A Case for Spring / All Around Bad Ass Nail Trends



Spring is here and fashion trends are coming in hot. In an effort to keep up with all the wild new looks, I started following NY Fashion week to pick up on all the latest. And between that “research” and everyone’s Coachella Instagram pics , I suddenly found myself bit by the manicure bug. It’s something that takes a boring T, distressed denim, and tennies to the next level of cool or adds a girly / playful twist. As moms, I think our nails are maybe the last place we give some love. I mean, between washing bottles and wiping butts, a manicure just doesn’t seem to make the priority list. And why would it? Who has the time? And when tons of them chip off in less than a hour it’s a total waste of money.

But, I’m here to tell you: it’s worth it. Especially now, because beyond all the epic trends there’s also gel manicures that last two weeks (my nails are gel above). And there’s just something about a manicure — pretty nails. It’s sort of the same effect new sexy underwear has. That reminder that you’re a girl. A woman. Not just a mom. No matter how dog tired you feel on the inside. No matter how many crushed goldfish you have picked up. Ignore the fact that you’re still in your pajamas at 3pm and only threw on a bra for a carpool run (or didn’t, good for you — let those girls loose). Because that extra flair of a cute manicure can encourage you to pull it together. It’s like when you just got a haircut. You do your hair every morning. Gladly. Then, a few split ends, spilt milks, and spit ups later and you treat it like shit all over again. Yes, that’s right, a stupid manicure can be the difference between me pulling myself together before my hunky hubby comes home and forgoing any effort altogether. As mommas, I think we can all get behind something that adds a little inspiration.


Hot Nail Colors For Spring:


As far as nails are concerned, I’m a black/dark/vampy nail girl. I have been my whole life. I think it goes back to my grungy skater years. I wear them all year long (I can see my mom rolling her eyes). And for someone who loves her black eyeliner and black nails almost more than her children (i kid… but you get it), spring color trends are hard for me to embrace. But then, as I was perusing the aforementioned NY Fashion Week and Coachella vibes, I decided to ditch the vampy nails for spring and get out of my fashion rut. And nothing shines a light on those ruts like writing for a fashion blog. I went for a more laid back surfer girl vibe. A little sunshine. I tried pinks, yellows, and corals. And you know what happened? I liked it. I liked it more than my black. The pairing of girly girl nails with leather and biker jeans was so unexpected and fresh. It did just what I set out to do: remind me I am a girl. I actually challenge you guys to try the unexpected in nail trends. To see how it makes you feel. To see if it takes your fashion to that next level. If you’re girly in fashion, try an edgier vibe. If you like neutrals, try some color!

Icy blues, deep corals, peaches, off-oranges, retro greens, mustardy yellows, bright whites, and neons are super trendy right now. And what I’m mostly seeing is that, rather than going with pastel tones, these colors are more saturated and deeper. I mean, just look at that palette, it screams spring but feels so classic.


Hot Nail Trends:

Even bigger this spring than color choices, is nail art. It’s really rare to find a look during both NYFW and festival season that’s just a single color. People are mixing and matching, creating ombre effects, and doing incredible art on their nails.

I know what you’re thinking… nail art? Can a mom really do that? I am sure most of you are shaking your head like HELL NO! I’m too old for that. But stay with me. You can do it. I’m telling you this is not your classic teenage daughter nail art of flowers and soccer balls. This is actually really cool stuff.


Trend 1: The Half Moon


(Source: Essie)

This is what I went for first! So cool and in picking two similar shades the effect can be toned down even more. Special thanks to my girl over a Tootsie’s here in Denver for doing me up right!


Trend 2: Glitter


(Source: Paintbox)

My dreams of dying and coming back as Ke$ha have me seriously loving this look. Make it rain glitter!


Trend 3: Linear Nail Art


(Source: Base Coat)

I mean, so freaking rad. I just want to do this. I am doing this. Next. For reals.


Trend 4: 3D Nail Art


(Source: Cosmo Facebook)

Not really mom friendly at all, but I want you to know all the trends so I included it. But, yeah. Moving along…


Trend 5: The Double French (or Double Take)


(Source: Paintbox)

This one is fun and more reserved. It just adds one more color on the tip than the classic.


Trend 5: Marbled


(Source: Butter London)

This one is probably the easiest to try to do yourself and looks so rad. Marbling is showing up everywhere — not just nails.


Trend 6: Negative Space


(Source: Madeline Poole)

This is the biggest trend I am seeing. I mean, these babies are everywhere. In every detail, design, and color. And I have to say, I sort of love it. What’s better is that you can combine this trend with the others.


Nail DIY

I am not going to lie, I am one of the least crafty people you’ll meet. And some of these trends definitely get into “craft” territory. So, if you’re in NYC hit up Paintbox for me. And, I am dying for Base Coat to reopen here in Denver. But, if you’re brave (or don’t have a hip-ass nail salon nearby), here’s a great tutorial on how to do the half moon mani, or the negative space mani, and the double french all in one.

And, if you’re trying it at home, here are my favorite products/colors:

Hope this inspires you ladies to go girly. To feel like a boss. To take that extra step that shockingly makes a big difference.

Tag us on Instagram #themomedit if you rock any of these trends. We’d love to see!

peace ’n love – OE



  1. I couldn’t agree with you more OE. I recently just started back up with gel nails. I had taken a pretty long break (cuz it’s so expensive to do over here in Hong Kong), but now, I’m back at it. And it’s so worth it! My nails are longer–I can even here them click-clacking on the keyboard. And they just look so much nicer! I usually go with white. Then, like you had challenged, I challenged my usual bright wearing nails to a nude color. Meh. I’m kind of looking forward to going back to something bold. I’m really digging the blanked out space look and I’ll probably go for that. I’ve got a formal event on May 8th, so I’m going to rock it then! I’ll tag you in IG with the final look.

    Great post OE! Love all The Mom Edit contributors!!

    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  2. So fun! I will second the Jamberry nail wraps. I don’t sell them, I am just addicted to them. They are great. The gel polish does last longer though as the wraps start peeling a bit (at least for me) right at a week. I can’t wait to see if Portland has a hip nail salon now…surely?? Thanks for the fun post.

  3. I always forget about my nails until it’s too late. I’m punching in my pin at the cashier and think “GAWD are those my nails/cuticles/ancient mom hands?!” Then try to hide them until I get home – where I promptly forget about them.

  4. Jamberry obsessed over here. Give ’em a try, girl. Seems like everyone is sending samples your way, but if you need just ONE more… 😉 😉

  5. I’ve been a nail polish junkie since my teens. I thought I’d have to give it up temporarily after my first was born, but lasted about two months. I missed my polished nails so much I found the time to give myself manicures again. I rarely have bare nails more than a day, I just jump on it as soon as the kids are in bed about once a week.

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