A Gift Guide For Mamas Who Are Rockstars At Heart


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1.  Iro Tara Leather Jacket, $1200

After searching for the perfect leather jacket for years, I found it.  Iro’s leather jackets are butter soft, impeccably tailored, and manage to look sleek even when worn over a thicker sweater.  Yet despite the lux feel and gorgeous drape, they have enough cool detailing for a bit of an edge.  (I think Bret Michaels would approve.)

2.  Rag and Bone Camden Tee in Black, $150

Leave it to me to fall in love with a $150 tee.  I bought the gray on sale last year, but the black, the one I REALLY want, has stubbornly remained full-price.  Yet….the perfect, perfect drape calls to me, as does the extra-long sleeve for my long monkey arms.  And if I really want to rationalize it, I’ve pretty much had the charcoal on a constant rotation (it fits PERFECTLY under all of my fav sweaters), so cost-per-wear and all that….(and oh help – it comes in stripe as well).  For reference, I like the Small (although the XS works OK too), and I wash on cold, air dry.

3. Stone and Cloth Large Ruck Backpack, $160 (on sale for $144)

I’m not an it-bag kind of girl.  I can appreciate the enduring chic of an Hermes bag, (and goodness knows I love a quirky Kate Spade clutch)….but I can’t quite get my head around carrying anything so expensive.  (And frankly, I’d rather spend the $12K on travel.)  My speed is more this chic, under-the-radar backpack.  I like the black, subtle details and the fact that it’s ethically made (the proceeds from the sale benefit scholorship funds for Tanzania schoolchildren).  [mic dropped]

4. Ugg Australia Elisabeta Boots, $450 (on sale for $349)

I’m having trouble forming words because whenever I look at these boots my mind goes blank, my heart speeds up and all I can think is DROOL.  And it doesn’t help that these boots also come in Oxblood or Navy (NAVY!!) for cripes sake.  Talk about a tough decision!  They’re made in Italy with seriously amazing leather and OMG.  I DIE.  If you love the shape but are willing to settle for non-Italian leather, Ugg also makes a $200 version in black (made in China of course).

5. Tieks Rose Gold Glam, $235

I really owe you guys a full review on Tieks, but suffice to say that these are – without question – the world’s most comfortable flat.  They are the flat I turn to when I’m going to be walking around the city all day.  The flat I bring on EVERY trip.  The flat I wore that one time I forgot my running shoes and wanted to go for a power walk.  (You can’t *really* run in them, at least not for long.  After about a mile your feet get too sweaty and they slip all over.  BUT STILL.)  My most-worn Tieks are neon yellow, but HOLY COW these rose gold ones are stunning.  I’m crushing on them, HARD.

6. Smart Wool Cable Knit Socks in Black, $49 for three

Unless I’m wearing tights, these are the socks I wear with all of my stiletto ankle boots.  These are also the socks that make it possible for me to wear ankle boots with bare legs.  Magic socks.

7. Carbon and Hyde Diamond Slither Ring, $1725

This is my ultimate bauble.  I’d wear it on my index finger.  There is nothing more stunning in it’s simplicity than this ring.  For something less sparkly, I also love Carbon and Hyde’s Diamond tipped slither ring (only two small diamonds) for $725.

(If you are now totally obsessed with the thought of a snake ring but need something more affordable, this Max and Chloe snake ring is a good place to start, $81.)

8. Rose Gold Ear Cuff

Did you know that I’m wearing an ear cuff in my 1999 wedding photo?  I had completely forgotten to take it off, but now I’m glad.  It seems…more me, somehow (and gosh I was young).  I loved ear cuffs then, and couldn’t be more thrilled they’re coming back.  Am loving Henri Bendel’s rose gold ear cuff, $88….or Carbon and Hyde’s Chevron Ear Cuff, $690 for some all-out glam.

9. Alexis Bittar Rose Gold Choker, $195 (on sale for $136)

The kind of edgy (yet toddler-friendly) necklace that looks amazing with a tee.  Perfect for a dose of everyday cool.

10.  Bite Beauty Mix ‘n Mingle Lip Minis, $14

Bite Beauty’s all natural lipstick is my latest obsession.  And these $14 minis have some seriously good colors.  The dark option (Scarlet/Mulberry) would be amazing, but I’m leaning to the lighter ones (Pepper/Cafe) to pair with a dark, smudgy eye.  (Scotti told me I have to pick ONE:  bright lips OR dark eyes.  Like boobs vs legs, I guess.  Such a bummer.  #ipickboth)

11. Boden Faux-Fur Mitten, $38

I love these ridiculously furry bear paws.  RAWR.  (Black is sold out – how about these Futrzane Faux-Fur Mittens?)

12. Prada 56mm Sunglasses, $255

Nothing upgrades an outfit faster than a glam pair of sunnies.  Prada makes some really special ones; these are my fav.  Classic oversized shape, but with flecks of color throughout.  Really unique and different.  (I also really like Prada’s statement-making Baroque 54mm sunglasses.  Big, but not too big, and when you turn your head to the side, BAM.  So freaking cool.)

13. Zippo Hand Warmer 2015, $20 (currently on sale!)

This is a pocket handwarmer!!!  I mean seriously, nuff said. (Pick from 6 or 12 hour versions.)

14. How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are, $17 (or $10 Kindle edition)

My dear friend Amber recommended this for me – it sounds like a crack-up.  I think the thing is to not take it too seriously (amazon reviewers, I’m talking to you) and just read it for laughs, rather than a serious How To Live Your Life kind of book.  This is exactly what I want to curl up with on Christmas morning, once the gifts are unwrapped.





My life is part humor, part roses, part thorns.  

– Bret Michaels


  1. Bret- snort. Meanwhile the Uggs, Tieks and Prada glasses will haunt my dreams. You know, if you ever need a rockstar on a budget guinea pig…THIS girl!

  2. Yes, please on the post about tieks! I’m tempted, but I want to be sure before committing at that price point. I’m the girl who was meh on the Cole Hahn Nike air flats so I am looking for reassurance that these are the real deal. And yes please on wedding pic with ear cuff. 🙂

  3. For leather jackets: both my sister and I own Danier’s Teegan (this one: http://www.danier.com/teegan-lamb-leather-biker-/d/1027_c_20_cl_372) and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a rocker-chic coat. It’s lambskin leather lined in cotton (so, buttery soft and gorgeous, and the cotton is soft and warm on your skin), looks amazing, and is sooo comfy. And it’s under 250$CAD.

    i would LOVE that Rag and Bone tee, but the day I can justify 150$ for a tee is… Yeeeah.

    • Ros, any guidance on fit? I’m in the US so a bit nervous about ordering/returning (the site says “call if outside CA”) and it’s telling me I’d be a small based on measurements but as a US8 that seems….small. Appreciate any input because that jacket looks pretty darn gorgeous. Oh, and if either you or your sister is an hourglass – looks like it has a nice nipped waist – yes? Thanks a bunch!

      • Both my sister and I are hourglass-type shapes, and yes, the jacket nips in at the waist really nicely – it’s a good fit! (From the same company, the Bree jacket is also gorgeous and highlights the waist really well – I have that one in a light brown, and love it a lot).

        Size-wise: I usually wear a size 16/XL t-shirts, and have the XL jacket – my measurements basically match their size chart perfectly. My sister tends to wear a size 12 and M or L t-shirts, and I believe her jacket is a L.

  4. A leather jacket is a wonderful idea indeed! Every rockstar momma like it! Recently my daughter gifted me a beautiful leather jacket and a pair of cool sunglasses which she bought from my favourite online shop. She knows how crazy her momma is about motorcycling and I feel blessed to have a daughter like her!

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