Meet Your New Post-Partum Uniform (Works for Early Pregnancy, Too!)


What do postpartum and early pregnancy have in common? Bigger boobs, rounder tummy (rounder everything, really), nothing fits right and an all around feeling of blehhh. Basically, they’re both awesome. HA. So. What the f do you wear during those body awkward periods? I’ve had trouble with this with both of my pregnancies and that so cutely named “fourth trimester”. Usually I just opt for oversized tees, unbuttoned jeans (yehhhh, about that) and stretchy maxi dresses. It’s not usually my shining moment of style. I try to just get through it and move on to better things. ha ha.

Well, gals…I was scrolling Pinterest a while back and came across this outfit and immediately thought, POSTPARTUM. Yesssss. I felt like I had just found the early pregnancy and postpartum outfit of my dreams. I’m hoping it makes you feel the same way…

I mean, stretchy pants (that are cute). Need I say more? Didn’t think so. the-best-postpartum-outfit


1. Cake Lingerie Shaping Nursing tank – a tank like this comes in handy for layering under shirts after baby arrives, especially if you’re nursing. It helps to smooth everything out too, which will make shirts look better during that in-between time. Win. You can always go without though, if you like the sheer-over-a-lacey-bra look and this will help you out with that… –>

2. Cosabelle ‘Trenta’ Nursing bra – A good nursing bra is essential. I have had crappy ones and gosh, they just don’t make me feel good. At all. We should help ourselves out and wear sexy, supportive nursing bras! It just makes sense…and S swears by these bras, so…

3. Nattaz Peasant top – the style and fit of this top is perfect for hiding that pooch. I’ve found that empire waists and the likes tend to accentuate the tummy area…and can actually make you look pregnant (which is never a fun thing when you’re postpartum). A lot of them are roomy enough or have a low enough cut up top that can either be pulled up, down or unbuttoned for easy nursing (and that’s where the nursing tank can come in handy, too). By the by, the exact top from ‘the look’ above is this Twelfth by Cynthia Vincent Peasant top – a crop top, yes, but with a tank underneath…perfecto and nursing-friendly. I also just came across these amazingly boho and pooch-hiding tops –> this F21 floral embroidered top is now on my list…as is this black and white beaut, and this pale pink top.

4. Lush ‘Perfect’ Woven Pant – elastic waist. Yep. That about does it for me…and the fact that they look super chic. Oh, and not to mention…affordable. I was surprised with how many options of elastic waist pants there are out there right now.

5. BP. Knit Panama Hat – the coolest looking hat to throw on as you’re heading out. I’m not a huge hat person, honestly, but when I do wear one…I always appreciate it. They make me feel and look a bit more “styled”, if you know what I mean…and that’s an awesome thing for us mamas that have no time. Throw on a hat and go. whoop! whoop!

6. Piece & Co. and The Honest Company 2-in-1 Nursing Cover – yep, it is a nursing cover. It can also be used as a scarf, carseat cover-up, beach cover-up and baby blanket. How cool.

7. Street Level Reversible Vegan Leather Tote – Love the looks of this bag and it comes with a wristlet that is perfect for a pacifier or whatever else you might need to grab in a hurry. I carried a real diaper bag in the beginning with my first babe and then I started just using my other bags that could work double-duty – larger totes, backpacks, canvas bags, etc. I’ve always found that they work just as well as a diaper bag (especially with a diaper bag insert).

8. Jack Rogers ‘Nicola’ Metallic Thong Sandal – Oooo, Jacks. I have a soft spot in my heart for them. I think it’s because I bought my first pair shortly after I got married and moved down South. They are so darn comfortable and last forever. I think I’ve had mine for at least three years now…and I still wear them. I like how they added a little something to the outfit above…the bit of gold made it all a bit more interesting. I also cannot get enough of these Vince Camuto sandals , btw. I have them in the tan and lurv them. They’d look rockin’ in black with an outfit like this.

You know, what I really really love about this outfit is that you can play around with all of the elements – switch the pants out for drawstring and/or elastic waist shorts, wear low heels instead of flats (if you’re feeling extra spunky), try a white peasant top with some patterned elastic waist pants. Basically, you can put together a few different outfits using the same formula – a flattering and forgiving top with elastic waist bottoms, cute sandals a trendy hat and underthings that do their job well.

I think there’s just one thing left to say, really.

Bring it onnnn, early pregnancy and those postpartum months. Bring. it. on.

if you come around again (that was not just a pregnancy announcement).




  1. YES on the soft pants. After being sick of my maternity jeans after Baby #2, I grabbed a few pairs of elastic waist pants from Old Navy. They were great for helping me feel put together while still being comfortable.

    Now I can wear most of my previous stuff, but I’ve kept these pants in the rotation. I actually recommended these as a good travel option for summer in Rome. Lightweight to beat the heat, but your knees are still covered for churches with dress codes.

  2. I am in the beginning of my 2nd trimester and ordered both the pants and the shoes (!), and I LOVE both of them! Unfortunately I am on the petite side and these pants come almost to the floor, but they are so soft and flow-y and flattering all the same. I can’t seem to find a tunic that I like, though – but I am wondering if the length of the pants would mean that I should go for something more fitted on top? Thanks again for this recommendation – I’m thrilled to have a pair of lightweight pants to wear this summer!

  3. BTW, the awesome green top is part of the 50% tag sale at Anthro right now, and they seem to have a decent stock of it. So yup!

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