A Fresh take on the Plaid Shirt



This drapey tunic top immediately got my attention – it’s something funky and different, with it’s length and almost jacket-like style. Down here in SC, we rarely see those mystical Fall temps of 70 and below…at least, until Winter.  September feels like Summer, October feels like Summer and then one day I wake up, sometime mid November, and realize I need a coat. (Usually after I’ve already gotten every one out the door and are late to something or other ha ha.)

Oh, the good old South. I do love thee.

Now, I like to fake it ’til I make it (one of my many winning mama mottos), so this plaid tunic is really my jam. It can be that token plaid shirt to pair with allthejeans that doubles as a light jacket, for the (sort of) chilly mornings and evenings through the Fall.



If you’re not about those flares, fear not! I tried the top on with not only skinny jeans, but also boyfriend jeans and cut-off shorts. It slayed with all three. I just switched out the heels for booties with some of them.

Treasure & Bond though. Right? They have some cool stuff this season! I think I’m drawn to it, because it’s all just a little bit different from everything else that’s coming out. It has it’s own twist on the trends. (and it’s all pretty affordable, too)






outfit details

tunic: Treasure & Bond Drapey Plaid Maxi Tunic

tank: old tank, but the Express Barcelona Cami is a crowd favorite here. It comes in many different colors, but their black is my favorite.

jeansTreasure & Bond Skinny Flare Jeans – great jeans. I wore them with the heels and then this slightly lower wedge (the new rust suede) and the length of the jean worked great. I am 5’10, by the way. Oh, and FYI…these are not really high waisted jeans. Maybe slightly, but not a true high waist.

shoes: Vienna Dress Pump by Steve Madden – the BEST heel, in my opinion, for mamas. It’s not too low or too high. I have been loving these for over a year now and still can’t get over how awesome and versatile they are. I wear them with dresses, skirts, jeans and shorts. Everything, basically. It always adds a little sexy when I need it.

bag: (not shown, b/c it was tucked underneath the huge double jogging stroller I was pushing moments before) Lily Jade Diaper Bag, the Madeline. Currently out of stock in that particular style, but I highly recommend their bags. I also recently came across Skiphop’s Chelsea Diaper bag and…ummm…it’s hot – perfect for Fall/Winter outfits, looks to hold quite a bit of baby stuff and gives you free hands. YES.

Fall, if you’re listening…could you spare just a smidge of cool weather for us Southern folk? I really don’t ask for much. Just a day or two (or three) where I can contentedly sip on a salted caramel bullshitcrapacinno from the Bucks, cozied up like this girl, surrounded by golden leaves…with my kids running wild in the background, but I won’t care or even hear them, because…FALL. Ya know?





  1. Hmmm, this one gets a nope from me. Cam, you’re gorgeous and I usually think you pull off everything so well, but that plaid topper just seems like a lot of fabric and I’d worry about getting caught in car doors or catching something on fire. MAYBE over really mini denim shorts, or a slim white dress?

  2. The fact that you just said “bullshitcrapacinno” completely made my morning. Laughing out loud as we speak. Love it! PS Your hair is gorg.

  3. Cam i think you’re great and I’m glad you like this look but it’s a no for me – looks too much like an opened flannel night gown.

  4. Being 5’0″ the tunic would make me look even shorter then normal. But i love the look of a simple plaid button down that is open. Since fall is coming i’m starting to look at my wardrobe and say, “hmmmm.” That would be a good item to add, especially if its in a darker color.


  5. I’m sending you all of my Fall weather! I was so super sad yesterday when it was 64 and rainy in Seattle. Here comes the never ending rain…P.S. I like this look. I could definitely see myself wearing it with cutoff shorts and booties or birks.

  6. I really love this one and I think i’ll like it even better with cutoffs and skinnies! It feels like a more dressy, feminine take on the flannel button down i’m always drawn to. I’m with you on doing everything I can to feel the fall fashion here in Charleston. As a former PNW girl (I feel your pain Christa) I can tell you I’d much rather have an endless summer and fake the fall than spend almost 10 months praying for summer.

  7. Fellow SC resident here… I love fall her run the upstate. It’s nice to have the chance to wear fun things longer and not freeze my butt off. But I do wish it was cool enough to layer!

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