A Gift Guide For the Mama Trying To Balance Personal Goals With Little Ones




1.   A Flirty Umbrella To Rock #momlife

Kate Spade Eyes Umbrella, $38

There’s nothing like a frantic dash to school in the pouring rain, carrying an umbrella in one hand, pushing a stroller in the other while your butt gets soaked from water kickback to really feel like maaaybe you missed the class called “Mom 101”.  Or…when carrying an umbrella as cute as this one, perhaps you aced it.


2.   A Quirky, Unique Phone Case

Gray Malin Aspen iPhone Case, $50

I use my phone so often – weather, texting, directions, grocery lists, writing prompts, etc. – it’s almost like a permanent accessory.  Like a tattoo.  Unlike tattoos, I can change the design a few times a year.  Personally, I love the photo ones by Gray Malin.  And this one – the skiers – puts me in the right mood to embrace winter.


3 & 4.   A Portable Charger and Charge-Anything Cord

Anker PowerCore+, $29 and Omaker Anyconnect Cable, $17

Nothing is worse than losing power at inopportune times:  waiting at the doctor’s office, right in the middle of walking directions, or – horrors – when you finally get to your airplane seat only to realize that nothing is charged.  True. Story.   This charging brick is my new best friend – and the cord?  It has a little attachment that flips on or off so you can charge either your iPhone OR your Kindle (or whatever else).  Total genius.


5 & 6.  A Bright Hat & Tech Gloves

Coach Pom Hat, $87 and Knit Tech Glove, $52 (both on sale!)

The winter can be so dreary – matching cozy accessories is one way to break out of the rut.  And tech gloves always and forever.


7.   A Thermos So You Can Stop Spending Money At The Coffee Shop

kate spade new york Thermal Mug, $23

I keep thinking that if I only had a cute thermos, I would make my coffee, instead of constantly stopping at Rival Bros.  #agirlcandream


8.   The Do-Everything Watch

The Apple Watch, most between $300 – $800

Mike bought me this thing and at first…I hated it.  The learning curve is a tad steep.  But once we worked out the kinks, I’m in love.  Because texts, calls, etc can be answered so quickly and efficiently, I think I spend less time on my phone.


9.   Everyday Statement Earrings

Large Upside Down Hoop Earrings, $290

I love delicate jewelry, but sometimes it gets lost in all of the winter layers.  These stunners are oversized – they’ll make an outfit, even if it’s just a tshirt and jeans.


10. On-The-Go Highlighter

Becca Shimmering Skin Highlighter, Poured, $38

Ever had one of those moments where you’re out shopping and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and are shocked by the tired face looking back at you?  Yeah?  THIS.  A little dab of shimmer on the cheekbones helps to make even tired mamas look a little more refreshed.  This is my sister’s favorite highlighter…in a cream.  (I accidentally bought the cream instead of the powder, but love it.  So many of my pressed powders don’t survive the dozens of bathroom floor drops or plane flights.)


11. Modern Motivation Inspiration

ThisUnscriptedLife Fears Typography Print, $15

Remember the posters of that cat, precariously balancing on a fence, with the caption, “Hang in there, Baby?”  Man, I hated those.  This quote by Amelia Earhard, “Fears Are Paper Tigers” is much, much better.  I can’t decide if I want this in the boy’s room or my office.


12. A Life-Changing Backpack

Ona Bolton St. Backpack, $349

I’ve been trying to find a cool backpack that will – with aplomb – carry my camera, lenses, laptop, external hard drive, lipstick, sunglasses, glasses, a water bottle, chargers, cords, extra memory cards, extra camera batteries and maybe a snack.  It’s only taken me three years….but I think I’ve found it.  HighFIVE, self!


13.  A Pouch That Doubles As A Date Night Clutch

Clare V. Blue Jaguar Print Clutch, $200

I have this image of myself where I’m the picture of organization.  All of my credit cards, ID, lipsticks, etc. are tucked away into this fab oversized pouch.  Thus, when Friday night rolls around, Mike comes home and I’m all, “just a sec babe” as I nonchalantly reach into my giant backpack and pull out this clutch, then breeze out the door in my high-heels, blowing kisses to the boys and the nanny.  “Later, Darlings!  Mummy loves you!”  Like that.  I swear this pouch will make me that girl.  (It’s french, so OBVIOUSLY.)  ps.  I also love this one for much less.


14.   Cheek and Liptint For No Makeup Days

Josie Maran Argan Oil Lip and Cheek Tint, $18

I only have so many minutes in the morning, and I often find myself wrestling with this truly terrible question:  my makeup, or the boys’ lunches?  SIGH. The little stinkers usually win.  This is what I grab on those mornings.  And keep in my purse just in case the highlighter applied in the coffee shop bathroom isn’t enough.  I currently have Vast Violet – it’s gorgeous.  Just a pretty wash of color.  My next purchase is the vibrant poppy, shown.


15.   A Travel Pack of Perfumes To Make Your Remember The Girl You Are

Pinrose Travel Pack Sampler, $24

Pinrose makes the most amazing perfumes.  They’re the kind that seem to bloom on your skin, smelling better & better as the day goes on.  They have this seriously fun quiz that will help you determine which of their scents to use, but the travel pack – one of each – is my hands-down favorite.  I can’t decide between Cuddle Punk or Secret Genius or Merry Maker.  (I’d love to claim I’m a Campfire Rebel or Garden Gangster but I’m not nearly cool enough.)


16.  Custom Sneakers to Fix All of Your Shoedrobe Woes

Nike Internationalist Custom Sneaks, $150

Do you ever get dressed in the morning, and think, “Shoot!  If only these shoes had some navy/black/brown/tricky color/whatever!”  Yes?  Personally, I always find myself confronted by navy sweatshirts and black sneakers in the morning, which is fine, but would be SO much better if the mix looked a little more intentional.  Nike custom Internationalist to the rescue.  Combine all sorts of tricky color combos together to get a shoe you can literally wear with everything in your closet.


17.   An Interesting Sweater

AllSaints Cecily Sweater, $195

When are interesting sweaters NOT a good idea?  Never.  That’s when.  And this one, with the peekaboo shoulder, is one of the best I’ve seen in a while.  Sexy, with no specific bra requirements.  (Also in black.)


18.  Something To Assist With The Universal New Year’s Resolution

S’well Pink Champagne Water Bottle, $45

I swear every year, each person I know resolves to drink more water.  It’s practically law at this point.  Maybe a pretty water bottle will help me actually stick to it.  I love the subtle pink-yet-not-pink color of this one.


19.  Skinny Sweats

Sundry Classic Stars Skinny Sweatpants, $99

Skinny sweats are the yoga pants of 2016.  You can take that as either a good thing or a bad thing.  Personally, I’ll be taking mine to school drop off with navy/black sneakers, and my own coffee in a cute travel mug.  #goals  (Or wait – the water thing.  I’m supposed to drink more water.  SIGH.)


Happy Holidays!




  1. I don’t think I even know how to be a mom (or especially a pregnant mom) without my Nike’s. I mega approve of that addition to this list, Nike’s are always in style and pair well with nearly every mom outfit!

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