A Fresh Take On GAP’s Lightweight Cargo Pants


My best friend recently sent me an audio text, practically squealing about these silky pants. She finally got her hands on them after I recommended them a few months back, and she couldn’t help but exclaim how much better they were in person (and how 3!!! people asked about them her first day wearing).

woman wearing olive green cargo pants from the GAP with a pink, gingham tie-front top.

pants (M, regular inseam) | top (L) | flats | sunnies

That’s the thing, these pants are near magic once you have them on your own body – but the online images are, well, a rough sell. “Aren’t they just another jogger?” Maybe. Except I’ve never felt anything as lightweight, simultaneously silky and swooshy, and comfy as this pair of joggers from Gap.

GapFit’s Cargo Joggers Will Be Your New Go-To For Summer (Trust Me)

These joggers are not new to the blog – I talked them up over here when I first found them. After hearing from my bestie about how much she’s been loving them, it inspired me to show them off again, but this time, in a new (maybe unexpected?) way.

pink embroidered top from amazon

pants (M) | top (L) | flats | sunnies | necklace

An obvious pairing to these joggers is a tank and tan sandals. I feel like you could repeat that outfit twice weekly throughout the summer and have it be your favorite look of the season. But my latest favorite way to wear them is a bit more playful: with flirty, girly tops and my go-to flats.

summer outfit idea with parachute pants for women

pants (M) | top (L) | flats | sunnies | necklace

I found this tie front blouse on Amazon (it’s long sleeve but easily stays up above the elbow, as I’m wearing here) and it’s been just the kind of unique pairing I love to keep Gap’s cargo joggers feeling fun and fresh for summer. Plus, I just can’t get enough of the tie-front top – it’s so good.

cargo pants summer outfit idea for women

pants (M) | top (L) | sunnies

These joggers have a few especially good qualities about them – apart from the way they feel, which I’ll never stop raving about. The bottom ankle cuffs each have a bungee cord that can be cinched for a proper jogger look, or left loose for a baggy wide-leg silhouette. The waistband has a snap closure, while also featuring a stretchy elastic back for ultimate comfort around a soft middle. 

cute parachute pants outfit women

pants (M) | top (L) | flats | necklace

If comfort is your goal this season, GapFit’s Runaround Cargo Joggers will be your new best friend.

They have all the bells and whistles for a solid technical pant that would be exceptional for travel and commuting. My best friend grabbed them to wear to her office job (which actually also requires a lot of standing, walking, and driving) whereas I wear them as a casual pant bopping from mom duties to errands and work-from-home tasks. 

how to wear cargo pants this summer women

pants (M) | top (L) | flats

They’d even be a hit for the splash pad if you prefer staying covered up – easy to wear and unbothered if they get wet!


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