'em (& maybe their parents, too).

17 Cool Gifts for Teens (& Tweens)

Things are changing in our house. Our old playroom, once filled with blocks and Magna-Tiles and dress-up costumes and Nerf guns...has been recently renovated...