A Camping Bedroom That Grows With Your Kid


Have you guys noticed the huge trend in nature-themed decor? It’s gotten really big lately, especially in kids’ bedrooms – I think it can be traced back to the whole “put a fox on it!” phenomenon. I spied this unbelievably cool bed and inspiration for a camping bedroom struck. Since the bed is a big purchase, it should last through many ages and stages but the woodland bedroom decor skews young. By switching out a few items while keeping the core pieces, the camping theme can transition to a big kid room with more of a vintage National Forest Service vibe. Still with me? Good, ’cause there are some painfully cute items for the littles, and some modern ones for big kids that I would totally steal in a heartbeat!




Little Kid Camping Bedroom


tent bed: Wyatt Trundle Platform Bed + Canopy, Pottery Barn Kids – This bed is the. coolest. thing.  I love the neutral tent color so it can fit in lots of spaces (could also fit safari/jungle decor flavor) and the trundle for epic sleepovers. (There are also pretty good DIY versions on Pinterest if you’re a handy math whiz with the patience of a saint, i.e. my polar opposite).

national parks poster: National Parks Checklist Map, Etsy – I’m in love with this map of U.S. parks with numbered tiny tree stickers that match the park list in the legend. So stinkin’ well designed, and qualifies as educational?

camping lantern: Try as I Light Lantern, Modcloth – Cool camping-style lantern that would be awesome as a nightlight or reading lamp.


camping illustration: Wayfarer of Life Print, Modcloth – The illustrations of camping activities are lovely, and the colors are fun & perfect.

toy campfire + marshmallow sticks: Plush Campfire Set – I can’t even. How fun is this?? Love everything from the firewood and rocks to the marshmallow-topped roasting sticks. Full disclosure: would totally play with this before giving it to my kids.

bear rug: Don’t Feed the Rug, Land of Nod – Such a modern, sweet take on the bearskin rug. The illustration is so beautiful – the modern tribal-ish accents are so fresh with the gorgeous color scheme and it gets rave reviews.

moon sheets: Magical Thinking Moon Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet & Pillowcases – The black & white half moons look so good with the tribal designs on the bear rug and provide a graphic punch without being overly juvenile or theme-y.  (The internet says you can use twin xl sized sheets on a regular bed, just tuck in the extra!)

sweatshirt throw: Standard Issue Sweatshirt Blanket, Land of Nod – Army green supersoft throw looks cute with the other room decor, and adds a neutral element to calm down the brights.

storage bucket:  Raccoon Canvas Bin, Container Store – 3 Sprouts storage bins & baskets are great quality and hold a ton, and the bright animal designs are kid magnets. I’d use this as a laundry hamper or toy storage (legos, anyone?)
book: I Want My Hat Back, Amazon – I couldn’t resist including this one – my preschooler thinks this book is a riot, and the cute woodland animal illustrations are  so, so good.
Once your little decides he’s now a big, you can switch out a few pieces to make the camping theme more sophisticated (but still fun!) without doing a total redesign.





Big Kid Camping Bedroom


tent bed: Wyatt Trundle Platform Bed + Canopy, Pottery Barn Kids

national parks poster: National Parks Checklist Map, Etsy

camping lantern: Try as I Light Lantern, Modcloth


vintage metal sign: Vintage 1950s Forest Service Boundary Sign, Etsy – Vintage signs showing a bit of wear & age definitely add cool sophistication to the camping theme. Etsy has a bunch of them, like this paper 1960’s California Forest Service burning permits sign with simple but awesome graphic design, and this wood “Bandaid Bungalow” vintage summer camp sign. They bring a bit of authenticity or humor along with bold graphics to punch up the space.

taxonomy art print: Vintage Forest Service First Aid Kit Photo Print, Etsy – Definitely a conversation piece, and really interesting to see all the pieces of a vintage first aid kid laid out. This would look great in grown-up rooms too – check out her shop for photo prints of everyday items beautifully arranged, each with a specific theme or skill- the vintage camera kit and painters tools are especially good.

sheets: Organic Harmony Sheet Set, Horseradish, West Elm – Subtle pattern that looks like arrows on great quality organic sheets. The darker yellow color ties in nicely with the other yellow pops in the artwork.

pendleton wool blanket: Pendleton Spider Rock Throw Blanket – I would confiscate this pretty quickly, I’m afraid.  It says throw blanket, but it’s oversized enough to fit a twin bed, and in thick, lovely wool. It’s a have-it-forever piece that could go to beach picnics, outdoor concerts, with them to college (sob!) and beyond.

rug: Magical Thinking Triangle Chindi Rug, Urban Outfitters – A hard-wearing, dirt-hiding rug is key in a tween or teen’s room. This one has a near perfect 5 star rating, and the price is great.

vintage style poster print: Big Sur Art Print, Art.com – Gorgeous vintagey Redwoods illustration with blues, greens, browns and dark yellow that tie all the other art pieces together.


Maybe it’s all the pine needles blanketing my life right now (Pro tip: pine trees make terrible neighbors), but I’m so in love with vintagey camp decor that’s going on now. It’s so fun and adaptable across lots of age ranges and rooms, even grown-up spaces. While a full-on hunting lodge isn’t the look I’m after,  I try to include a few well-worn or vintage items in every room. They add instant personality and soul to any space, especially if they’re sourced from lots of different places so the look is eclectic and curated.

Local antique markets (In New England, you can’t throw a Bean boot without hitting one) are killer sources for unique decor, but Etsy’s even more convenient and easier to browse. Do you guys have any tips on where to score cool vintage stuff online?

Here’s hoping all your little campers are happy ones today!  For more kid bedroom and activity ideas, check out our kid style section!