A Chair of One’s Own: Monte Designs Cubino Kids’ Chair


A Chair of Ones Own Can you imagine
having a job where you don’t even get a chair to sit in?  Where you’re required to sit on the floor,
demonstrating your brilliance by building complex structures out of wooden
blocks and operating small machinery without even a cushion or back support?  And when you do get to sit on the peculiarly oversized
furniture, you have to hoist yourself up, throw one leg up to your ear and claw
and scratch your way into the seat.
Then, as you sit there, finally resting your back, you realize that you
can’t even bend your flippin’ knees.  Such
is the plight of your average 2-6-year-old.  No wonder they’re cranky by 5 o’clock. 

Enter kids’ furniture, which I never, not in a million years, thought I would purchase
until I noticed my dear boy throwing himself into every tiny chair he encountered,
whether at friends’ homes or in stores.  What
I found during my research was that kids’ easy chairs have a way of being
either a.) insanely hideous and unworthy of even your lowliest design sensibility,
or b.) particularly expensive.

Until recently,
the best affordable contemporary/transitional seating option for kids was the
Pottery Barn kids’ chair, which has rolled arms, a number of festive fabric and
personalization options and retails for about $120.00.  But what I wanted, and what Monte Designs
delivered on, was a kids chair that would provide a comfy place for the boy
wonder to snack and flip through books but that would essentially blend in with
my living room home décor so I didn’t have to hide it whenever we had guests.

Monte Designs Cubino Chair The Monte Designs Cubino Kids
, which retails for $109.00, is neither a.) nor b.).  It is covered in a very well-tailored, clean-lined and removable slipcover
that’s made of washable, stain- and water-resistant micro suede in eight modern color options.  I chose (courtesy of Grandma & Beba–thank you!) the brown and orange to
compliment my chocolate brown micro suede sectional.  Huck luv luv luvs this chair, as evinced by his obvious relief when he first sat in it (pictured above), and so do I.

– M


  1. Beck, go to Target.com and search Structured Bean Bag Chair for a cute, super inexpensive ($29.99) option IF it ever comes in stock again.  Due to the limited colors, prob only for a little gal, tho.  Keep your eyes peeled on this baby–I bet they just cant keep them in stock. Also, reviews say the material is nylon-ish and has a sheen although the (brief) description says it’s 100% cotton.

  2. PeachPost – Thanks for the comment! The chair is really comfy (M and I both have it for our little guys). And…it’s actually quite stable. I mean, he CAN knock it down while climbing on it, but it’s really, really hard to do. It takes abuse surprisingly well.

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