A Few of My Favorite Spring Finds From LOFT


Anyone up for some Spring shopping?  Quite frankly, I could use a bit of retail therapy right about now.  Thankfully, LOFT reached out, asking if I’d take a look at their Spring line (yes, yes, a thousand times yes), so I grabbed my friend Linzi (because she makes basically everything better), and we got to “work”.

Based on our intense research, there are a few things you need to know:  one, LOFT’s modern skinny jeans are really good (these and these), two, Linz and I will forever and ever love a LOFT tee, and three, don’t overlook their fun accessories.  Outfit-making, for sure.

Of course, there’s cute LOFT tops and jackets, but that’s always given.

Outfit Details (Linzi)

CoatPetite Topstitched Peacoat (also available in regular here) – wearing a size Petite 0 – we’re obsessed with the contrast stitching.  This coat is wool, but a lightweight one, so it doesn’t feel overly heavy for Spring.

TopRuffle Lace Shell (size S) – Isn’t this top cute?  Linzi typically goes for more color, but she loved the little sleeve detail.

JeansModern Cuffed Skinny Jeans – these might be the only skinny jeans I’ve ever seen Linz wear?  She hacked hers off perfectly, too.

ShoesSatin Knot Slip On Sneakers – Linzi’s style is way less tomboyish than mine, so she usually regards sneakers as a necessary evil.  But these?  She genuninely loved.  Satin fabric, and the knot detail elevated them into something girly enough for even Linz.  Also?  They’re comfy to walk in.

Earrings – Crystal Disc Stud Earring Set – I’ve never seen Linzi without earrings, and this unassuming little set is pretty darn perfect.  Oddly enough, I stole the girly pair and Linzi liked the two tomboyish pairs (we women are complicated creatures – don’t put us in a box).

Umbrella – Striped Umbrella – ugh, we love all LOFT umbrellas right now.  I’m going to add a few more to cart on my next purchase.

Sunnies – Metallic Arm Round Sunglasses in ‘Pink Spark’

Outfit Details (Me)

Coat Twill Trench Coat (Size 0P) – I’m going to exchange this one for a regular size.  The petite belt hits a little too high on my waist.

Top Vintage Soft Pocket Tee (xs) – One of my favorite tees.  Love where the sleeves hit, and the lower scoop neckline.

Jeans – Modern Skinny Jeans (25P) – these were the happiest surprise. Even Mike noticed how good the bum was.  They do stretch out a bit more than my usual AGs, but they’re a fraction of the cost.  I’m now stocking up on a few pairs with fun details (see the shopping boutique below….)

Belt Perforated Leather Belt – this was perfection.  The slimmer size is going to be perfect even with shorts this summer (trust me – looks better than it sounds, haha).  I want the braided one, too.

Shoes Perforated Chelsea Boots – These are good!!  The heel is nice and walkable – I wore them all day.  They were a tiny bit stiff at first, but after walking in them for an hour or so they softened right up (I also wear them with thick Smartwool socks, so that helps, too.)

Earrings Cluster Crystal Earring Set – Not normally an earrings girl, but Linzi bought the set for the two simple ones, so I stole this little bit of bling.  Fun with a simple white tee.

Umbrella Berry Umbrella – Fun umbrellas just make me happy.  And LOFT has some good ones right now.

Sunnies Metallic Round Arm Sunglasses in ‘Whisper White’

My LOFT Favorites

As I mentioned earlier, I’m pretty sold on LOFT’s jeans, tees, and accessories.  Here are the pieces I’m seriously considering for Spring (as well as the pieces I’m wearing above).

Linzi’s LOFT Favorites



A huge thank-you to LOFT for sponsoring this post!  We just love you guys.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own (well, this time it was mine and Linzi’s).  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.

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    • Ahhh…the bra/cami challenge. Full disclosure…I am in no way a fashion guru, but here’s what I wear under these camis for my different “cami wearing situations”. I wear the LOFT camis to dance class b/c they are fitted and I find it really useful to be able to see if my ribs are going the right way/ if I am holding in my core. I just wear a strappy sports bra underneath. I’m not a huge fan of regular work out tops and the LOFT camis seem to do fine for me even with lots of sweat. I also wear the LOFT camis when I sleep which makes the decision of what to wear under them super easy. For daytime, I wear these camis with skirts in the summer and then as a base layer in winter so I can strip down and still appear decent when I get hot…I’m always hot. Sometimes I will wear a really strappy (not lacy though) bra in either the same color as the cami (so it looks kind of like it’s part of the cami itself ) or I will wear the same type of strappy bra in a bold contrasting color. I like Victoria Secret’s strappy bras–they have good shape in the front, but interesting strap options in the back. And then sometimes I will suck it up and wear a strapless bra. Not often, though. I hate strapless bras.

  1. I have curly hair, similar in length to Linzi’s, and I would love ay product/stylist recommendations she could provide. I live in Philly as well and my hair is not handling these rainy days very well. Please tell me there is a curly girl beauty post in her future! Thank you!

    • Oh, Alison…I have so many heated arguments with my hair on rainy days. Most end with decisions to just not look in any mirror for 24 hours. My son the other day looked at me and said, “Wow mom…your hair is really crazy…I mean…but in an awesome way.” So…to answer your question…on rainy days I go with the “wild let my hair be in charge” look and my choice of products doesn’t really make much of a difference. On not rainy days, I have been using Fave 4 Up-for-Air Air Dry Cream which gives my curls a natural (but not too too curly look). On days that I want really curly curls I will use Aveda’s Be Curly Enhancer…I also sometimes will mix in a little bit of this with the Fave 4 primarily b/c it smells so good. And on special occasions (b/c it’s so darn expensive) I use ORIBE Surfcomber Tousled Texture. It really does the best job with my curls. Shana “donated” her half used bottle to me after I got a VERY bad haircut (in addition to a stocking cap)…that’s a good friend. Good luck!

  2. I love a Loft review, but the photos in this entry are so good! I love the colors. I can’t put my finger on it and I’m not a photographer, but whatever is happening looks beautiful and natural.

  3. I have curly hair, similar in length to Linzi’s, and I would love ay product/stylist recommendations she could provide. I live in Philly as well and my hair is not handling these rainy days very well. Please tell me there is a curly girl beauty post in her future! Thank you!

  4. Shana- I love your style but can’t match your price tag, so I really appreciate seeing your personal picks from places like Loft, J Crew, etc. hope to see lots more posts like this from you.

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